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BlazingBucks is a part of Gammae, along with other networks. It has many sites in an array of adult niches available for promotion, with ...


You might have already heard about BlazingBucks before, as it was a stand-alone affiliate program. However, now it is a part of the Gammae Network. This network also offers Buddy Profits and FameDollars. When you visit, you can choose which one of the shits you want to start promoting. There are close to 200 websites overall, offering a variety of adult niches. So you will not really run out of new content to promote.

Affiliates who are already a part of GammaE programs are more than welcome to promote all the BlazingBucks websites as well. If you are not a part of Gammae, you can register. Now, whether the affiliate programs on BlazingBucks will suit your taste or not is a different story. Do not worry; I shall give you an overall of what you can expect here, so you can choose whether you’d like to take advantage of this affiliate program or not.

So, what programs do they have?
There will be three different ways for you to make money on BlazingBucks. Now, if you do not know much about affiliate money-making, this is where you might want to start using Google. I mean, everything you want can be found on Google, so take advantage of that. As for those who know exactly how affiliate programs work, continue reading.

There is the PPS method, which stands for Pay Per Signup. I think that you can already guess what the fuck that means. You will get paid a sum for each signup that you send through your ways of promoting. In this situation, Blazing Bucks will pay you $30 for every signup that you manage to send, which also includes trials. Now that is quite fucking nice since trials tend to be paid less on other affiliate programs.

However, this is a one-time, non-recurring payment. So do not expect to get anything other than that $30 for the PPS program (for each new registration). On the other hand, you also have a 50% RevShare (Revenue Share). You get to earn 50% on every sale that you send on any of the websites that can be promoted. For example, for new signups or rebills, you could earn 50% of all the sales, for the lifetime of the users. That is mighty nice of them, yet again.

There is also an option to get 10% for webmaster referrals. If you know anyone else who would be interested in promoting Blazing Bucks, you can refer them. If you refer the right people, you can earn 10% for all of their income, which is generated by the webmasters who will sign up under your name. Honestly, all of this is written under the “payouts” on their website, so feel free to check that shit out.

The payments
Once you know how the fuck to make money on this website, I guess you’d be interested in the payments. So, let’s start from the beginning. You will get paid on a bi-weekly schedule, and you can get paid through check, Paxum, Payoneer and wire transfer. As for the minimum required to be paid, this all depends on what you prefer.

So the ultimate minimum required payment that you need is $50. However, when you register, you can select the minimum payout that you’d prefer, with the minimum being $50 and the maximum being $5000. Their registration is very simple, and once you register, you can enjoy all their privileges. Of course, you will have to actually register to get to use their affiliate program.

Their websites
There are a lot of websites that are available to all the affiliates on BlazingBucks. Let me mention some of my personal favorites first. So XEmpire is a website that you have probably already heard about. It has four different websites within; featuring busty Asian girls, sexy ebony sluts, and hot Latinas. Then there is a website called LesbianX, and that name already tells you what kind of content you can expect.

If you prefer hardcore shit, how about HardX? This website is filled with some of the hottest hardcore porn scenes with DP action and all that crap. They also have some glamcore shit, in case you prefer that. There is a website called DarkX, which is filled with lustful sluts who enjoy getting down and dirty with big black cocks.

Basically, there is a little bit of everything, as I always like to say. It all depends on what the fuck you want to promote in the first place. All I want to tell you is that on BlazingBucks, you have all kinds of niches covered, which is pretty fucking dope. If you would like to learn more about their websites, again, you have it listed on their website.

Promo tools
Another important aspect of most affiliate programs are the promo tools that you will have. There are a couple of promo tools that are worth the mention on BlazingBucks, but those are also listed on their tour page. Honestly, the majority of what I have said is already mentioned on their homepage, so you could check that shit out. Or, if you are lazy, just continue reading.

There are galleries, which are automatically updated. This means that the traffic you send will have all the latest content from their networks. Not to mention that you have both galleries and videos to look forward to. Then, you have the Banners. These are highly optimized flash and static banners, which can be used in many different formats and sizes. This can help convert your traffic!

On the other hand, you have the embeddable content, as they like to call it. In case you have tube websites, blogs, or any other kinds of websites where embedded content could be used, go right ahead. There are a lot of 2-minute clips that are being updated with their newest content, together with titles and descriptions… which is just perfect for this type of shit.

BlazingBucks also offers promo codes for affiliates who are looking for an easier way to convert their traffic. Promo codes are given, and they can be used on all their websites and social networks. Plus, there is also deep linking, which is like the easiest way for you to publish unique content on social networks or blogs.

I think my favorite part of BlazingBucks is that Blazing Bucks allows you to add custom requests when it comes to promo tools. So, if you have read about all these promo tools, and you are just looking for something a bit different, feel free to contact them. There is a high chance that their support team will reach out, and take care of your wishes… if those wishes make any sense, of course. Oh, and before I forget, their support team is quite nice.

You have a page labeled as “contact us”… duh! Here you have an option to send them a message. On the side of that, you can actually see where their entertainment building is located, and you can see their email, mobile number, and fax number. So, I mean… there are many different ways you get to contact BlazingBucks if you have any issues or whatever the fuck.

Great design and easy registration
The registration process on Blazing Bucks is very simple, and it is also free. There are 24 sites in total, and they cover a wide array of niches, so I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you might be looking for. Plus, all the content on BlazingBucks is exclusive, and they have regular updates, so your surfers will always have something new to fap to.

Their website is mobile-friendly, which is always a good feature. Not to mention that although they offer paysites, their trial membership tends to be $1/2 days… and that is basically free. There are many hot images, galleries, and naughty videos, and they are all posted in HD. All of this info is written on their tour page, so if you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to check that shit out, buddy.

Gammae has other networks available for promotion, and if you are already a part of the network, this shit will be a lot easier. Although registering anew is not really that difficult. Everything will be explained, and if you have any other questions, you can always just contact them through the page I already mentioned.

From my perspective, you can earn some good bucks on BlazingBucks. They have different payment options, and the fact that the minimum required for a payout is $50 is already fucking dope. With a lot of different adult niches covered and so much exclusive content, promoting shit with Blazing Bucks is a piece of cake… Enjoy!

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