Ad Extrem! You’ve dumped out a fuck ton of money for your ad campaign, or maybe you’ve worked tirelessly to monetize your kinky fetish site. But then you see the numbers are barely trickling in. What’s gone wrong? Does your product suck? Did you pair yourself with a shitty ad network? Maybe, but those are things you should rule out to begin with. You’re likely getting cockblocked by that big red stop sign that most cucks have installed on their browser. That’s right; I’m talking about AdBlock: The one thing standing between you and fat stacks of dosh.

So many great campaigns have been crushed by the might of it. And, just like you, I was tired of watching my numbers decrease as more and more betas downloaded it. Well, I found an ad network that can promise a workaround. has ad formats that specifically target those fucks who think they are savvy with their ad-blocking extension. That’s right; nobody can hide from the awesome ad for your new and improved 20-inch double-sided horse dildo any longer.

Never Lose Income to Ad Blockers Ever Again!
Now, these guys have only been around since 2015. But don’t count them out just yet! They may be new blood, but they have a robust set of tools for advertisers and publishers that make the old-school sites look like shit. Sometimes a new face is exactly what you need. Regardless of how long their brand has been around, they’ve got a quality team of knowledgeable neckbeards to help you out.

Let’s start with you horny publishers first. You’ve got a site that needs to make you some money. Where premium memberships and e-shops fail, ads can come in and give you the dosh that you deserve. These guys will run ads on nearly any site you send their way. Hell, they’d probably let you get tattooed with ads if that didn’t violate, well, a lot of fucking laws and shit. But they’ll gladly put ads on your fart fetish blog, sex toy shop, porn tube site, or whatever else you’ve got as long as it’s not illegal or too fucked up.

Monetize Your Site & Get Tailored Ads that Actually Work
Adextrem doesn’t settle for normal ads that don’t fucking work. Sure, yeah, they have all of the standard formats available to you on other networks. And you can access all of these using their intuitive control panel where you can monitor your site’s ad performance in real-time. They offer push notifications, banners, pop-ups, and all of that good shit. But they also have ads that you can tailor specifically to user extensions and shit like that. Some of these end up being pretty intrusive, but you’re running a grimy porn site, not some herbal tea shop. Who the fuck cares?

One gripe I often have with ad networks is that they hold on to my dosh tighter than a gold-digging whore on Black Friday. They’ll keep that shit for weeks sometimes. Fuck that. I want my money the day that I earn it. And this site is happy to help you out. They send you the money that you earn every single day. You won’t have to sit around and wait for them to decide when you deserve your hard-earned cash ever again.

Get Paid Daily!
And you don’t need to meet some sort of arbitrary income threshold to make use of these benefits. You get access to a supportive helpdesk, referral program, exclusive traffic sources, and a dedicated account manager regardless of if you’re bringing in a dollar or ten thousand bucks a month. It’s an equal playing field.

Now, what about you advertisers out there who want to get your glorious and totally “effective” penis pills out into the world? Well, don’t worry. These guys will get your ads running on thousands of sites. They also have plans that let you throw your ads on different social media platforms. This helps you diversity your traffic and get more than just your regular horny betas clicking on your shit. But, of course, that’s optional. You can stick with tried and true targeting if that’s more your speed.

Let the Nerds do the Work with Their Fully-Managed Campaign Managers
I do have one minor gripe about the advertising information on this site. And, well, it’s a really minor gripe. Who the fuck right-aligns text? This shit looks uglier than the last chick picked for the community softball team. That aside, they offer some decent options for you guys. You get access to a real-time account manager where you can see where, how, and why your ads are being placed where they are. You can also monitor their performance and see if they need to be changed up.

Adextrem prides itself on being a fully serviced platform where they’ll take control of your campaign and get it where it needs to go. But you can always call the helpdesk or use some of the self-service tools if you think you know better than these nerds. And, hey, sometimes you do. After all, it’s your campaign at the end of the day. They do require that you dish out a minimum of $100 for your campaign. They won’t get off their asses for chump change, and I don’t fucking blame them. Running a campaign is a ton of work.

A Smart Algorithm that gets Your Ads out to the Right Audience
One thing that can rise above human error and guesswork is this site’s algorithm. They have a program that automatically bids and gets your ads in premium ad spaces based on that space’s past performance and previous ads. And it does this faster than you could fucking blink. A combination of human touch and this site’s premium ad algorithm makes it, so your ads get loads of impressions from your target audience.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I liked that this site offers to take control of all of the tedious, boring aspects of running an ad campaign. You don’t need to waste hours worrying about where to place your ads or any of that shit. You can rest assured that Adextrem will get your lewd used panty ads exactly where they need to go. I know an algorithm sounds sketchy as fuck, but most ad networks make use of some sort of program like this. It’s just that this site was brave enough to slap that shit on the table and let you know that they’re proud of how it works. That’s confidence that you can trust.

They also make sure your ads get seen when monetizing a site. Nothing will stand in the way of your ads again. Even the best ad blockers out there will be beaten by the savvy pop-unders that this site makes use of. If you’re determined to have every single visitor see your kinky ad, then this is the ad network to pair your project with.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
The information here is a bit bare, to say the least. You only get a few bullet points and a rotating banner of what services this site offers. They don’t have numbers for impressions, engagements, or any names for who their exclusive partners are. I was really hoping to see a lengthy about us or a services page that elaborated on more of their services. That’s not necessarily a bad sign of things to come. It’s just that you’ll have to go through some hoops and plug in your personal information before you can get connected with someone and find out exactly what’s going on. It’s an extra pain that may turn some of you off from them. I mean, so many other ad networks lay their shit out on the table. I don’t blame you impatient cucks for packing up and heading elsewhere.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a solid choice if you want to get paid fast and make sure your ads are seen. You can run ads that pop-under where ad blockers enforce, and you can get your kinky content shown on a variety of social media platforms in addition to your regular placements. This site can take control of your ad campaign and make sure it’s seen by those it will impact the most. They may not have the most informative site, but they offer a pretty decent selection of tools, services, and ad placements. I recommend you guys give them a look and see if they have the right options for you!

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