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Ad networks love to sell you. But what did you expect? These are companies built around advertising content and monetizing websites. Of course, they’re going to know how to sweet talk you and tell you what you want to hear. It’s all part of the game. But If I’m going to be sweet-talked, then I want them to be a damn good company that knows porn. So many networks go on about how kick-ass they are until you pose a fetish blog to them. They’ll look at that shit and won’t know how to proceed. Or, even worse, they’ll go ahead and put ads on there for shitty services that horny cucks will never click on. You don’t want that. knows porn. Hell, it’s in their name. You get the triple xxx and everything. But they offer more than just a slick name. They’ve been pushing ads and monetizing adult sites for nearly 20 years. They started this whole venture back in 2002. Shit, that’s a long-ass time. You don’t survive that long without offering a damn good service. So, let’s take a look at what kind of shit they offer.

Sleek Site Design with an Easy to Navigate Layout
My first impressions are great. They have a sleek purple site design with moving graphics and a clean menu. For being an adult ad network, they don’t try and lean too hard into it. You’re not here to jerk off to hot babes or anything like that. They keep the space professional. I don’t dislike sites that hit you with porn, but they always feel a little grimy or dirty. Like they’ll pull the rug out from under you and run away with your cash. So, yeah, I prefer the professional look of Adxxx.

Their main page has a bunch of paragraphs and information listed about their site history. I appreciate the effort put in there, but it’s not the most coherent writing. These guys service around 160 countries and seven different continents, so they probably aren’t native English speakers. But that’s no excuse for this. If you’ve been around this long, you should be able to hire a writer to clean up the one page of writing on your site. It feels lazy that they didn’t, but maybe that’s just me.

An Adult-Only Ad Network with Connections to Thousands of NSFW Publishers
Enough of that shit, though. Let’s talk about you kinky fucks who run BDSM sites and want to monetize all of your hard work. First off, they understand porn. They’re going to be more flexible with what they allow than other primarily SFW networks. You can get away with hardcore porn and all of that good shit as long as it isn’t illegal. They’ll pull in publishers from nearly every continent and have them bid for spots on your site in real-time.

You’ll always have the power to deny or accept offers, and sometimes you can get some damn good deals. And it’s a rewarding experience to be in so much control. You poor betas will finally feel like an alpha male when these big-name porn companies come groveling at your feet. And getting Adxxx setup only takes 5 minutes and will work across all platforms and devices. You just plug a script in, and you’ll be good to go.

Set up a Script in Just Five Minutes& Get Paid Fast!
They also offer weekly payments, so you won’t have to wait around weeks or even months for some arbitrary threshold to be met. You get paid every seven days, and that’s it. No catches. No bullshit. I don’t see a place for accepting cryptocurrency, but they do accept and offer a wide range of other payment options that focus on privacy and security.

If you’re looking to get your ads out on other people’s porn sites, then you are in luck because this site has a robust network of publishers to advertise on. They get nearly a billion ad impressions every day across their network. You can target users by location, operating system, device type, and a whole slew of options. It’s easy to narrow your audience down and target solely the people who will be interested in your product.

A Full Suite of Self Service Tools make it Easy to Tailor Your Ad Campaign
And they have a full suite of self-service tools that let you customize your campaign. You can tailor individual ads to fit the space allotted to you on specific sites, so you’ll never have an issue with your ad getting cut off or displayed incorrectly. It’s like getting the right sized condom for your massive hog or the right sized bra for your heavy milkers. If it doesn’t fit right, it won’t draw in the attention that it deserves.

As far as ad payment plans, they use an auto-optimization program that guarantees high yield CTR and eCPC performance for your ad campaign. All throughout the process, this site is focused on making sure your ads are native to the website they appear on. Your ball gag will be on BDSM sites instead of softcore lesbian pages, and vice versa. Your ads will fit, and that means you’ll be making more dosh than you would if your ads were tossed on some random porn site.

See if Your Current Ad Network is Giving You the Best Deal
This site wants your business. They’ll take a look at any existing deal you have with another company and see if they can make you a better offer. You’re not required to commit to any deals or anything. It’s a free way to check and see if you could be making more dosh for your ads. What do you have to lose? Advertisers can also get their lewd ads approved within just an hour if they meet all of the format requirements, of course. Still, that’s fast as fuck! You can get a campaign out and rolling in a few short hours. Some sites take days, if not weeks, to do the same thing!

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
This site knows the adult industry. They can guarantee that your ads are going to get displayed on kinky sites where they’ll actually get seen and engaged with. They boast hundreds of millions of impressions every single day. They’ll cut you off a sizable piece of the pie, and you’ll be able to sit back and relax as you rake in the dosh. It’s simple and easy to get a script running on your site as well. It really only takes a few minutes.

You get this incredibly intuitive and handy self-service tool that lets you control your ads and accept bids for ad placements in real-time. And I fucking loved the bidding system. You’re only getting ads that you approve of. So, there won’t be any nasty surprises next time you log in or anything like that. They make it easy to control your site from anywhere with mobile and tablet support for their tools.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
As I mentioned up top, the writing on the site is a bit sloppy. Fuck, they could have someone like me get in there and clean that shit up within the hour. Don’t get me wrong; they offer some ball-bustingly good services. It’s not like them having some shitty writing on their site makes it a deal-breaker. But they need to have that shit polished up until it’s shining if they want to impress new users. I head to a site full of errors, and I back out to find someone who gives more of a shit. But, hey, maybe you cucks don’t care too much about a few wonky sentences. I wouldn’t blame you. Their site kicks ass in nearly every other aspect. So, I won’t hold this minor gripe against them too much.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, has your back. This is a premium adult ad network that will get your softcore stripping site monetized just as efficiently as someone else’s golden shower fetish blog. They can handle it all, and they won’t cast judgment. You get a self-service suite of tools that allows you to fuck around with ad placements, modify your ad campaign on the fly, and accept/deny ad bids in real-time. They back all of that up with 24/7 customer support that you can count on during a crisis. I highly recommend you fucks consider pairing with this site for your next website or ad campaign.

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