Just like being a pornstar, anyone can make money online – well, hypothetically that is, anyway. In the abstract, it sounds easy, but these days doing either can be tricky. Getting your career off the ground can be a challenge, and even if you can, it can be even harder.

You are going to be in it with a global community of competitors, many of whom have more and clout in the business. And since we're going to be focusing on adult affiliate marketing, adjusting to the constant shifts in what's popular can be tricky.

These changes can affect keyword search terms, and more broadly, the sorts of smut people are looking for online. This can not only mean extra hard work to stay relevant, but if you are selling niche nudity on the decline, this can spell death for your online venture.

However, if you've got the head for it and join up with the right program like Adult Empire Cash, you're in a good spot to make a fair or even fabulous amount of money. Before you start, just be aware that this review will be epic and worth sharing all over the net.

And so, without any further ado, let's jump right into it…

We Will Begin By Looking At the Importance of Having a Diverse Amount of Products
They say variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to adult entertainment, that certainly seems to be the case. I mean, think about it, how many dozens of genres of porn are there on the average tube site?

For that matter, it's estimated that there are, at a minimum, estimated to be something like 1.3 million porn sites. Sure there are a lot of them that host pirated content. But even then, there are millions of horny fuckers who add fresh fap material to the web on an hourly basis.

Too bad, it seems that so many adult affiliate programs offer a limited range of products to promote. Now, granted, that can in part be due to the fact that certain porn producer contract only with certain others for whatever reason. In other cases, it may be because they are trying to promote a particular niche of nudity.

But this specificity can make it hard to build up a massive following or run a grand marketing campaign. Good thing it is then, that AEC has perhaps the biggest selection of adult content I think I may have ever seen on the web, and that's no exaggeration.

What Kind of Dazzling Digital Adult Products Do They Have? Well…
While AEC doesn't have the entire library of online porn, it looks to me as if they have the lion's share of all of the good studio smut you'll find anywhere.

To give you just a few examples of the mainstream websites that they allow you to market, include some of my favorites, such as Evil Angel, Brazzers, and Reality Kings. If you or your prospects have a taste for more artsy or niche erotica, options include Abby Winters, X-Art, and Kink.com.

Think you can sell sexy gay porn? Well, AEC has connected with Jake Cruise, Titan Men, CockyBoys, and Mr. Man, among many others. And keeping with the times, you find plenty of trans porn platforms to promote as well.

Besides the websites themselves, you can promote larger porn networks like Alt.com Videos, TLA Gay, and IAFD Streaming. This is a perfect option to promote since users get access to several sites in one package for a reasonable price.

Even more, you can promote profiles by linking to the videos of specific porn stars, too. If you are one of those who runs a blog or social media page detailing the careers of performers you and your followers are into, this is perfect for you.

You Can Promote Hot Video Hardcopies and Toys, Too
Besides individual websites, porn networks, and starlets, you can also promote particular videos. This may sound strange but consider this – certain people have eclectic tastes. Consequently, they are far more interested in watching free clips and promotional videos on tubes rather than commit to a single subscription.

This does give you an opportunity, though. By promoting video-on-demand, you can solicit sexy videos that might just pop out to a prospect even if they aren't familiar with the studio which made it or the starlets. With 130,000 VOD movies to pick from, there's no shortage of opportunities.

Furthermore, there are about 100,000 adult DVDs and Blue-rays, which you can sell as well. Sure, that may seem a little old fashioned, but I assure you that there still are people who prefer hard copies over digital downloads.

Not only that, but there is definitely a community of collectors who like stocking up on discs full of dirty deeds. If you don't believe me, just look up Adult DVD Talk Forum and similar discussion boards.

Since just about everyone single or taken likes enhancing their sex life with adult toys, you know that such items are an easy sell. The challenge is having a selection that will appeal to anyone.

Not always, but I've often found that kind of like some porn sites, online sex toys seem to specialize in toys for hetero men and women, gays, or lesbians. Further, many mainstream sites – as is true with many brick and mortar stores – tend not to carry the kinkier gear, or at least not very much.

Once again, AEC connects you with a breathtaking number of toys to promote – in fact; you can hock more than 4,500 sex toys. I honestly don't know a fraction of their total inventory, but with a number like that, I'm fairly certain they've got products and brands which anyone would be interested in no matter their genders and which parts they like to please.

The Marketing Tools Provided Are Wonderful
As far as unconventional tactics, you are essentially given a free hand, assuming you aren't doing anything which breaks the law. But they do give you a fine selection of tools to help guide you in the right direction.

For one, they have a suite of programs to allow you to make your own version of Adult Empire's websites, which has been optimized to promote the specific kinds of porn and related products you want to sell. Ways you can perfect your site include building an on-site search engine, banner links, and box cover tools.

Don't you think that showing off video previews are a fine way to promote a porno? So do I, and so do the folks at AEC and have provided plugins for that as well.

Besides everything mentioned to far, with Adult Empire Cash, you can conveniently keep track of your analytics through your account interface. You can also get 24/7 data on your sales, along with additional data on your customers. By leveraging these features, you can further optimize your sales tactics.

On top of all of that, unlike other affiliate programs, AEC will assign a dedicated account manager to you. This helper is there to assist you with any questions you may have and strategize to maximize your profits.

