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Some of you fucks probably don’t know the first thing about running ads or branching out and starting an ad campaign. You’re popping around trying to understand shit out of your pay grade. You’re like a 13-year-old who snuck into the sex store and saw all of the BDSM gear. He doesn’t know what the fuck he saw, but I bet he’s excited. Same for you cucks. There are so many options, sites, and networks out there eager to take your money or push their ads on your site. You want to partner with an ad network that will hold your hand through every step of the process.

You want These fucks have been working with site owners, app developers, and publishers for over 10 years. That’s over a decade of quality experience to back you up. They know publishers and advertisers like the back of their hand. You’ll never be lost or confused with their robust suite of site and developer tools. There’s no jargon or any bullshit like that. Let’s dive in, so that I can show you fetish bloggers what I mean.

A Quality Ad Network with over 10 Years of Experience in the Industry
The site looks fantastic. I’m a sucker for fun graphics that you can play around with. There are these spinning polygons and shit that break apart when you swipe your cursor through them. I know that says nothing about their services, but looks never hurt. You know you’re getting a site that cares about their services when they go all out on the presentation. Sure, yeah, sometimes that’s not true. But it’s often a decent indicator for whether or not you’re in for a quality user-experience at least.

If you don’t know where to start, then I suggest checking out their “resources” page. They have a bunch of free tutorials and guides for publishers and advertisers. It’s a great set of tools for getting your campaign started or beginning to monetize your kinky website. They even have some more advanced guides for you veteran cucks who know your shit. And don’t worry. Just because they’re helpful to beginners doesn’t mean that they don’t have a massive network of publishers and sites to back up you big-dicked Chads with massive porntubes.

Only Pay for the Ads People See!
Advertisers out there will be pleased to hear that Adnium focuses on accountability more than anything else. You’re not paying them for blind impressions like you would on other shittier networks. Every move they make is built around boosting your ROI until you’re raking in impressions. And these are real people who actually see and interact with your ad. They’re here to take your bondage e-shop, revolutionary VR porn game, or lewd ad campaign to the next level. They use CPM so that they only charge you for ads that are actually viewed.

If you want some rough and raw data, then gawk at these awesome numbers: 100 million daily conversions, 20+ thousand clients, 1 billion impressions, and over 220 thousand ad targeting points. Phew, I think I popped a half-chub just looking at those sexy figures. I love when sites bend over and spread their cheeks to show you exactly how good they’re doing. These stats aren’t tucked away like a cross-dresser’s cock. It’s all out on display for everyone to see.

Run Your Campaign or Site with Ease Using their Intuitive Control Panel
Publishers and advertisers can both make use of an intuitive control panel for managing ads, targeting, and traffic. And they don’t just say they have a dope dashboard for clients. They show that shit to you on the front page. You can see the tools you’ll have access to without having to sign up or go through some annoying, lengthy process.

For publishers, they give you control of just about everything. You can mess around with ad placement, intensity, and type. If you want to run a simple inflation fetish blog with ads for air pumps and compressors, then you can get that shit rolling. You can run a pop-up filled JAV download site or a premium porn site with just a few ads floating around. Though I wish they told you what their options were before you made an account. You have to go all of the way through the account creation process to see what sort of ads they offer. What a pain in the ass.

Strict Acceptable Use Rules & Safe Ad Practices
Now, Adnium does know porn. They have tons of publishers and clients in that space, but that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and post whatever the fuck you want. I took a look at their acceptable use policy, and some of you degenerates might be disappointed—no revenge porn. No torrents. No sites with little original content. No unmoderated user content. No copyrighted material. So, yeah, some of you skeevy fucks are going to be shit out of luck.

But having such strict policies comes with some benefits. They’ll never run ads that pop-up or under your user’s browser. They won’t run ads that initiate downloads or modify browser settings. Sure, those ads work. But at what cost? This site will make sure that the ads run on your site are safe. Users won’t have to be afraid of accidentally clicking on an ad that downloads some sort of shitty virus to their computer. They also cap the number of ads displayed on each page so that your site isn’t fucking infested with them.

Chat with a Live Person and get a Free Ad Campaign Evaluation
As far as additional features go, they offer a free ad campaign evaluation. A knowledgeable nerd will live chat with you and give you ideas for how and where to implement your ads. It’s pretty handy! One area they lack is support. They don’t offer fast round-the-clock phone and chat support. Most messages you send will take them a few hours to reply. That’s not a terrible thing, but I like having someone within instant reach for those critical times. What if I see a malicious ad? It could take them hours to resolve that, and that means hours of losing users.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I really liked that they put an emphasis on making you money. I don’t know why more ad networks don’t take that approach. They usually end up tossing their information on a boring graph and calling it a tad. These guys promise to help you pull in fat stacks from your ad campaign or monetization strategy. And they put it in terms that dumb fucks can understand. You could have never heard of CPMs or ROIs, and this site will have it all explained for you in digestible terms.

I was also a fan of their tutorials. They have tips and tricks for new users and veterans alike. Even if you don’t partner up with this site, I recommend just taking a short peek at their blog if you’re a newcomer looking for some advice. There are plenty of articles, infographics, and videos that lay complicated shit out in a simple manner.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
For all of the awesome tutorials and informative graphics they have for free use, they make some of the most important information you need hard to get. You need to sign up for an account and confirm your email before you can even see what sort of ads and placement options they offer. It’s not a huge issue, but it can be a pain if you’re trying to vet a bunch of ad networks at once. When one makes you sign up and six others don’t, then I’m probably going to close out the one that tries to make me jump through hoops. They could easily fix this by tossing an extra graphic on the main page with the ads they offer.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is well worth the visit if you’re planning to run some adult ads or monetize your naughty fetish site. This site offers a wide range of useful tools for monitoring and optimizing your campaign and site. They are partnered with thousands of publishers, and they know the porn industry. With billions of impressions every day and informative tutorials, it’s hard not to love them. They want to make you money, so they will never charge you for ads that aren’t being seen. I highly recommend you check these guys out for your next ad campaign or if you want to monetize a new site!

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