Ad Combo is a Global Focused CPA Ad Network that Targets all GEOs. There are plenty of ad networks out there that promise a vast global r...


Ad Combo is a Global Focused CPA Ad Network that Targets all GEOs. There are plenty of ad networks out there that promise a vast global reach and targeted GEO advertising. But then they’ll turn that shit around on you and expect you to deliver ads in that language or whatever. How the fuck are most of you dumb fucks supposed to accomplish that? I’m in your corner on this one. You horny bastards can barely speak English, let alone a wide range of other languages. And the ones that will push your shit out there often use a shitty machine translation service that doesn’t make your brand look good at all.

What’s worse is that shitty service will tank your CPAs and make it harder for you to keep the loyal traffic that you already have. You need to pair up with a money-focused CPA network that can help you reach untapped audiences across the globe. It’s like going on vacation and hitting a bunch of different countries just to see what the pussy is like. Or is that just me? I swear, it’s different in every country. Fuck the food. Let me get down and dirty with a kinky babe instead.

Get Incentives for Making High-Performance Ads or Driving Traffic to Advertisers
Anyway, what I’m saying here is that you should partner up with a quality network like They’ve been around since 2005, helping horny betas like you achieve a global audience. So, it’s safe to say that they know what the fuck they are doing. And they’re different from a regular ad network in that they’re focused on placing ads that are focused more on permanent traffic. They won’t put your ads on sites that don’t match your niche.

Well, the landing page confused me at first. It’s got a couple of Porches up on there zooming off the screen when you scroll by. I thought I was on a fucking car dealer or some shit. But, don’t worry, it’s a weird promotion that they’ve got going on right now. If you do really well as a publisher or advertiser, then you could make what are called Porche points that go towards prizes. It’s like one of those sketchy Scholastic book fairs that you had as a kid. You can earn points that unlock prizes like game systems, cars, gift cards, and all of that good shit.

In-House Localization in Over 40 Languages
I don’t know how to feel about that, really. It’s cool, but at the same time, it doesn’t make any goddamn sense to me. Anyway, they have more than just Porche points to offer. Their main selling point is their reach. Advertisers can get their ads played across the globe while publishers can get language/region-specific ads on their site. Adcombo supports 40 different languages and hits all of the main GEOs around the world.

But they go further than just supporting landing pages or ads you send them in different languages. They have a team of native speakers that will do full translation work for you. They’re not sending this to some shitty machine that will make it sound like a garbled mess. Hell, they’ll even localize terms and phrases so that your ad makes sense and brings in diverse traffic no matter where in the world it’s being published.

They Can Help You Tailor Your Campaign to Focus on CPA, CPI, CPS, or CPL
Advertisers are only limited by how much they can handle. They promise to send you as many lead and publisher offers as you are capable of handling. And they claim to boost CPAs, CPIs, CPSs, and CPLs across the board. By how much? Fuck if I know. That’s going to depend on how many leads you can afford and how aggressive you want your campaign to be. Basically, it depends on how much money you can throw their way. If you’ve got the dosh, they’ll even craft your landing page ads and shit like that for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could boost your traffic by tenfold with how efficiently they hit different GEOs.

Of course, they back all of that up anti-fraud protection and live-monitoring to make sure your ads run safely and that your personal data isn’t compromised. But enough of you advertiser bigwigs. Let’s talk about you horny cucks who have a braces fetish site or a luxury lesbian porntube that you want to make money on. And make money you will. You get paid twice a week, no matter if it's a few bucks or a few hundred. And they pay out to most popular forms of payment except for crypto-currency. Sorry, you turbo-nerds will have to settle for real money this time around.

Publishers Get Paid Twice a Week & Can Run as Many Ads as they Want
You’ll be able to sort through thousands of offers from niche-specific sites that will pay you well. I can’t tell you exactly how much dosh your prolapse porn site will bring in since offers vary depending on ad space, GEO, and the size of your site. But you could really boost your passive income by a fair bit if you let them help you out. Adcombo focuses on lesser GEOs that most sites ignore. But that means that you’re getting access to a relatively untapped pool of traffic that will bring in the big bucks for you.

Despite having such a far reach, you won’t have to worry about your ads going down or your publishing spaces going empty. They boast 100% uptime since they have dedicated servers in over 30 different office buildings. Finally, a company that doesn’t put all of their eggs in one basket. As a side note, you can scroll down and check out their team of people. They’re all banging hot babes. I’d fuck any of these dimepieces in a second. I somehow doubt that those are really going to be the people on the other end of their 24/7 support line, but I’ll just use my imagination.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I liked the global approach that Adcombo brought to the table. Sure, you can do well in single big-market GEOs. But porn is a universal joy. You don’t need to watch someone fucking in the same language to enjoy it. I watch big bootied Latino babes screaming nonsense in Spanish all of the time while they’re getting plowed doggy style. I don’t need a plot to bust a nut. And, man, some countries are hungry for this kind of lewd content. You’ll be expanding your horizons and bringing in horny fappers from all over the world. You can’t get that kind of global service from any old ad network.

I think I liked the incentive program as well now that I think about it. It drives you to have a dope site that brings people in. Let’s be real; the chances of winning the Porsche are non-existent. I’d give up on that dream right now. But there are some neat prizes that you can get that are actually attainable. I just wish it was advertised a bit further down the site. Having it right up top as the first thing you see cheapens the site's otherwise professional feel.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I swear I have this same complaint about most ad networks, but I want a peek under the skirt. Show me the publishers and advertisers that you have working with you. Give me sample rates so that I know how much money I can make or how much traffic I can bring in with a campaign. I don’t care if it isn’t even specific. Give me samples, estimates, or whatever. Just give me something to work with. Also, I got a few "page not found" issues when navigating the site. That was annoying as fuck. But I’m sure they’re monitoring that sort of thing and will fix it before long.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is one of the best ad agencies to pair with if you’re trying to make effective, far-reaching ads that target a global audience. They can target all GEOs, and they have a team of native speakers, localizers, and translators that will make sure your ads hit home no matter what. Best of all, they’ll even make landing page ads for you if you don’t have a designer or are too lazy to figure that shit out for yourself. They have a sweet incentive program, 24/7 support, and anti-fraud measures that make partnering with them a no-brainer. I highly recommend you fucks give them a look if you’re trying to target smaller or more obscure areas of the world with your ads.

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