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Ad Maven! I fucking hate it when I pay out the ass for an ad service only to make a pitiful trickle of cash. Sometimes your ad is to blame. It might not look great or it might be confusing as fuck. Once you rule all of that out, it can sometimes come down to your ad network. If you paid some horny dude to run your ads for a case of beer and a sex doll, then your product might not be getting shown to the right people. You want your totally legit penis pills to pop up on sites where limp-dicked betas are going to see them.

In that same vein, you want an ad network that will play the right ads on your fetish site. You don’t want scat ads showing up on your softcore erotica site. That’s why you need to partner up with a high-class ad network like They’ve been crafting campaigns and monetizing websites since back in 2012. You’ve got a team of experienced industry leaders backing your site every step of the way.

A Network with Global Reach & Easy-to-Understand Practices
Now, these guys aren’t dedicated to porn. But they don’t need to have sexy bitches flashing their tits on their homepage to know how to maximize your returns and yields. They value you no matter what kind of content you produce, as long as it’s legal. They know the system as a whole and will make sure that your kinky voyeur fetish site gets the attention it deserves. And they’ll get your lewd product or website in front of as many horny fappers as possible.

I know we’re not going too deep into it here, but it’s worth mentioning that their site is sleek as fuck. I love the graphics, color scheme, and page layouts. Some sites simply vomit details onto the page with no fucking grace and Ad-maven nails the presentation of their services. And, as I suspected, that attention to detail is a sign of good things to come. Let’s take a look at their monetization services first.

Get Safe and Effective Ads that You can Control
They’ll run your ads on any device across the goddamn globe. You won’t have to worry about ads not displaying correctly on mobile or desktop versions of your site. They’ll target any country or group that you want. And one thing I hate about some networks is that you never know how effective your ads are until the end of the week or month when you get the check. This site gives you a completely transparent toolset that lets you see what’s performing well and how much you earn in real-time.

And they aren’t going to run any shitty, untrustworthy ads. They have a network of over 25 thousand direct publishers that are just itching to get their lewd ads on your site. But makes sure to vet each company or publisher before putting their shit on your site. You also get to control where, when, and how ads are displayed. They have everything from small banner ads to full-screen ads to get the attention of your audience. Additionally, they ensure an “authentic” user experience throughout. They’ll only run the ads how you direct them to.

Get Your Product Shown on Thousands of High-Traffic Sites
But what about the other end of things? What if you have a cool site or product that you want the world of horny bastards to see? It could be a revolutionary heated fuck sleeve or something else entirely. They’ll make sure you’re hitting the right audience. If you don’t trust them to take your campaign into their hands entirely, then you can easily make use of their self-service campaign manager.

Here you can fiddle with where your ads are popping up and see in real-time how many impressions and engagements that you are getting. And, man, you’ve got plenty of the pie to get in on. They bring in over 2 billion impressions every fucking day. So, you’re not getting thrown into a kiddie pool here with barely any deals or partners. They’ve got a ton of high-traffic publishers that your ads will appear on. I wish that I could go somewhere and see some names, but they don’t have these publishers listed anywhere that I can find. They do NSFW ads, but It would be cool to see some names mentioned somewhere.

Enjoy Custom Payment Plans and 24/7/365 Customer Support
Picture yourself as a horny lady of the night trying to make some fat stacks. That same bitch can make fucking nothing if they’re standing in a dark alley where there’s nobody around. Put that same babe on a busy street and the cucks will start rolling in by the truckload. gets you a prime spot on the street and gives you a flashing neon sign and sexy lingerie to boot.

Better still, they make sure you get paid fast. You can set up a custom payment plan so that you get your hard-earned dosh right when you need it. You won’t have to deal with a shady company waiting weeks, if not months, to get you the money you deserve. And they’ll answer any questions that you’ve got with their 24/7/365 support team. Call them up and ask them about what ads are running on your site and why. You’ll get clear cut answers from professionals.

A Great Blog Full of Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Industry Leaders
This is a bit of a side-note, but this site has one of the more active blogs that I’ve seen from an ad network. They have some genuinely informative articles, discussions, and posts that can get you new fucks put in the right direction. They’re well written, and most of them are fairly to the point. They accept a decent number of payment options, but BITCOIN isn’t one of them. You might not want to keep going with this site if you were hoping to stay completely anonymous. It’s a bummer since they’re such a damn good ad network.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
You’re not getting ads from just anybody put on your site. Ad-maven claims that 90 percent of the traffic you gain will come from publishers that they have direct deals from. That’s how you know that they trust their network. You won’t have to work with a shady company that wants to run malware-riddled ads or shit that might compromise the security of your user-base. And they make it incredibly easy to see what ads are running where and how each one is performing with their transparent toolset.

The same goes for those of you trying to advertise your lewd products. They offer a suite of tools that lets you easily manage and take control of your campaign when you’re not happy with the auto-pilot. You’ll have so much goddamn control of your ad campaign that you can almost target individual fucks. Okay, it’s not that extreme. But you can hit precisely the group of people that you need to for maximum impressions.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I’d have liked to see a sample set of publishers that they work with. Sure, they claim to have a whole fuck ton of them, give me some names. Let me see who I might be working with and if they have brands that suit my needs. I don’t want to get most of the way through the process only to find that they don’t quite have the names I was looking for. Do you see what I mean? And I know that they do NSFW ads and all of that good shit, but you wouldn’t know that by simply browsing their site. They should mention it somewhere. It wouldn’t take much to have a short list of names on the “publishers” page or something.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, offers one of the most transparent ad network experiences that I have ever fucking seen. You know where your ads are and how well they’re doing. You know which ad formats are bringing you in the most money on your site. Each ad is safe and won’t hit your users with any malware or bullshit like that. All of that, coupled with a global reach, exclusive publishers, and daily impressions in the billions, make this site a must-visit. I highly recommend you all go and check out this site and see if they have the right ad solution or plan for you.

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