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With over ten years of experience, has become one of the leading industries when talking about providing great quality websites and accompanying affiliate programs, together with tools that will promote them. It was founded in 2004, and since then, it has brought so many amazing websites, a lot of which I am sure you already heard of, such as,,,, and others.

From what I have seen now, and over the years, their program was always one of the highest paying, since AWEmpire focuses on keeping webmasters satisfied. I mean, they are basically providing great promotional tools and a shit ton of content… so how could they not be one of the top? Now, if you came here, not even knowing what the fuck affiliate programs are, let me explain.

Affiliate programs are arrangements where an online merchant website will pay affiliate websites a certain commission, to send them traffic. It is often done by posting links to the merchant’s website and are paid according to the previously made deal/plan. In this case, camming affiliate programs allow individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting certain services or products.

Creating your own co-branded website will only require a domain, and an hour of your time, give or take. During that time, you will be able to set everything up, since AWEmpire offers its own wizard, which is quite good and makes shit easy. So, if that sounds like something your ass would be interested in, you could check out AWEmpire. Or just continue reading.

AWEmpire’s adult webcam websites
I think this was rather obvious from what I have already said, but offers great adult webcam affiliate programs. The webcam sites that you will be able to find listed on have won multiple awards and are considered to be of high-quality. The models on those sites will all stream in HD, and on top of that, you can also expect to see recorded videos of every model when they are offline.

From time to time, the cam sites here will have promotions for their visitors, such as free peaks into private rooms or bonus credits, which is also neat. Not to mention that the websites are basically available in 19 languages, so you can rest assured that these cam sites will convert your traffic successfully, with good conversion rates.

LiveJasmin and others!
So what are the websites you are able to promote? Well, let’s start with the OG, aka LiveJasmin! I think that today, everyone has heard about this webcam website. LiveJasmin ranks as the best adult cam site today on a ton of review sites… I mean, they offer member promotions, great customer support services and good prices for their cam shows. Their tour page is quite nice, easy to understand, and there are a shit ton of cams.

All of the AWEmpire’s sites that I will list, are utilizing video streaming technology that is developed for LiveJasmin, and offer rather similar promotions… they just focus on different niches, that is all. Plus, you can also enjoy all of this shit on your phone. I know a lot of you fuckers prefer to watch this crap on the small screen, as you jerk off in bed… and now you can.

The second site I want to mention is called, and I think the site’s name pretty much speaks for itself. There you will only be able to find HD live streams of hot mature sluts. Then you have the with lovely Asian chicks. And let’s not forget the CameraBoys for all my horny gays, and MyTrannyCams for the shemale lovers. Basically, a little bit of everything for everyone. There are some sister sites listed, which are self-owned co-brands of LiveJasmin. So, you have, which is a very popular website,,, and

Payment Programs
One thing that will surely stand out for the majority of us is their payment programs. Because of their payment options, really positions itself as one of the highest adult webcam affiliate programs. They do not offer the PPL (pay per load) option, but who the fuck needs that if you have so many other options that are better. If you are interested in how much you can earn or the percentage of earnings, you can actually check that out on their FAQ page, where they explain it all in the simplest way possible.

PPS program
The first program I will mention is the PPS program, aka Pay Per Sale. If you do not know, this program, is a type of online advertising, where the web publisher will be paid a commission for each one of the sales generated by his website. With two first sales, you start at $150 PPS, and the rate will rise as you sell more per period. For 3 – 10 sales, you can get $200; for 11 – 20 sales, you get $225; for 21 -50 sales, you get $250, and for the sales over 50, you get $300. Simply put, once you reach your first $300 sale, that means that you have already made $11.650.

Now, you also have the program called RevShare, which is a LifeTime+ RevShare plan, where you can expect anywhere from 40% to 60% payout of all the orders your referred users have placed. That means for life, if you did not get the gist just from the name. When your referred member signs up, you will get all the sweet commissions on that particular account, for life. The commission structure is tiered, so just like with the PPS program… But instead of the number of signups, it will be based on the total amount of credits that are purchased.

For those who do not know what LifeTime+ is, let me explain. This is a RevShare program where you can earn lifetime RevShare commission from 35% to 45% for new members, and regular RevShare commission from 35% to 45% to old members.

This program will have a similar payment scheme as the RevShare program, but the tracking here will be even tighter since it is based on your Whitelabel's domain. You should keep in mind, however, that the sales for each Whitelabel will be separately calculated. This means that the structure of payment for each Whitelabel will be calculated from the bottom.

Referrals and bonuses
Some people like to do webmaster referrals, where you would obviously target webmasters who are looking for ways to earn a buck. Now, the payment scheme is a bit complicated for beginners, which is why my advice would be to just open the ‘Programs’ page on AWEmpire and just check it out yourself. Overall, I think that your average commission could be around 14%, if the webmasters you referred make the same amount each month. The Model Referral, is the same as the webmaster referral.

Ah, now let’s talk about the bonuses. The bonus will apply only to the Model and Webmaster referral programs. The tiered bonus payment is eligible for those who keep improving their average… so keep improving, and you’ll get more bonuses. There will be a signup bonus of $150, but there is a catch. You will actually get $75 when you register and confirm your email, and the other $75 you will get only when you make three sales on their sites (with a 40-day limit from registering). So, this means that you will reach the bonus (partial or full) once you reach the minimum required payout in actual sales.

Now, if you refer somebody who is new to their network, but has not chosen any of the AWEmpire before with the lifetime+ or PPS, you will receive a commission of 35 – 40% based on the credits they purchased through your link. Those who create their own custom Live Cam site can earn up to 45% of the purchases that are made on it. Since the transactions will be tracked by the domain, you do not have to be bothered with the cookies that are set by webmasters. There is also the Cam Model referral, where you can refer cam models or a new studio and earn like 10%.

Payouts and payments
I think the payout is very simple. It will be sent within four weeks, or less, after you actually reach the minimum payout. As for what is the minimum payout, well, that will depend on the payment method, and it will vary between $100 and $1k. The payment methods are Paxum, EpayService, and Bank Transfer (wire transfer).

Paxum is an e-wallet payment option. The fee of receiving funds from AWEmpire will usually be $0.75. Setting up a virtual account for Paxum will not cost anything, but when you receive payments from AWEmpire, you will have a small fee of $0.25. The EpayService is also an e-wallet payment option, setting up your account and all that will not cost anything, while the fee of money transferring will depend on the method and currency. The last one is the Bank Transfer, that AWEmpire recommends. The minimum payout limit of the SEPA transfer and international bank transfer (EUR) is $1k. But, for ACH direct deposit, it will be only $300.

Before I get to the bottom line, I do want to say, that from all the other websites that I have seen, which are similar to AWEmpire, the promotional tools on AWEmpire are fucking amazing. This is probably yet another reason why they are so fucking successful. Anyway, no matter what your favorite method of getting sales might be, I think everyone can appreciate what offers.

They have a shit ton of promotional tools, all the basic payment options, amazing customer support, and everything else I have mentioned. Webmasters also get a bonus when registering for the first time, which applies to both company and personal accounts. If there is anything your brain still does not comprehend, you have their handy-dandy customer support service, and a rather great tour and FAQ page, so check that shit out.

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