Ad Cash! You want an ad network that knows their stuff. Sure, hundreds of networks claim to be the best at any one thing. They’ll make these claims without really backing them up. It’s like taking some slut home who claims to be the best fuck around only to have her lay there like a goddamn board while you dick her down. You don’t want a network like that. You want one that others have recognized as being kick-ass. I went looking for a network with rewards, accolades, and shit like that to back up their claims. And, well, I think I’ve got a solid choice for you cautious fucks out there. gets you cash for your ads. It’s right there in the name. I know some of you poor cucks read at a 3rd-grade level, but even you should be able to put two and two together there. This ad network has been around since the good old year 2000. That’s 20 fucking years of experience. So, yeah, you’ll be getting a quality team of expert account managers to help you out when you’re in a fix.

Wide Geo & Device Coverage Gets Your Ads in Front of a Tailored Audience
Being around for so long has given them plenty of time to earn rewards, medals, and accolades. You don’t have to take their word when it comes to their quality services. They’ve won the Golden Egg award multiple years, were mentioned in the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, and they’ve placed in the top 3 of Estonia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry aware multiple years. Those are just a few of their many awards. They’ve got more shit on their wall than a varsity quarterback.

This site prides itself on being a fully self-service platform. You won’t have to worry about giving up control of your campaign or site monetization. It’s all available to you via a variety of self-service tools that make tailoring your campaign easy. As an advertiser, you can expect world-wide coverage to most, if not all, GEOs. They don’t mention it here, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that they can hit just about any market or region you want.

They might not Run Porn Ads, but they will Monetize Porn Sites
Now, I’ll cover something that might be a bigger dealbreaker than a slut who won’t let you fuck her ass. They mention that they run clean ads on other sites. They don’t elaborate on it in their terms of service or anything, so I’m not completely sure if they’ll run your lewd fuckmaster 3000 sex toy ads on other sites. It does mention that they won’t monetize a website with “illegal sexual content,” so you should be in the clear to run ads on your sex shop or porn tube. Just make sure you’re not posting anything too violent or illegal. These guys aren’t just in the adult sphere, so you need to take it easy on them.

Getting cockblocked sucks, but at least that doesn’t usually lose you money. I hate losing out on impressions or engagements due to ad-blockers and the like. Adcash has anti-Adblock technology that makes sure your shop, product, or site gets seen by everyone. No more cowering in fear of that big red stop sign. You’re better than that. They also offer a variety of ad formats like the ever-popular popunder, native ads, banner ads, and push notifications. And you can either submit ads for all formats or just the ones that you want to use in your campaign.

Anti-Adblock Technology & High Fill Rates for Publishers
They boast some good shit for publishers like fast payments, competitive CPMS, high fill rates, live monitoring, and easy as fuck integration. You won’t have to sit on your hands waiting for these fucks to get around to you. If you have your site ready, then you can get ads rolling today! Fuck. It might not even take you an hour if you know your shit. Just set up the script and tell them where and how to run ads. It’s easy to plug in your information and watch as those impressions skyrocket.

Advertisers can make use of direct and exclusive publishers. Your ads are going to run on sites that people actually, you know, visit. It’s great if an ad network claims that they can get you on a thousand websites. But if those sites don’t have any horny fucks on them, then what’s the point? It’d be like panhandling in an empty parking lot. It just won’t work. And they let you make use of their advanced targeting technology so that your ads are only being seen by people in the region, on the device, or viewing similar content to yours.

Stay Protected with Built-In Anti-Fraud Software & 24/7 Support
You wouldn’t fuck some unknown slut without a condom. Well, at least, I hope you wouldn’t. Trust me; the pussy is never good enough to risk an STD or some shit. Wrap it before you clap it, fellas. And you don’t want to run ads or monetize your site without protection. Fuck that. You could be exposing yourself or your users to viruses, malware, or phishing attacks. Adcash puts a big-ass plexiglass shield between your ads and the world with their anti-fraud software. You’ll never have to worry about sketchy shit going down when you’re working with them!

Let’s talk about some of the extra features you get. First off, you’ll never be stranded with a problem. They have multi-lingual support available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the fucking night. You can call these guys up and get instant help. There are knowledgeable account managers there who can help you fine-tune your campaign and get it performing the way it should. And you’ll never get blindsided by fees. Every fee they ever charge is laid out. It won’t be hidden behind jargon or, worse, not displayed at all until it hits your bank account.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
It’s nice to see an ad network with a reputation as a damn good provider. I’m not saying other sites are lying, but so many others don’t have anything except a few testimonials to back them up. I know a lot of you cucks will feel safer in the hands of a company that’s been recognized by multiple awards and shit like that. It makes them somewhat accountable. You at least know that they won’t take your money and run off with it like some sketchier networks out there.

In addition to awards, I enjoyed the focus on self-service. I don’t need some neckbeards jumping into my site or campaign and fucking with shit they don’t understand. You’re going to know what you need best. They’ll just be there to help you out or give you advice when you ask for it. It also helps that they provide you with access to a massive suite of tools that makes targeting your audience easy.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Tell me what GEOs are covered! I want names. Or, well, at least tell me that you get them all. That’s some key information that isn’t listed. I also wish they were clearer on what they can do in terms of adult content. They don’t elaborate at all, which fucking sucks. I don’t want to have to call these guys to get a straight answer. I want to be able to look at a bunch of networks and make an educated decision by browsing their homepage content. It shouldn’t be this much of an issue to see if I can run ads of whores getting fucked. That sort of thing should be fully discussed in their privacy policy or terms of use. And, trust me, I scoured that shit looking for anything,

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is sure to get your ads in front of the right people. This award-winning ad network knows what they’re doing with over 20 years of experience in the industry. It’d be a must-visit if it weren’t for their odd, unclear information regarding adult content. I can’t say one way or another if these fucks will let you run adult ads. They’ll let you monetize your lewd fetish site, but that’s all that I could drum up. If you’re up for taking that chance, then I highly recommend you call these dudes up and get a deal rolling. You’ll have an intuitive toolset of self-service features that will help you craft the perfect ad campaign.

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