Porn webmasters have realized that they need to engage in a little bit of black hat SEO for their websites to be successful. What is black hat SEO? Well, if white hat SEO is using all the best practices that an online website can to raise its organic SEO score, then black hat SEO is all the shit that doesn’t fall in that category of action. For example, you can use PBNs, also known as private blog networks, to artificially raise your SEO through backlinks. Now, if you want to buy your way onto PBNs, you can go to one of the many markets for that, such as the well-known site,

Black hat SEO – the solution for porn site advertising
AdultPBN is a site that will present you with several options as far as buying links on PBNs is concerned – you will finally be able to get some links on big sites with good reputations, which will have a lot of influence regarding where your porn site will be ranked. In the world of adult sites, black hat SEO is a common practice; pretty much all websites are doing it. After all, it’s not enough to put ads on Google and hope for the best. Even if you have a niche and you target the correct keywords, and they’re popular and all that, it won’t be enough. There is just too much competition and too much saturation.

You need to find ways to get the edge against that kind of competition, and to tell you the truth, one of the only ways to do this is with black hat SEO. AdultPBN is one of the rare sites that will immediately tell you how much you’ll need to pay to be on these blog networks and how big of an effect you can expect. How can you know all of this? Well, there are different metrics that you can look at for every offer, and this is how you will decide which site you’re going to go for. There are various extensions, different KPIs, and other aspects.

Basic information is essential for all listings
The first thing to look at when deciding which PBN to pay for is the extension. Here are some of the domain names you can expect to find. You have .asia, .fun, .com, .blog, .org, .cc, .me, and so on. You can also see the age of the PBN, which usually ranges from at least a year to like 5 years and over. You can also take a look at the language of the website. There are sites in English, sites in Russian, sites in German, and some other languages sprinkled in the mix. Besides all of this, you’ll also get a short description that will tell you what to expect from that kind of blog network in particular.

For example, some descriptions will say that you’re getting the best dial SEO for the price, and some will tell you how much traffic you can expect (e.g., 15k visits from Google). Others will tell you that you will get country-specific traffic from Google, such as German traffic. If you just look at these metrics, there are chances that you will find some PBNs that are important for you. Still, it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to find the perfect PBN choice this way, but you might just be able to get what you’re hoping for if you look hard at these first few columns of info. Believe it or not, these are usually the most important factors.

Make sure to check on important metrics
After you’re done looking at these basic factors, you can go on to look at the KPIs that will show you exactly how good the PBNs are through tangible and real indicators. For example, you have the AR metric or the Ahrefs rank. This one can range from around 50k up to 15 million and over. The higher the score, the better. You also have DR, which is Ahrefs domain rating, AT, which stands for Ahref traffic, and ST, which is Similarweb traffic. But it doesn’t end there since there is a column for AR or Alexa Rank, which might be one of the most important metrics and the most objective one at that.

Another crucial metric is DA which stands for Domain Authority. Ideally, you’re going to want to find PBNs with higher domain authority. Of course, higher domain authority also means that you’ll be paying more to be featured on that PBN. But, hey, I never said that this black hat SEO would be easy, just that it’s necessary. And alright, you also have some other indicators such as MR (Moze Rank), SQI (Yandex’s Site Quality Index), and finally, solid links. So, there you have it; those are about all the metrics you could hope to get when choosing a PBN to advertise your site on. Of course, you’ll also get to see the price range of the listing, which will be essential for your final choice.

The prices here usually follow the quality
Generally speaking, the price of a PBN follows the quality of the PBN, and definitely wants you to know this. That is why the site gives you so many metrics to compare between all the listings. But just so you know, you’ll need to log in if you want to see all listings or all the pages on some listing. I understand that this can be a bit of a hassle, but the fact of the matter is that AdultPBN doesn’t really care about anyone who isn’t here to do business. So they just want to see that you’re serious about black hat SEO when they show you all the listings. If you’re not serious, well, they don’t care about you at all here. also provides key information at the bottom of the site when you first load the website. What do I mean by this? Well, for example, they will tell you that they promote websites of all topics. Yes, this means that adult sites are welcome too, which is pretty essential to you. They will also tell you what the price signifies, as the cost of a link will start at $1 on this platform for 30 days of placement. Still, you are rarely going to find a good listing for just $1. These kinds of PBNs are low quality and might even work as a detriment to the sort of traffic you end up getting.

You can also earn some money on this website
Oh, and one last thing. I know I’ve been talking about porn webmasters trying to promote their porn sites and so on, but if you’re a porn webmaster with an already established porn site that gets a lot of traffic, you can create a blog section on your web page and then sell clicks too! Also, if you have a private blog network of your own, think about posting a listing on AdultPBN to start earning a bit of money on the side. I know it might not seem like a lot initially, but if your PBN is big enough and good enough, you could be charging a lot of money just to post one link for 30 days on there.

It can be worth your trouble, so don’t be shy when it comes to posting other people’s links on your site. Of course, you should still focus on promoting your own website first and foremost and leave all of this stuff for the end. Anyway, I think that you’ll find using AdultPBN very simple. It’s a platform that most porn webmasters get into pretty quickly. You need to be at least a little bit smart if you are going to get into the world of porn webmasters, and that means that you’ll be able to figure out how to use the UI of on your own. Now, go on, check out the website and see if it’s what you’ve been looking for!

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