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Bang Themes! If you are looking for a source for adult WordPress themes, it’s hard to say that Bangthemes is not the place to visit. Just look at the fucking name, for Christ sake. If that doesn’t tell you that this place is where you need to be if you want to look at adult themes for your new XXX site, you must be one dense mother fucker. Either that, or you’re a goddamn idiot.

I don’t think you’re either, though. You’re here ready to learn more about Bangthemes and how it can make your adult site look its best, so you’ve got more brains than most. Fortunately for you, Bangthemes isn’t just a place to go to get typical adult themes on the cheap. There is so much more to Bangthemes than how you first perceive them. Start doing your own digging and see what kind of WordPress themes they have, and I know that you will be rewarded. If you want further proof that Bangthemes can deliver the goods you need, all you need to do is first take a look at their custom adult theme service to see how fucking convenient it is to use Bangthemes for your next adult venture.

Get a custom adult theme
I get it: you have plenty of options for choosing an adult theme site. There are plenty of XXX WordPress theme sites out there, and you could spend all day trying to choose between the lot of them. But few of them actually allow you to custom order an adult theme; even fewer actually look this fucking good.

Click on the adult themes quote at the top of the page. All you have to do is include your contact name and email address. Be sure to describe what you want in as much detail as possible. You can even include samples of the type of theme you are looking for (though the site does not allow you to attach files). If you choose to go that route, uploading your samples to an image-sharing site, then pasting the link into the body of the message is your best bet.

If you do not know what you want or are having a difficult time voicing what kind of theme you want for your adult site, that is perfectly fine! Bangthemes will work with you by reaching out to you via email and figuring out the best approach to get that theme you have in mind. Even if you do not know what kind of theme you want but only know that you want something unique that cannot be downloaded elsewhere, Bangthemes can still provide you with the assistance that your brand needs.

Custom WordPress themes start at $175 and only go up from there, so expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars at least. Still, if you want to come across as a brand with its own unique look, this is one of the best ways to get the job done. These themes are professionally designed with custom graphics, widgetized, and you get Bangthemes excellent support to boot.

When you look at the type of adult themes that Bangthemes offers, it proves that they know what the hell they are doing. If you want an adult theme that stands out above the rest while also looking professional, tight, and attention-grabbing, choosing the folks at Bangthemes to craft a kick-ass adult theme for your WordPress site is a fucking good choice if you’ve got the pockets to pay for it. And if you do, it seems like one hell of a value!

Amazing themes on the cheap
As beautiful as the themes look on Bangthemes, I figured that they would cost a ton of money. Boy, was I wrong! The themes on Bangthemes cost around $30 - $35 per license. That’s a goddamn steal, and I almost feel like I’d feel like a fucking thief in the night if I bought one of these and added them to my own adult site. That’s how inexpensive yet amazing these themes look!

And I’m not blowing smoke up your shitty, crusty asshole, nor am I doing the same for Bangthemes. These themes are fucking beautiful, and they are the eye candy that will catch the attention of your visitors. Between the bright, vibrant colors of each theme right down to the perfect blend of content that is on each page, it’s enough to make you want to click and purchase a theme immediately.

But not so fast! There are live demos on each theme listing (more on these listings later) that allow you to see how the theme will look once you integrate it into your WordPress theme. Although it will not look exactly like your site once the theme is installed, it gives you a very realistic idea regarding the kind of website you can expect to have once you install a theme. I would suggest clicking every live demo just to see which theme is perfect for your XXX site. It will give you a realistic idea as to what you can expect, and I know that you will make the right decision if you click each live demo and see what it can provide for your brand!

Barely any WordPress themes
Even though there are beautiful adult WordPress themes on Bangthemes, the fact of the matter is that there are not that many themes to choose from. There are barely over a dozen. That’s pretty ridiculous, and with a theme site like Bangthemes, you would think that there would be an abundance of adult themes. Especially considering how fucking amazing the themes that are provided are, it almost goes without saying to think that Bangthemes has a constantly updated library of themes they are adding to the site.

But that’s just not the case. Whether Bangthemes thinks that they do not need any more WordPress themes or they would rather earn money on what they have, it’s a big fucking mistake. Now, I am not sure if Bangthemes adds new WordPress themes to their site on the regular or when the last time a theme was added to the library. Still, I have to tell you that it’s probably not frequently enough considering that there are barely over a dozen themes available. Other theme sites dwarf Bangthemes’ collection, and there’s just no excuse for having this small of a number of themes. It’s shortsighted and just doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Good variety of themes
If that sounds like an oxymoron considering that I just bitched about there not being enough WordPress themes, I understand. Still, just because there are not that many themes to choose from does not mean that there aren’t various themes to choose from. Bangthemes has a good variety of themes that you can choose from, ranging from all kinds of different niches and types of sites.

For example, you can find themes that allow you to create escort sites, tube sites, adult blogs, mobile tube sites, and more. No matter what kind of adult site you want to create, chances are Bangthemes has exactly the type of theme that you have in mind. It’s an amazing collection, and the small amount of themes really speaks to the craftsmanship of these themes. Check them out for yourself, and I guarantee that you too will agree with me when I say that these themes are some of the most elegant adult themes you will come across.

Informative theme listings
As I clicked through the themes listed on Bangthemes, I not only discovered that the live demos showed me everything that I needed to see in terms of what the overall theme looked like whenever it was integrated into a website, but I also got to learn a ton of information about each theme. Clicking on a theme, I was able to read a description of the theme, see pictures of the theme, and see the features of the theme.

For example, whenever I clicked on the escort theme, I noticed that there were plenty of technical details that seasoned webmasters will probably want to know about. I learned that for visitors that want to book a session with an escort, the tech used to allow them to book the appointment was AJAX. Moreover, I learned that I could actually create custom blog sections, various post types for adding brand-new escorts, and more. I could even add the pagination plugin called WP-pageNavi to improve my site even further.

As you can clearly see, the themes provided on Bangthemes are fucking amazing and more than worth the cost that they are charging. Indeed, it would be nice if there were more themes to choose from. But when the themes are this fucking good and there are themes for basically any adult site type, lack of themes be damned: this is where you want to be!

Bangthemes has an amazing assortment of adult themes for essentially any kind of adult site-type. Unfortunately, the lack of themes may turn some people off. The quality is there though, so chances are most people will find a theme that will be to their liking.

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