And from what I've found, instead of having to pay for this service, this managing service is complimentary. For those unaware, an account manager with minimal experience (1-4 years) will normally cost you something like 47,000 Euro or about 57,000 USD.

Do You Make Your Porn? AEC Has An Offer For You
If you are an upstart porn site or maybe even an indie person who doesn't have a studio but films from home, you can make money another way. Just contact AEC, and they'll get you setup with the chance to have your porn promoted on their Adult Empire site.

Not only will you get exposed to potentially millions of customers, but you don't have to do any work. All you need to do is send them your pornos, and AE will post links to them or place them on their VOD pages. Even better, there could be an army of affiliate marketers who will be working hard to promote your work.

You can share content with them by uploading your pics and videos on FTP servers or file-sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox. They even accept media submissions (discs & hard drives), which are sent by mail.

The only big no-no when it comes to submitting your smut is that it not be watermarked. They also like it if your files are formatted in HD, 4K, and MP4. Standard definition movies (as low as 360p) are accepted, though high-definition files are preferred. Oh, and what's really neat is that they accept VR experiences as well.

While I can't think of too many other companies I would network with, besides this one, which does respect non-exclusive rights. This means that you can license and promote your porn with other networks besides Adult Empire.

Speaking of licensing, I think it's rather obvious that this particular company has a good reputation. So, if you do send your porn their way, they aren't going to rip you off. After all, how do you think is they have managed to make money with so many pornographers?

Payment Options Are Fair And Guaranteed
Now let's get to the juiciest of the details: how much can you make?

DVD and Blue-ray purchases will get you 25% of the sales, all sex toys will net you 30%, and every VOD will earn you 35% of revenue. Considering the fact that DVDs which are on sale sell for $12.99 to $24.99, by successfully promoting just a couple dozen of those, you could pull in more than a hundo.

As for people who are promoting the porn they made on Adult Empire, the revenue sharing schemes are about as good, I think. To be exact, video-on-demand purchases will get you a third of the profits, whether they are pay-per-minute sales, full downloads, or streamed. Further, you get 25% of sales based on time watched via the special Unlimited Streaming membership platform.

The minimum payout is a mere $50, which is reasonable, I think. Further, there have been no reported cases that I know of when it comes to getting paid. Seriously, after operating this business for years, it looks like AEC pays their affiliates on-time, every time.

As far as how payment is sent, they make transfers through ACH, paper checks, and PayPal. Sure, that's not the most extensive means of sending money, but they are tried and true.

You will have to wait a little bit though, since payments are processed on the first of every month and sent out in about a week. At the most, you will get your payment by no later than the 15th of the month.

Need More Proof of Affiliate Success? They've Got the Receipts
Describing the amount of porn you can promote is good and all, and clearly, I think it's dope how many tools they provide. The payment options are excellent, but I think the proof that all of these features are a winner can be seen in the accolades AEC has won.

Other affiliate programs tend to get recognized by third-party review websites and sometimes win a few awards. However, the number of awards and the consistency of which Adult Empire Cash is on another level.

To begin, AEC has won VOD Site of the Year from 2015 every year through 2020. They've been named the Xbiz Affiliate Program of the Year eleven times. And 13 times starting in 2004, AEC is the AVN Winner for Best Retail Site. One person can occasionally be wrong, but I don't think that many professional critics could be mistaken that consistently.

Besides them, indie sites like TheBestPorn, Rabbit's Reviews, and others have had nothing but rave reviews for this affiliate program.

The Registration Process Is a Little Bit Different
Okay, this part of AEC I found a little weird, not because it didn't make sense, but it was so different from other affiliate programs. Typically, you'll either have an easy signup process that requires you to register your business information and physical address.

Adult Empire Cash has the same requirements, though they ask a few additional details. For example, they want to know how many visitors your website gets a month – and yes, you are required to have a website. Another part of the questionnaire is determining how you found out about this program with plenty of details preferred.

After your questionnaire has been completed, AEC's staff will determine if you are qualified to be one of their affiliates. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what the acceptance rate is, but I do not think that every applicant is accepted.

To be clear, this is probably the only thing I can think of which I'm not terribly fond of on AEC. Other than this bizarre requirement, I cannot think of anything else which is worth complaining about.

It's also worth noting that you can get in contact with AEC through their Contact Us page or via email by messaging [email protected]

Do I Think This Is the Perfect Affiliate Program?
Once you do join, I'd be curious if you agree with the boast that this is the #1 online adult promotional program on the web. AEC claims to be so, and I tend to agree.

At the very least, out of all of the affiliate programs which are centered on selling skin, I have to say that this one is one of if not the best I've encountered.

After all, there are hundreds of websites and individual performers you can promote however you want. There is smut to entertain every fetish and sexual orientation, not to mention thousands of sex toys to tickle every erogenous zone. The additional video-on-demand and DVD/Blue-ray opportunity is another nice perk, which means you've got an even greater chance of making money.

What's really cool is that they network with pornographers who are new to the scene and trying to get recognition. Even if you aren't running a studio and only have a few videos you've posted to a tube site, you might have another avenue to get famous.

Whichever way you plan on making money, AEC provides a fine selection of tools to improve your odds of making a magnificent number of sales. All you have to do is fill out a form of inquiry or contact the staff. If they feel you're qualified, then you should be getting started in a matter of days.

If it wasn't already clear, I'm awarding this affiliate program top honors with a five hand rating.

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