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BaDoink Cash! What good is a porn site if it’s not bringing you profit? I guess you could try to get hard off your own supply and that’s a nice bonus, but you gotta pay for the bread and the butter. Also, lube isn’t cheap and neither are sex dolls. So, to be able to afford all of these basic amenities, you have to get your ass over to BadoinkCash and snatch an affiliate offer right away. You know this shit is free, right? You sign up, you send them traffic and you get cash in return. That’s how most porn webmasters make their money, unless they straight up-sell content like video on demand. But, let’s face it – video on demand is a cutthroat industry. You’re better off just being an affiliate marketer. So, let’s hop to it.

How does this magical system work? You should know this by now. You have a link that leads to one BadoinkCash’s various offers and when people click through, you get cash… sort of. It depends on the kind of offer you’re signed up for. They’ve pretty much covered the standard spread on the types of payouts they’ve got on here. I’ve used BaDoink as a proud fapper in the past and I have to say, working with or for them couldn’t possibly be an underwhelming experience. These dudes work with the hottest babes in the industry. I can only imagine how profitable it must be to run ads for them. Hell, I’d be honored. I kind of wish I had a few gripes to throw in here and there and I’ll do my best to be critical, but the bottom line here is that BadoinkCash is a great affiliate program with all the expected bells and whistles. They deliver.

VR Offers Aplenty
Fuck it – I’m going through their offers one by one. The damn product sells itself most of the time, especially when it’s quality shit. With BadoinkCash, you’re selling products from across their entire network and their main VR site is easily the best part. I’ve actually fapped to these videos in the past and I have zero complaints. These are top-notch fucking videos that will have you blasting your load within the first five minutes. I guarantee it. The same goes for your viewers. This is a great way to funnel your richer clientele to some higher quality smut, if there’s no actual VR on your site. Hell, even if you do have VR videos, you can still afford to send some of your visitors over to BaDoinkVR if you’re not charging for your videos. Figure out the logistics yourself.

On top of their flagship product, they’ve also got 18VR, a site specializing in the youngest babes from the industry. Then, there’s also RealVR, which I believe mostly works with POV videos. Moving on, we’ve got BabeVR, which comes with a ton of solo vids. And finally, we’ve got KinkVR. That’s the more miscellaneous product. Oh, and I almost forgot, there’s VRCosplayX for the nerds in your audience. All of these sites are basically pulling from the same studio and they’re a part of a network, but they’ve got their own landing pages and categories to make them easier to market. You should already be familiar with this approach. You should do the same thing with your websites.

WellHello Dating
This is an option that you might not be very familiar with. I mostly know BadoinkCash for their VR offers, since I know those bad boys sell like hotcakes. But, I’m really glad they have a dating option thrown in under the same affiliate program because this allows you to do a lot more optimization in terms of your delivery. You decide what you’re going to market, remember? That means that you can try and segment your audiences in terms of what they’re willing to pay for. In general, nerds will prefer the cosplay shit; your generic audience might want a standard VR package and the odd man out will want to try out online dating. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy to segment your audiences; I’m saying you’ll have to try. It’s the bread and butter of your optimization techniques, at least if you’re only running BadoinkCash as an affiliate option on your site.

You’re also free to mix and match and go with other networks at the same time, but I’d urge you to at least try to squeeze out the maximum potential out of BadoinkCash, as much as possible. These guys charge a hefty price for their services, mostly because VR porn is really expensive to produce. You know that these are basically full-length 6k movies, right? That shit doesn’t come easy. It takes large crews to set this shit up and deliver it properly. That’s why I think you stand to make a ton of cash if you can actually set up a revenue stream through this affiliate marketing program. It’ll be challenging, but it’s doable.

The Actual Payment Terms
It’s pretty straightforward. They have a payouts page that you can check on your own and you should. Terms can change. But, I’ll still list them here just in case. They are offering you up to $70 per paid signup. That means that once you get some random dude to go from your site to their site and pay for a subscription, you get up to $70. Simple.

Then, there’s the up to $2 payment for a lead. This is the option that you should roll with, in case you’re funneling a ton of poor people their way and you’re not so sure they’re willing to sign up. Honestly, there’s no real winner between these two brackets, because on average, free signups are more frequent and paid signups are worth a lot more. You have to do the math yourself and figure out what works best for your audience.

Next up, we’ve got an up to 60% revenue share. That’s an insane fucking number, all things considered. Who in their right mind would give you more than half of their earnings for referrals? BadoinkCash, apparently. Then, there’s the 5% webmaster referral and this is the option you should roll with if you’re appealing to webmasters. So, avoid this bracket if you’re running a standard porn site. Porn webmasters don’t buy porn; they sell it.

As for the whole “up to” terminology, yeah, it means that you don’t actually get these numbers right off the bat. I think that prices vary depending on the geographic location of the traffic you send their way. That’s how it works with leads, anyways. As for the sign-ups and the revenue share, I’m not entirely sure. I’d venture to guess that the revenue share ramps up with the amount of people you send their way in a given time period, but I can’t be sure. They don’t list those terms. I think you should drop them an e-mail or something and find out firsthand. You might get a private offer for better rates, who knows? Either way, the numbers they list are extremely promising. You could easily monetize a porn empire through these offers.

Marketing BadoinkCash’s Offers
Unfortunately, this is where the actual site falls a bit short. They don’t show a lot of the creatives that you get to use if you choose to sign up with them. Hell, they don’t show much of anything at all. I’m pretty damn sure that BadoinkVR isn’t going to just give you a simple link and send you on your way. They must provide some kind of banners, movies or animations, right? Hell, I’d imagine they even let you embed actual preview videos on your site. But, I can’t prove it. They do not mention the actual ad creatives on their site and this is… kind of disappointing.

I mean, I know you get the links, of course. But, how are you expected to market them? I’d assume that the best way to send people their way is if they give you some promotional materials like short clips of their actual productions so that people who want to see more can click through to their site. It also might be worthwhile to have an actual VR app on your site to show these materials first hand. As for the dating site, I’ve seen some other similar offers come with an embeddable plugin that shows up on screen and just sort of signs people up without even bouncing them away from your site. That sounds optimal to me. You’ll have to ask BadoinkCash for more information on this, unfortunately.

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