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How the fuck do so many adult brands get their content on every hot adult tube site out there? You know what I’m talking about. You see, some of the same brands and series all scattered across multiple tube sites. They have to be making a fuck load of money, too. Whether you have your own tube site and you want to give visitors to the hottest tube sites on the Web a taste of what you are offering or you want to tease them with your own original content, you need software that can make the impossible possible.

Adult Video Blaster (AVB) aims to be that kind of software. It may just be, as plenty of users have found that it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to help you to upload a plethora of content and distribute it to the tube sites that will earn you some fat cash (at least that’s what Adult Video Blaster claims – more on that later). If you want to take the mundane task of uploading your content to the tube sites you feel will be the most lucrative and instead focus on what’s most important – you know, the content – you need to keep reading to see if AVB is right for you. See if it’s the perfect fit for your own tube site, and spread the word about your brand to the most visited tube sites out there!

Upload to multiple tube sites
Do you know which tube sites you should be uploading your content to, or are you throwing your videos on different sites hoping that something sticks? If it’s the latter, you’re probably spinning your proverbial wheels and getting nowhere. Even if you are looking at traffic and know which tube sites have the most visitors every month, just uploading content to the top few will not help you very much.

Instead, you need to upload all of your content to multiple tube sites. Sure, that’s going to take a fucking long time. Yes, typing in the title, description, tags, categories, and so on for every video will take you all goddamn day – especially if you have a massive pile of content that you want to distribute. Knowing this, you could be focusing all of your efforts on growing your brand, finding new content, making your current content even better, or the other plethora of things that you could be doing to grow your brand and smoke out the competition.

But you’re not doing any of that if you are manually uploading content, filling out the metadata for every upload, and pretending like this isn’t the 21st century and there isn’t automated software that cannot do this kind of shit for you. Get with the times you and stop doing all of this mundane bullshit. Consider Adult Video Blaster and stop spending your precious time on tasks that take way too much time to do on your own.

While there are many different ways that AVB can make your work life simpler and easier to manage, the most obvious way that Adult Video Blaster helps adult entrepreneurs is by uploading content to multiple tube sites. Choose your content, and AVB will automatically upload your content to popular tube sites like PornHub, xVideos, YouPorn, RedTube, SpankWire, and a few others. It’s instantaneous, and when it comes to saving time, it’s hard to top that.

Only a few tube sites supported
Adult Video Blaster goes against the grain and only uploads content to less than ten sites. Compared to other similar tools that can upload content to hundreds of tube sites, it made me go, ‘wait, what the fuck,’ and balk at the idea of AVB taking 5% of your generated revenue from using the software (more on this later). Yet, Adult Video Blaster claims that 80% of all adult traffic comes from these websites.

I seriously have my fucking doubts about this number, especially since pornography and the adult industry as a whole is constantly evolving. Especially in 2020 and beyond, shit isn’t like it used to be. Ignoring the likely obvious bullshit statistic they are pulling out of their ass, AVB focuses on quality rather than quantity. Focusing on uploading to the sites that generate the most traffic isn’t a bad thing, but what about all of those sites that get a few hundred thousand hits a month? Overall, those sites add up.

Focusing on sites like PornHub, XVideos, and other giant tube sites that far and away generate more traffic than other tube sites feels like it leaves a lot of niches to be unfulfilled. If you are uploading to the places where the most content gets uploaded anyway, what the fuck is the point of adding to the static?

Sure, Adult Video Blaster adds tags and other relevant information that probably makes it easier to find than if a normal individual tried to fill all of this info out themselves, but why not learn how to do it properly in the first place if that’s one of the only advantages to using AVB? I get that it can post a shit load of content all at once and has other useful features like automated video editing (more on that later), but again, why not choose another tool that automatically posts content on hundreds of sites rather than by using Adult Video Blaster?

How does it deliver the results it claims?
That’s the million-dollar goddamn question, and I could not tell you one way or another how this all works. Adult Video Blaster is quiet about how everything works on purpose, mainly because they do not want anyone to know how their software generates the results they claim. I can see it from their perspective, but to not give anyone any kind of indication regarding how it all works is inexcusable.

There’s a difference between describing functions and providing insight into how those functions operate. Adult Video Blaster does not do the latter at any point, and you’re left taking their word for it. On the main page, they show financial information about their original testers, showing that they managed to make a lot of money in one way or another. The form shows that the testers probably earned most of their revenue from Chaturbate affiliate links. Judging by the fact that the videos are uploaded to the highest-trafficked tube sites on the Web, this makes a lot of sense.

Still, how does all of this fucking work? I have no idea and you won’t either unless you buy the software. At least give potential customers some details regarding how they are going to be earning money and how some of the backend works and functions.

Automated video editing, watermarking, and more
Let’s say you have a pile of videos that need your brand. While you could edit and add intros, watermarks, and the like to make it ready for you to post, why do that whenever there are automated tools that will deliver the help you need? Stop doing things the old way, and consider using Adult Video Blaster to automate the entire process.

Adult Video Blaster will add watermarks to all of your videos and even add an intro to brand your content. If you need content transcoded into another format, AVB does it quickly, so you don’t have to deal with doing any of this shit manually. Want a video to be shorter, so you tease people to visit your own tube site instead of giving them the entire thing? Adult Video Blaster makes it possible with fucking ease, and it’s one of the best things about this goddamn software.

When you don’t want to submit a multitude of videos all at the same time, Adult Video Blaster makes things easier by scheduling your videos to go live whenever you want them. AVB states that you can write a simple import file with the title, tags, and other details included that can be applied to multiple videos simultaneously. From there, you can schedule content to be uploaded to various tube sites on multiple accounts, instantly.

That’s par for the course when it comes to Adult Video Blaster. For some of the things it fails on, it does many things pretty fucking spectacularly. Is it worth the subscription and investment? That’s entirely up to you. Weigh the pros and cons when it comes to your own adult brand, and decide if Adult Video Blaster is right for you.

Adult Video Blaster makes it easier as hell to upload and properly tag, title, and format content automatically. However, the lack of information detailing how it works, the fact that AVB takes 5% of your earnings, and only available on Windows will make it a tough sell to some. If it fits into your adult business model and you can use it to grow your brand, consider using Adult Video Blaster.

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