Are you looking to generate income by creating a porn site? I know many people are, but monetizing porn isn’t exactly the easiest feat. The approach you take can be challenging, depending on your business model. For example, if you are trying to sell premium accounts, you better have some exclusive and premium videos to offer people. And if you want to sell content, you better have some hot chicks making the content for you like on OnlyFans. But is there any way to monetize a porn site without relying on these factors so much? Yeah, and it’s called ad monetization. Today I’ll show you how you can put ads on your porn site using the eCPC advertising network called Let’s go!

Popular ad formats for your porn site
There are a bunch of things that you should know about putting ads on your site. However, with networks like Adxplay, this process is simplified and dumbed down so that anyone can do it. I like this because it allows you to focus on other factors that will make your site better, and you leave the money alone so that it trickles in like it’s supposed to. So, I’m going to tell you a bit about the features you can expect on this website to better understand what to expect if you choose this eCPC network for putting ads on porn websites. You better have a pen and paper ready for this.

First of all, you should be aware that likes to use buttons and banners for ad formats. What does this mean? Well, you won’t be able to put video ads, pop-up ads, and other similar things on your website. You can expect the usual banner ads to be the most you’ll be putting on the platform. But why are they using these? Well, they’re the easiest to implement, and they usually have the best results. Most advertisers like using banner ads more than other types of ads. They get good conversions with those, so Adxplay is just following trends, though they plan to add other formats.

Good conversion rates and flexible monetization
Okay, those are the formats. What about the conversion rates? Well, as it turns out, has a pretty good track record when it comes to conversion rates. They seem to have much higher eCPC rates than other affiliate networks that porn sites usually use, which makes sense when you think about it. Big affiliate networks and eCPC networks usually lowball the sites they use for advertising just because they have a big brand. The webmasters just don’t know that there are other, better opportunities out there. is one of those opportunities for you.

Now, what happens if you already have a monetization method on your website? What if you’re selling premium accounts, doing affiliate marketing, pop-ups, and other stuff like that? Can you still use Adxplay in this case? Yes, you can! You see, doesn’t have any kind of conflict regarding additional monetization methods, so you never have to worry about not being able to add all of these ads to your site. It’s flexible, and I’m sure this is something that you’re definitely going to want if you intend on expanding the ways in which you earn money on your porn site and all that. Still, you should know that it won’t be easy since you’ll need to code some custom permissions.

Easy payouts through PayPal and bank wire transfers
With custom permissions, you can sell premium memberships and allow premium members to have an ad-free experience on a website that usually has ads. It wouldn’t make sense for users to pay for membership and still see ads on your website. However, be aware that it will take a bit of work to implement all of those flexible options. But I’m sure you don’t want to think about all of that right now. At the moment, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to get your money! Well, Adxplay will allow you to apply for a bank transfer or a PayPal payment if you want to. Depending on the option you go for, you’ll get your money ready in your account in the following 3 to 15 days. It’s a straightforward withdrawal method; there’s absolutely nothing to worry about here.

By the way, if you ever get stuck with anything from adding the ads to your site to implementing all the necessary code, you can contact Adxplay’s customer service agents. They are at your disposal 24/7. I mean, they might not reply 24/7, but you can send an inquiry at any time, and you’ll get a reply from them in the shortest time possible. Basically, they are trying hard to solve all the problems people are experiencing to get more porn sites onboard their network. So let’s hope that they can manage multiple clients once those webmasters start piling up and using their ad services.

Earn money per 1000 clicks on ads
One more choice you’ll have to make as far as is concerned is whether you want CPM or fixed fee cooperation. You should probably see what kind of offers you can get from either of them before choosing one you think makes the most sense to you. One of them may be better for you in the long run, making it the best choice. But, hey, I’m just trying to get you to think that your options are still open, and you can still change things up as long as you haven’t signed anything. You need to make sure you choose wisely.

Alright, let’s talk cash. How much can you earn from putting these ads on this site? Well, everything is calculated per click, and you have three tiers of countries that will return different amounts of money. All of the rates are given per 1000 clicks. A thousand clicks aren’t unthinkable, even for small-time porn sites, so just aim for high numbers, and you’re going to be earning a lot. For example, a thousand clicks on ads for Tier 1 countries will net you $25. Tier 2 countries will net you $10, and the other countries in Tier 3 will get you $2. Basically, as long as your traffic is from Europe, NA, or Australia, you’ll earn a lot of money.

Different countries are in different earning tier lists
Tier 1 countries are Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, and, of course, the United States. In Tier 2, you have Spain, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, the UK, Indonesia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. All other countries are in Tier 3, and that’s all you need to know as far as the tiers and money you’ll be getting from them on Also, you’ll be able to see all of the different clients who are working with Adxplay at the moment if you scroll further down on their website. They’ve got sites like Bokep Guy, Insta Pornstars, FL Porn, and Porn 93. Many porn sites are already using Adxplay as their partner network for ads, so why not check out why that is?

Oh, and one more good piece of information to have is that you can contact these guys on many different channels. Sure, you can always send them an email, but you can also contact them through Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp. So go ahead; it couldn’t hurt to get to know these guys and see what they have to offer you. You can finally start earning some real money from all the clicks you’re getting on your website. And the more traffic you get, the more money you’ll probably be making. Check it all out by going to and enjoying all of the affiliate opportunities this place offers. I’m sure you’ll be swimming in cash before you know it, which is the whole point of building your porn site.

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