Porn clips are great, especially since you can get them through aggregates and tube sites for free. Sometimes I feel that getting free fap media isn't all that it's cracked up to be. The fidelity of the visuals aren't always the best. Then there are those videos in which the sound is out of sync or don't have any audio at all.

The eternal problem with tubes is cyberpiracy, which negatively impacts the industry, tubes, and consumers. Sure, you can favorite a flick but depending on who uploaded it, there's a chance it might get pulled due to a DMCA claim.

This why I still think that there is and will always be a place in the market for hard copy orders of and digital downloads of porn. With all of the money-hungry smut peddlers who can never get enough help, they have offered affiliate programs like the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network.

They are only one of the oldest online retailers of adult movies so let’s find out if their program is any good.

There Is No Shortage of Quality Movies
Going back to the late nineties, AEBN has been one of the leading providers of adult entertainment via the internet. Back in those days, no one could stream smut to their cumbersome personal computers. Instead, we had to order them as VHS tapes or DVDs.

Sure, it sucked having to wait for days or weeks to get those bulky boxes of sexy movies. The wait was part of the excitement, but it’s always better to get stuff ASAP. About a decade later, technology has gotten a lot better, allowing for downloading and living streaming terabytes of porn on sites like AEBN.

And in those years, in addition to the more than a decade after, AEBN's also stacked up quite a collection. The main category divisions on the landing page divide the site up between Straight and Gay. Click on either option, and you'll find that there is a helluva lot more to pitch to your possible clients.

It seems to me that they have media from the top-ranking studios to the niche ones and even the gutter level producers. Of course, that means they've got erotica featuring every fetish imaginable, including kinky shit, which is hard to find on mainstream tubes. They’ve also got MtF and FtM trans pornstars, alternative porn for all orientations, and other unusual forms of fap entertainment.

Don’t take my word for it – use the AEBN filter tools to see for yourself.

You Get Several Tools to Get Going
Having a great product is good and all, but without the means to sell them, you've got a lot of work ahead of you. You'll often find that most affiliate providers will give you a respectable package of software to make monetization easier. AEBN does as well though they, like a thicc girl, give you a little bit extra to work with.

AEBN's marketing system's core idea is to allow affiliates to maintain an online theater based on the original site "stocked" with download and rental options for a select number of movies. Since you’ve got 100,000 movies to promote, it makes sense to specialize by pitching to a demographic, fetish community, or some other common group.

If you're feeling confident and already have streams of web traffic to take advantage of, you can get going with their Premade White Labels. However, you are encouraged to adjust your theater as needed to maximize your signups and sales.

Pitch Slider – This neat little tool lets you present a custom-made pitch to appear at the top of your theater. This isn't a popup but rather an intractable icon which can be indefinitely modified as you add new movies or a new starlet rises in the industry.

Top Stars & Movie Updates – As new performers become famous – or existing stars gain even more popularity, it's always a good idea to leverage this data to promote your library of movies. So, this tool updates regularly with the weeks' titillating, trending performers.

The same thing is true with new movies as well. You can add more to your theater and place the fresh additions prominently on your theater’s homepage.

Customizable Theaters – The landing pages and premade theaters are great enough, but AEBN does realize that there are some creative types out there who have a different idea on how to set up their wholly unique theater. If you've got an idea, you can modify your theater as you want, and if you've got any questions or need some help, check out their Contact Us page.

The Payscale Is a Little Different
Most affiliate enterprises offer about the same options when it comes to when and how you will be paid. In a certain sense, the same is true when it comes to AEBN. The minimum payout is $100, and you can collect on a regular basis through an automated clearing house transfer, bank wires, checks, and PayPal.

What makes AEBN exciting – or frustrating, depending on your view – is the sliding scale that they use. In essence, the system rewards you more the more you make. To get into the weeds, at the base level, when people spend $0-1,499 in your theater, you get a cool 30% of the money earned.

Not bad, but it’s also going to depend on how much your customers are making. Between the $1,500-$7,499, the percentage goes up by five, then up another five between $7,500-$14,999, and you get a nice 45% if you're sales are between $15,000-$34,999.

Once you beat that threshold, you can scoop half of the profits spent through your white pages. The problem is getting that many customers who cumulatively spend that much money.

No matter how you slice it, you will want to acquire customers who are going to spend their entire porn budget in your theater. If you can find customers like that, you are set; unfortunately, finding folks like that can be a bit tricky.

Before any of you get a little defeated, there is reason to think that you can get to that level of sales in a reasonable amount of time.

How Much Can You Earn? Look At The Stats
Every affiliate promoter is going to say that you will be successful in selling their shit and using their tools. Not to spoil the end, but I think so too when it comes to AEBN, but not because of other people’s reviews. While those do help, AEBN is one of those companies which has brought receipts.

In one month, AEBN reported that they had as many as two hundred signups a day seventy-five of them were converts. In that same month, their conversion rate ranged between 0.8-1.5% per day. On only one day did payouts severely dip, but otherwise, they were deliciously and consistently high and cumulative.

To break it down even further, let’s look at the averages for this data:

New members: 188

Average conversion rate: 1.09%

Total sales count: 2,278

Average sales: $18.61

Payouts: $17,403.42

I don’t know about you, but when I see five figures being shelled out a month, I want a heavy slice. And keep in mind that’s just the data from a single month.

The Testimonials Are Fairly Encouraging As Well
Obviously, I trust data far more than I trust what other people say, but it is nice when you get good news from noteworthy people who are benefiting from this system. Instead of referencing minor affiliates, I’m going to focus on some of the highlights from some high-end porn people.

To begin, Megan Stokes is a member of the prestigious New Media Group, has said…

“For many years, AEBN has been a trusted partner and integral part of our offerings. In today's market, it is even more key to maximize every revenue stream and they make that easy. The whole team at AEBN is not only a pleasure to work with but always on top of things.”

Moving Digital Sin is the parent company that owns the artistic and arousing New Sensation series. If you haven’t seen it, you should; each scene is incredibly steamy and easy to sell to couples and women. Anyway, one of their representatives have been on record as saying…

“AEBN does a phenomenal job of bringing New Sensations/Digital Sin titles timely to online consumers, presenting our large variety of genres at the highest quality. We are proud to partner with AEBN, an originator and leader in the VOD space for more than a decade.”

And lastly, slightly more marginal groups have made money working with AEBN and provide a nifty product. For example, is a European gay website that has worked with AEBN for over a decade and stated that…

“We are proud to be exclusive with AEBN on our new releases as we know they reach the largest market segment in this sector and will make every effort to ensure our films are seen by the largest audience possible.”

So, clearly, if the producers of porn are making money through online sales, that's a guarantee that the affiliates are in part responsible for this. With these testimonials combined with the data we looked at already, I imagine you could be one of them.

Now We Come to Summaries, Ratings, and Other Last Words
Rather than overcomplicate things for those who like to skim, I’ll breakdown the positives quantitatively:

• 100,000 titles featuring straight, gay, trans, and bi porn

• The movies come from 1,500 studios and cater to every inclination

• You are provided with great products to sell awesome products

• Customers are provided with several purchasing and rental options

• The more you sell (proportionally), the more you make

• Registering is fast and free w/ check, ACH, and PayPal payout choices

The pay scale might be a little bit unorthodox, and you still will have to put in some effort even with the tools provided. Further, the more gigabytes you use on your theater, you will have to pay to keep your theater running. I don’t think that will be a barrier for anyone driven to chase that paper.

Is this site endorsement worthy: Yes.

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