I’m tired of the same old spiel from marketing or SEO companies. They’re always making promises they can’t keep. It’s like when your dad promised he’d be right back after grabbing a pack of cigarettes. You get guarantees saying they’ll skyrocket you to the top of Google or whatever. Even if they do, what’s their long-term plan for your online presence? Yeah, probably fucking nothing. They want nothing more than to give you the results you think you want and then charge you again when your short-term success plummets. It’s an endless cycle of you getting scammed each and every time.

You want a company in your corner that will help you develop a plan based around your specific site, brand, and project. There aren’t any shortcuts in this shit. You can’t go believing every cuck online who speaks confidently enough about the services they are trying to sell you. But, thankfully, I’m not a cuck. So, you can trust this alpha Chad to give you the rundown on Bmfdigital.com without misleading you. That Chad is me. Did that come across? Fuck. It doesn’t matter.

A New Site with Fresh Approaches to SEO & Marketing
Anyway, this site is pretty new to the game. They launched back in 2019, but this new site comes with a new approach to SEO optimization and adult marketing. They hinge their beliefs on the fact that they make you no guarantees since every site is different. They don’t lie to you and fluff you up just to make you feel good when your site is actually shit. If they don’t think your current website or brand has what it takes to get traction, then they’ll straight up tell you it’s a shit idea. Well, maybe not in those exact words. They’ll probably let you down easy compared to me.

These talented fucks do a lot more than your standard marketing site. Not only do they do more, but they are focused almost entirely on porntube content. They’ll help any of you cucks out with your nasty scat fetish blog or thigh-job picture site, but their true passion comes in when they’re helping you edit and produce video content. Yeah, that’s right.

Get Cheap High-Volume Video Editing and Uploading for Tube Sites
These guys will edit, write descriptions, add intros/outros, and publish any number of videos for you on your site. And they do it for dirt fucking cheap. If you’re pushing out 400+ videos a month, they’ll edit each one for $7.95 each. Goddamn. Just try and find a freelance editor worth working with who would take on that much work for that price. You’ll come up with nothing. It’s a crazy good service that takes a lot of weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on more important things.

Bmfdigital will come in and give your fugly site a makeover if you feel like you have a good website that needs some sprucing up. This site has a team of expert web designers that will swoop in and turn your 3/10 butterface tube site into a 10/10 dimepiece that will draw in traffic. Oh, and anytime they do this, they include SEO boosts and CTO optimization as a given. You’ll still want to get with these guys to get those services separately, but they’ll give your site a kick in the right direction.

Transparent Policies & Real-Time Reports Keep these Guys Accountable
Now, I know I’ve been talking about their extra features. You webmasters are probably tapping your fingers just waiting for me to get on with it. It’s like when you order a premium hooker and she spends 30 fucking minutes stripping. Sure, it’s a good show. But when you’re paying to plow her pussy by the hour, then you start getting a tad impatient with her.

So, what exactly do these nerds do? Tons of sites say they do SEO optimization and then list some high price without telling you what they do. Not here! They have an entire list of shit under “what exactly are we doing?” that, well, lays out the shit they do for you. They’ll do image verification, blog post writing, keyword optimization, and work with inbound links, to name just a few. But, seriously, there are over a dozen other bullet points listing off the dope services that you can take advantage of with them.

Complete, Individualized SEO Packages Starting at $500
And they don’t simply say that shit and then tell you to fuck off. They give you reports for SEO, keyword ranking, and Google analytics every step of the way. You’ll be able to fact check these neckbeards and make sure they’re getting your precious petite porntube out into the world. But I know what you’re all thinking. How much does it cost? That’s a tricky thing to answer since every single package and plan.

They mention that their plans start at $500. Yeesh. That’s pretty pricey, and it will probably rocket up from there with the more features and shit that you tag onto it. Though that is still a competitive price since some lesser sites will charge you triple that for vague promises that they never deliver on. So, I’d say that these guys are worth that dosh. If you don’t believe me, you can call them up and get a free research consultation to see what it would run you for your site in particular.

Error-Riddled Descriptions put this Site’s Blog Writing Credentials into Question
One thing that gave me a bit of hesitation was that they have spelling errors on their front page. It’s not a good look for a site that offers “expert blog writing” when they can’t even proofread their page. Come on; you can hire some beta to read it over for under $50 and a case of Mountain Dew and get something better than this.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
Finally, a site that makes plans for you and nobody else. You don’t have to worry about fitting into some premade plan or any bullshit like that. After all, how can a premade plan really work perfectly for your site when every situation is different? It just doesn’t make sense. And other SEO sites are counting on you being lazy and not wanting to build your own custom solution, so they charge you out the ass for some barely effective package. This site isn’t like those other guys.

They make no promises. You’re not getting some shitty used car salesman style spiel that you barely understand. They list out what they do and then offer you a consultation to help price out their plans. Sure, it may take a bit longer to get the ball rolling this way. But you impatient cucks need to sit back and realize that good shit takes time. And with prices starting at $500 bucks, they are still competitive with those pre-packages sites just looking to take your dosh.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
First off, get a proofreader. Goddamn, it’s pretty cringe-inducing seeing errors like that on a site’s landing page. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like this site is barely legible or anything like that. There are just a few small errors here and there, which tells me they aren’t paying enough attention to detail. But, hey, maybe I’m reading too much into it. I’m sure they excel fine in other categories, but I’d still be a little wary of dishing out the dosh for their writing services. One small note I have is that I would have liked to see a sample video for their editing services. Show me exactly what sort of approach you’re taking! I want to see the edits to make sure they’re in a style that suits my site or brand.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Bmfdigital.com is here to help your porntube site rise to the top. They have a robust selection of services that they offer, and they’ll tailor every SEO campaign to your specific website. You won’t have to shove a square peg into a round hole by using premade packages or services. You get a free research consultation where they tell you what they’ll do, the results you can expect, and how much it will cost you. They even offer website design and video editing services on top of all of that. These bastards do it all! I highly recommend you give them a visit and chat with one of their experts to see if they have an SEO solution for you.

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