Do you have a porn site that needs a traffic booster? Trying out an online sex shop, but you’re just not having any luck with the conversions? Heck, are you trying to start an online casino and want to see people start using it? There is only one thing to do for all of these questions, targeting SEO and hope for the best. There are many services out there that do just that, and Adults Marketing is only one of them. Today we’re taking a look at this site and what they offer as far as their services go and how they can help optimize SEO on your porn site, sex shop, and so on.

SEO service for your porn video website
First of all, you should know that Adults Marketing accepts all projects, from small schemes to large-scale SEO changes. Of course, the price rises proportionally, but we’ll get to pricing in a little bit. For now, we’re going to focus on all the different ways AdultsMarketing can help you with your SEO. I guess I could mention that gaming sites and online casinos can also get SEO services here. So if you’re someone who’s willing to try different things and an online casino is one of them, perhaps you can go ahead and check out for those kinds of services as well.

But we’re not here to talk about online “gaming” (AKA gambling your life savings away on a slot machine video game that’s probably not coded to be in your favor). No, we’re here to talk about the different SEO services that AdultsMarketing has to offer. The first one on that list is Porn SEO. This is for regular porn sites, and the techniques used here are all that you would expect. You’ve got it all, from keywords and phrases to content marketing, blogging, articles, link building, and so on. All this is towards boosting the organic traffic to your porn site through better SEO.

Special SEO services for cam girl sites
When it comes to adult sites, you should be aware that SEO works a bit differently from other mainstream sites. You see, with porn sites, you have to concentrate a lot on quantity without sacrificing the quality of the SEO. You need to be ahead of the game since the porn industry is an online behemoth, a very competitive and global market with very few local and regional niches you can tap into. Still, there’s plenty of untapped potential, and that’s why people tend to go for these kinds of sites rather than making something in the mainstream. They just tend to work well in earning the person who made the site a lot of money through ad revenue or selling some memberships.

After the general Porn SEO, you have Webcams SEO. As puts it, the success of a cam girl site in today’s market depends a lot on the user experience on the website and the number of girls that the site has, and things like the design of the site. These things are essential to have a good webcam site, and it’s all part of a good SEO project. The best thing that a service provider such as Adults Marketing can do is focus on all the right keywords on all the different pages you have and then try to target those to get many hits through organic search engine results.

Escorts and sex shops have their own SEO rules
Next up, we have Escorts SEO. With escorts, it can get quite tricky because of all the legal issues in different countries. Make sure you know your laws before you start advertising an escort site. But if you’re confident that it’s cool to go ahead with it and it’s legal in your country to do so, you can go straight to AdultsMarketing or a similar service provider and allow them to start working on the SEO of your website. Soon enough, you will have an unrivaled SEO score for your escort site, and you will get so many people onboard that escorts will practically pay you hundreds of dollars to have the top spot on the website. That’s basically how you earn money from an escort site since usually there are no ads on these sites.

The sex store industry is worth around 30 billion dollars. And If that doesn’t pique your interest, then you might want to know that the industry saw a 40% increase from 2015 to 2020. Anyway, if you have a sex shop and want to reach the right people, you need to have the best Adult Shops SEO. Good SEO for a sex store will definitely help with the conversion rate, and this is all that matters when it comes to sex shops. It’s a bit different from porn sites, cam sites, and escort sites, so you will need to get the right people to your site who will be the most likely to buy.

Adult dating and hentai might also be a good idea
Adult Dating SEO is great for porn webmasters who want to get into this adult industry side. The reason why dating is seeing such a big boom is because of apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc. People are just fucking more than ever, and they need more and more avenues to find sex quickly. With this kind of SEO, you will definitely get people who need a partner to sign up to your site, and then you can peddle to them whatever shitty premium plan you have. Those premium plans are going to be your bread and butter when it comes to adult dating sites. just helps with the SEO.

Hentai SEO is the last SEO service on the list, and this one is great if you want to target weebs in the west who get a hard-on every time they think of Japan. The great thing about hentai is that it’s the easiest to get away with when it comes to questionable content since it’s all drawn and nothing can technically be illegal. The copyright laws are also loose since you’ll be getting most of your content from Japan, and it’s uncertain whether or not Japanese studios that made these hentai movies will come after you. All you have to do is make sure that your SEO is good with quality links and content on the site.

Different plans and packages for different SEO needs
So, how about those projects and plan prices? Well, first off, you have the small projects for Adult SEO, Adult Web Design, and Adult Paid Marketing, which cost $11, $13, and $13, respectively. For the more serious projects, you venture into higher prices too. For $200 a month, you can get the Adult Starter package. This will give you 5 similar key phrases, a level 1 link building campaign, onsite SEO, monthly ranking reports, monthly visibility reports, and that’s it. Also, with this package, you need to be on it for at least 3 months which is pretty shitty if you ask me. I want to be able to cancel whenever I want!

Well, if I want to cancel anytime, I’ll need to go for the bigger packages, such as Adult Standard, which costs $300 a month and has better stats like 10 key phrases and level 2 link building with some additional services. There’s also Adult Enhanced for $400 a month and Adult Enterprise for $500 a month. Now, I’m rounding up all the prices because I hate it when they write shit like $499. I get it, it makes it seem cheaper, but still, I hate seeing it. Also, I don’t particularly appreciate seeing spelling and grammar mistakes and nonsensical sentences from a site that claims to be all about adult marketing and SEO. Not to mention a few bugs here and there. In my eyes, this brings the site down a bit.

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