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Big Guest Posting! If growing your adult brand seems like an exercise in futility, perhaps you need to do something differently. You hear and see all of these amazing stories about how site owners are able to bring in so much traffic every fucking day and earn a living. You want a piece of that tasty, lucrative pie, yet you don’t know where to start.

If that sounds familiar, well, you’re like most site owners when they are starting out. Never mind if you are trying to compete in the XXX niche. Everyone has growing pains. How you get out of them and start the journey of growing and profiting from your site is up to you.

So how do entrepreneurs like yourself earn so much goddamn traffic? They don’t sell their bodies or give their soul over to Satan. Instead, they use all kinds of marketing tactics to earn new and consistent traffic. One of the ways they do this is by guest posting. This can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing since you may not know if your guest posts are making a difference.

One of the best ways to begin guest posting and to take all of the headaches out of the process is to choose a provider like It streamlines the entire process of finding and distributing guest posts. Best of all, it makes it easy to find your niche (more on that in a moment), so you know that you are sending guest posts to the sites and blogs that will benefit your brand the most. Save time and frustration by using Big Guest Posting’s massive database, and find the best sources for guest posting in your niche!

Access over 50,000 guest posting sites
The biggest perk to using Big Guest Posting is because you can search its massive database of 50,000+ sites. Each site accepts guest blogs, though not every site is going to be relevant to your niche. Fortunately, it’s easy to browse and search for niches that may be relevant to your brand (more on that in a moment, though).

However, what that means for you is that you never have to search for guest blogging opportunities ever again! If you have ever had to search for blogs to submit your guest blogs to, you know how difficult, time-consuming, and generally fucking annoying this can be. You have to put your Google-Fu skills to the test by searching for guest blogging keyphrases combined with keywords/phrases from your niche. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, and you may find a few worthy guest blogging opportunities that will earn you some damn fine traffic.

Or maybe you won’t find anything and you will waste your time. Do you even know which keyphrases you need to search for to find guest blogging leads? No? Unless you are determined to do the necessary research to figure out how to find guest blogging opportunities on your own, you’re literally spinning the proverbial wheels and getting nothing done. Even if you find good guest blogging leads, think about how many of those guest blogging opportunities you are missing.

And look, I’m not going to claim that Big Guest Posting will be the only resource you need when it comes to guest blogging. It’s not going to give you all the answers. Even so, you should not discount the advantage that you can have by having access to this fucking huge database of guest blogging opportunities. That alone is worth perking up those fucking ears and figuring out what the hell Big Guest Posting is actually all about.

Save a fuck load of time
So perk up those ears, you dense mother fucker! If you have been paying attention, it has become obvious that Big Guest Posting can feasibly save you a ton of time on your guest blogging and marketing efforts. That’s more time to jerk off instead of actually getting any fucking work done!

Not only that, but you don’t have to do any of the legwork yourself. Like I’ve already said, searching countless keywords, keyphrases, and matching, mixing, and shuffling niche keywords together to try and find a few sites that may accept your guest blog post takes so much fucking time. That’s time you could be spending growing your brand, and more time for the competition to fuck your ass and leave you in the dirty.

Beyond that, how the hell are you supposed to know which blogs will actually benefit your site? You can use the many tools out there to gauge the strength of a blog’s social score, SEO score, and how beneficial getting backlinks from them will prove to be. That’s even more legwork you have to do, and less time actually doing what needs to be done to get your brand to that next level.

Big Guest Posting aims to automate all of that bullshit! If you have a guest blog post that you want to post on the blog that will give you the best return, you need all of the information that you can get. Big Guest Posting seems to have it. By accessing their database of tens of thousands of guest blogs, you can see the details of the available guest blogs in your niche. It’s some of the most important information that Big Guest Posting has to offer.

No adult-oriented niches to browse
One of Big Guest Posting’s biggest strengths lies in how many niches are available to browse. Unfortunately, none of the niches are adult-oriented. You won’t find a niche labeled adult, XXX, sex, or anything of the sort. There are zero mentions of any kind of pornographic niches in any way, and it’s a missed opportunity.

How many people like yourself do you think comes to Big Guest Posting, hoping to be able to browse by an adult niche? They want to easily find sites that they can submit guest posts to all in one location. Any website from an art site to a brand dealing in the witchcraft niche can all find guest blogs by simply browsing for them. Yet, when someone like yourself wants to find adult-tailored niche blogs, they have to actually go digging for it.

At least it is extremely simple to search for niches. On the homepage, scroll down until you see bold text that says ‘Enter your niche(s) below.’ Type in a keyword, but be sure to place a comma between each word if you want to use more than one keyword. From there, you can choose the value of the Domain Authority and Social Reach.

Clicking the drop-down menu, select a number that indicates the ‘least amount of’ value that each measurement has. For example, choosing ‘10’ on the drop-down menu for Domain Authority will ensure that only the sites with 10 ore more on the Domain Authority scale will appear. It’s pretty fucking easy to figure out.

Select the green button to search, sit back, and wait for the results to appear (usually in less than a minute). The results will show all kinds of details, ranging from their Facebook Likes, Followers on Twitter, and a link to open the guest page of each site. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-understand table that’s self-explanatory.

The good news is that even though you cannot browse for adult niches (which is ridiculous), searching by keyword lends a decent amount of results. When searching by adult, I noticed over 3000 blogs that accepted blog posts. That’s a crazy number, and enough of a pool where you can change and tweak different values to find the perfect blog to give you the traffic you are aiming for.

Excellent backlinking opportunities
If you have been lax on your backlinking game and need to put it into the next gear, Big Guest Posting can help with that. As you browse through the database or search via keyword, you will find niches that will give you strong as hell backlinks that will boost your website’s rank even further. Each listing also explains why it thinks the blog is a match for that particular keyword. Choosing details also shows why the site is ideal for your niche, allowing you to decide if it is suitable for backlinking to your site.

In the end, Big Guest Posting takes all of the busywork out of finding strong guest blog posts that will generate higher traffic, strengthen your backlink ground game, and ultimately improve your reach, rank, and traffic. That’s more money for you and an opportunity to grow your brand even further – and that’s what choosing Big Guest Posting is all about. Try it, and stop searching for new guest posting opportunities. Instead, bring them to you!

Big Guest Posting takes the hard work out of finding guest posting opportunities. It’s amazing how much time adult entrepreneurs will save, but it could be a bit more streamlined. Finding guest posting opportunities by browsing isn’t possible – users must type in the keyword to find them.

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