Traffic rules all. If you’re getting traffic, then you’ve got a potential source of cash. That idea holds true to everything. Shops in prime locations get more people coming by them every day, which means more customers will pop in to spend some dosh. Same for whores. You get a 6/10 cumslut standing on the side of the road in some high-traffic location in a red-light district, and I’d bet you that she’d be sucking 10x as much dick as an absolute dimepiece in a low-traffic part of town. But why the fuck am I even going on about traffic? It’s because your site needs to bring in quality people from around the world to be successful as a fetish porn site or whatever degenerate shit you’re running.

It can be hard to do it alone. There are so many traffic sources out there that you can try and take advantage of, but these sources are not created equal. And it can be a pain in the ass to even figure out how to tap into those markets to begin with. You need to pair up with an expert marketing network that can spread the word about your JAV armpit-licking site to exactly the right people. You want to saddle up with

A Modern Marketing Network Skilled at Driving Traffic from Tier 1 GEOs
These guys have been marketing adult sites like yours since 2016. That may not seem like the longest track-record, but they have been making waves in that short period of time. They are partnered with big names in the marketing space, and they have new and innovative solutions that other older networks simply don’t. Oh, and they are pretty fucking good at hitting Asian GEOs, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’ve got some sort of Asian kink site that needs some help.

For starters, this is a wild-looking site. I haven’t seen anything like it before from a marketing company like this. It’s grungy, modern, and has some crazy 3D-style visuals that pop. I don’t know if I love it or hate it, but it sure is a bold choice that makes them stand out. I respect that. All of the neat animated graphics peppered throughout the site, please my dumb lizard brain, so I’m all about it. But, visuals aside, the site is organized well. It’s not a janky mess of menus and figures like some other sites out there.

Individually Tailored Plans for Every Customer or Network
Plus, with a slogan like “our focus is your profit”, how the fuck could I not be excited to see what they’ve got to offer? I’ll start with you fucks out there with sites or networks you want to spread out into the world. You need high CPA strategies that make sure quality traffic sticks. And Affmy promises only the best traffic. You’re not getting loads of people from regions that you’ve never heard of who don’t have any money to spend. These guys target tier 1 GEOs with big-spenders.

And you won’t be limited to barely effective ads that people will ignore. You can get tailored landing page ads in any size, shape, or what have you. They’ll even craft native ads for you tailored to the sites that you’re on. Of course, I can’t tell you an exact figure for what you fucks will make. What I can say is that your budget will take you a long way, especially if you already have a marketing strategy that needs a boost.

Social Media & Email Marketing Solutions
Keep in mind that this site isn’t here to replace your standard ad network or personal efforts. These fucks are here to boost your retention and monetization rates on ads across the board. They boast high fill rates, so you’ll never have to worry about any of your ads or promos not getting shown to the right people. But they have more to offer than the standard adult network treatment.

Social media and email marketers can enjoy some sweet benefits from these nerds as well. They have classes/articles on both subjects that you can access for free as long as you’re paying for their quality services. They offer individualized plans for each of you cucks. You’re not getting shoved into some plan or package that doesn’t work for you. They’ll help you custom build a flow for email marketing and do everything they can to boost your social media reach.

CPL, CPS, and Revshare Monetization Methods Paid out Twice a Month
But I know tons of you betas want to become affiliates so that you can sit back and relax while you bring in a bit of extra passive income without having to lift a fucking finger. Don’t worry; one of their highest verticals is in the dating sphere. So, if you have a lewd meet-and-fuck site, you’ll be in good hands. You won’t be locked into any single monetization method either. This site is like a top-tier slut: they do it all.

The way your site is monetized depends on the ads you run and the companies you end up working with. They offer CPL, CPS, and rev-share models that let you make money; however the hell you want to. Oh, and they mention in-house funnels. What does that mean? Yeah, I don’t blame you for not knowing. It took me a minute to figure out what the hell they were going on about. Essentially, only the good deals get through. They filter or “funnel” out all of the low-paying cucks and shitty sites so that you’re only getting to pick and choose from legitimately good deals with high monetization rates.

POrnwebmaster’s Favorite Features
This site has style. Sure, that doesn’t mean shit about what they offer. But I can’t help but stare at the cool graphics and stylized design of the site. It keeps my attention better than 99% of the other boring fucking CPA sites out there. And I think that matters more than some of you cucks might think. If they can keep you invested and reading on their site, then that same attitude and approach is going to carry over to you when they work on your marketing strategy. It’s that simple.

In terms of their services, I liked that they offered a variety of ways to boost your CPA and monetize your site. They have a wide variety of monetization options that are tailored to each individual. Not every site will go through that sort of effort for you. Some lazy fucks will throw a basic set of plans and tell you to fuck off if you want more than that. You get a focused, premium experience where you can chat with experts every step of the way.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I wanted to see the exact figures. Tell me how much I can make in a month, depending on my GEO, traffic quality, and site. Give me a chart with sample rates. I don’t give a shit if they aren’t even that accurate or are only there for estimates. I thought a site so focused on helping me make fat stacks of cash would at least mention how much I could possibly make. Hell, some much shittier CPA sites at least give you a vague idea of GEO based rates and that kind of thing. Also, I wish they would elaborate on their “funnels” and other practices more. They make lots of claims that don’t mean a whole lot on their own. I need an explanation page. And I bet some of you less marketing literate fucks could benefit from a page like that as well.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a great site that’s well worth checking out if you’re trying to expand your global reach and/or pull in quality traffic to your fetish site. They offer fully tailored plans that will boost your CPA and bring you in more dosh every month. That’s what we all want the most, right? Your profit is their sole focus, and that’s enough of a promise for me. They offer a wide range of monetization methods to fit and scale to any individual or network, and they pay out twice a month through whatever payment method works for you. I highly recommend you check them out and consult with one of their experts for free to see if they have a plan that fits your goals!

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