BigBucksRevenue! Do you have a high-traffic adult site with unused ad spots? I sure fucking hope not. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot at that point. You cucks need to be capitalizing on every single square inch of your lewd gaming, dating, or cam site. But maybe you’re tired of standard ad networks that give you shitty rates and even shittier ads. Viewers pick up on that sort of thing. If I start seeing too many penis pill ads on a site, I know they’ve gone and given up or paired with some skeevy ad network. Fuck that! Stop working with middlemen who want nothing more than to take and run off with your hard-earned dosh.

But what could be the alternative? Well, you can become an affiliate for a network that knows porn and doesn’t deal with any sketchy clients. In fact, the site I have for you today only gives you offers from websites that are part of their personal network. That’s right, houses a suite of websites that you can run ads for, and you’ll get paid handsomely for the traffic that you bring their way. Sounds simple, right?

Pair up with a Network that’s been around for Nearly 20 Years!
That’s because it is! This affiliate network has been around since way, way back in 2003. So, hey, at least you know they’ve been doing something right if they’ve been around for nearly 20 fucking years. That’s impressive in its own right. And their site is visually impressive as well. It’s like when a bad bitch dressed to the fucking nines comes to the party and makes all of the thots look like trash. You get a dope spinning graphic of the earth with a clean layout and simple menus. Though it might be a tad too simple, but I’ll dive down that hole shortly.

These fucks work with three main types of adult sites: dating, cams, and games. They’ll be able to work with some websites outside of those three spheres, but it’s really in your best interest to stick to these categories. They’ll have the best ads, offers, and shit like that. If you have a porntube, blog, or premium fetish site, then you’ll likely want to keep on looking for an affiliate network that will better suit your brand.

Get Custom-Made Graphics, Landing Pages, and Ads
You’ll get hooked up with niche-specific ads, graphics, and more if you pair up with these guys. It’s not one of those affiliate sites where you simply download a few shitty pre-made ads or banners with your affiliate link attached. Oh, no. You get custom-made ads, graphics, scripts, and landing pages. Now, you can’t be some rinky-dink site that pulls in a few horny fappers a month. They want affiliates that can deliver traffic to them by the boatload. The better you perform, the more they’ll bend over for you.

After all, they want you to make those fat stacks. The more cash you’re pulling means, the more money they’re raking in. It’s a win-win relationship! But, of course, the real question at hand is, how much are you winning? What’s their payout structure? How much do you get per paying customer? You know, the most basic questions that any affiliate network should be able to answer on their homepage. I think you betas can see where I’m going with this.

No Information Given about Possible Earnings or Rates
This site clams up tighter than, well, any slut when they see you walk by. Seriously, they don’t tell you shit. They claim that you get big payouts that will rock your fucking socks off. But they don’t say anything else. No conversion rates. No flat rates for traffic. No bonuses for paying customers that you bring in. They don’t tell you anything unless you fill out some shitty form and wait however the fuck long it takes for them to decide to get back to you. Who thought that was a good idea?

They do say that they pay out weekly, which is nice. But I couldn’t tell you if there was a price threshold or anything along those lines. They might only pay you weekly if you’re pulling in at least $500. That’s probably not the case, but who fucking knows? You have to sign-up and get approved before even knowing how much money you can make. Like, come on, at least give me a ground-floor estimate. You’d think that a company that’s been kicking around for nearly 20 years would have that information on full display to brag about.

Very Bare-Bones Descriptions Keep You Completely in the Dark
Man, I feel like this is all just going to be me telling you what Bigbucksrevenue doesn’t clarify. I don’t know what strategies they use, what tools they offer, how available their customer service line is, or anything. It comes down to this being a complete shot in the dark. They might be fucking amazing and offer you great deals when they finally decide to get back to you. Or they could be a shitty low-revenue affiliate network with nothing worth boasting about. I shouldn’t have to message them and wait around for hours or days to get those details, and neither should you.

Even their about us section is paper-thin. It’s like trying to get a straight answer out of some college-aged whore. They say they’re industry experts who can “make your traffic convert.” Great, yeah, that really fucking enlightens me. Imagine going to Best Buy and they go, “we sure do computer stuff good.” You’d be walking out of there and going somewhere else in a heartbeat. The lack of any useful information on this site is concerning at best and a red flag at worst. Seriously, I expect these long-lasting affiliate networks to whip out their dicks and brag about their figures.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I like the look of Bigbucksrevenue. I’m a fan of how long they’ve been around. I’m sure they offer some dope services, deals, and rates. Hell, I was impressed by the work that they’ve put into the appearance of their site and how everything is laid out. It looks fucking fantastic. And the fact that they seem to have exclusive deals straight from the websites in their network is great. If you’ve got a cam, dating, or adult game site, then I could see you delving deeper to figure out exactly what it is these fucks do.

They’ll make custom graphics, banners, ads, landing pages, and scripts for you if you’re a dope affiliate who can bring them lots of traffic. I haven’t seen many other sites offer to go that far for their affiliates. Most networks slap you with some low-resolution ads and then wonder why you’re not delivering traffic. So, yeah, at least they give you shit to work with. Though seeing any samples of that work would have been helpful. The custom graphics could look like dogshit for all I know.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I want information. Anything, really. I want to know how much I can make, what the conversion rates are, if they are any deals for landing paying traffic as opposed to free, and so much more. Do they have active customer support if I see an ad on my site that shouldn’t be playing, or will I have to sit around and wait until a business day to get that resolved? There is so fucking much that this site simply doesn’t mention. And I really don’t understand why they’re not bringing this shit up. They should be bragging up a goddamn storm if they’re truly as successful as they say they are. Give me testimonials! List your network sites! Fuck. I’m so frustrated with the lackluster information on this site.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, I’m not sure If I can recommend one way or another since I can’t say if they offer good or bad services. They could be the best goddamn affiliate network that you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. On the other hand, they could be a shitty money-grubbing network that scams the fuck out of you. Without hard numbers, testimonials, or any practices listed, I can’t say for sure. If you’re willing to take that shot in the dark, then at least make sure your site falls under one of their three main specialties. It seems like they’ll go a long way in helping you out with custom packages, but, again, even that isn’t certain.

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