BongaCash! Trying to monetize porn platforms online can be a lot of work and may not even yield fruit, depending on the tactics that you use.

And even if you put in the effort, you'll have to deal with the challenge of competing with hundreds of thousands of porn promoters just in the same niche as you. Then there is the fact that the big porn marketers and producers in the form of studio porn have entire teams to promote their work.

Fortunately, there are several supplemental programs out on the web to make overcoming these challenges a heck of a lot easier. But which one should you use, and what is it going to cost in terms of time and money?

In this installment of my epic series of affiliate program reviews, I'm going over BongaCash. At the risk of giving away the metaphorical money shot, you’ll be super excited about everything this system provides.

This Is What This Platform Can Do For You
BongaCash is the sister and supplemental site of BongaCams, which is a webcam modeling platform.

On that platform, there are upwards of 1,225 models performing at any time. According to the site, they are some of the hottest live performers on the web (I happen to agree enthusiastically), and they are all looking for help in getting even more attention.

This is where you and BongaCash’s program comes. As an affiliate, you can use your existing website and social media pages in combination with BC's tools to promote these sexy, amateur starlets. And given how easy it is to work with, it seems likely to me that the claim that this website is…

“the best conversion in the webcam industry!”

…seems to be absolutely true. But rather than just agree, I’ll explain in detail why I think so below.

They Provide a Wealth of Tools to Promote Your Webpages
Most affiliates provide a decent smattering of tools to make your job easier and ensure that all parties involved make money. BongaCash stands out for having over a dozen means of promoting your preferred models. To keep things simple, I’ll down a quick rundown of most of them.

API Online Models – A problem when it comes to promoting live models is that not everyone is online at the same time, which could frustrate your consumers. However, with this plug-in, you can see who's online to streamline who you want to promote and when.

Dynamic & Geo Banners – Using well-designed banners is one of the oldest tactics when it comes to online marketing. Of course, not everyone has the same art and programming skills.

If that's you, you don't have to worry since these tools streamline banner production and allow you to target specific locations. This last feature is particularly awesome since many BongaCams' models live around the world and speak/type better in various languages.

Direct Link – If you are gifted in the design department, you are welcome to make your own banners, and using these links connect users to webcam models and make you more money.

Text Ads – Sometimes, it's better to use simple text instead of flashy pictures to get people's attention. In fact, BongaCash claims that these are some of the top converting ad types.

Instant Messenger Ads – Some people, myself included, aren't crazy about live chat popups at the bottom of a webpage's screen. However, if they didn't work, no one would use them, so give it a try and see what happens.

Preroll – With modern high-speed internet, people don't have to put up with annoying buffering. So, I'd say that no matter what else you use, add this feature to your campaign. With preroll, users see a short preview of a model followed by a live show.

Desktop & Mobile Code – Not everyone uses popup blocking software for some reason, so, if you're getting enough traffic, placing some popups on your site just might up your click-through rate. A word of warning: to keep from annoying users, I wouldn't overdo it.

White Labels – You don't necessarily have to link people to BongaCams to get money from signups. If you feel confident, you can host live streams of webcam models on your personal domain! Further, BC doesn't care if you want to use your own logo, color scheme, and other design features to improve the user experience.

Embed Cam & Chatroom – This is a fantastic supplement if you prefer using white labels. Indeed, I’d even say it’s mandatory since half the fun of watching a live stream is being able to instantly chat with performers and other users.

Chat Head – Similar to some other tools, this one mimics a messenger application's look with a twist. When users click it, they instantly see a live stream of a model performing, which is a perfect clickbait for horny net surfers. Being one of the newest tools, it's compatible with all sorts of net-capable devices.

There are another half dozen or so widgets to maximize your chances of making money. To make things even better, BC allows you to increase your earnings by bringing other people into the affiliate program using their referral banners. With each referral you acquire, BC will give you 5% of what the new affiliate makes.

Not only that, but they'll also award you for recruiting new webcammers. Just as with the affiliate signup program, you get 5% of what each new model brings in. This option could be exceptionally lucrative when you consider the fact that you can focus on promoting the new models you bring in.

The Registration Process Is Super Slick
There is a lot more info to submit to use this service compared to a porn site, but what you need to submit is simple, and it's free to join. Besides a username, email, and password, BongaCash will need your real name and physical address. They'll also need a net-based service to message you directly as well as the website(s) you are using to drive traffic.

It may sound like a lot, but depending on if you have an autofill app installed, it'll take you thirty seconds to two minutes. After that, your account should be approved in no time, and then you can start making money. In fact, you don't even need to register your email before you can get going.

In fact, some of the tools I mentioned earlier, like white labels, take a mere five minutes to make. To make things even better, as you begin making money, you can also participate in drawing contests and win additional gifts.

Got Problems? Then Contact the Actual Admins For Support
To clarify something, this website is thoroughly well-designed and secure, so you likely won't have to worry about troubleshooting issues. In fact, since this site does business with people worldwide, its pages are available in 35 languages!

Still, if you do run into a problem or start feeling overwhelmed by the massive number of tools, there are many ways to get help. According to the site, the best way to get in contact with the administrator, Denis via direct message, her private email, and through a phone call.

Furthermore, if you’re in a pinch, you should be able to reach out to BC staff via Twitter @bongacash and via Telegram.

Before you do message any, it'd be faster than to look up the FAQ page. Most of the basic questions like how the system operates, along with detailed answers on how the payment works, are addressed there.

This Service Is Great At Keeping You in the Loop
I don't know about you, but it annoys the hell out of me when websites suddenly make changes, migrate to a different domain, or disappear altogether with little to no warning. However, besides their Twitter feed, you can keep up with the developments on BongaCash through their news page.

There the webmasters post when their offices may be closed, when new payout options become available, changes in operating procedure, and more. When there are changes like this, you are given plenty of warning, and there are typically one or two announcements made a month.

There Are a Few Weird Things About the Way BongaCash Operates
To begin, the revenue sharing rate is the same, being 25% no matter where you live. That said, I’m not sure why this is, but the base traffic plan pay rate varies between countries. For instance, if you live in Switzerland or Norway, you can make about four Swiss francs and forty-two krone per sign up, respectively. To put that into context, both figures equate to $4.50 US dollars.

However, the title options are lower for other countries and go lower if you live in a less wealthy country. Weirdly though, Luxembourg and Singapore residents are far down the totem pole, lower than those living in Slovakia and Russia.

Since pay plans are based on location, this means you might have trouble using this service if you have a VPN.

Moving on, while all web marketing agents have terms of service, BongaCash’s are a little different to me for a few reasons. Please, don’t misunderstand, though – there’s nothing shady, but rather very long and detailed.

In fact, unlike the vague TOS’s of social media pages like YouTube and Twitter, Bonga’s service agreement looks to me to be airtight.

As this is the case, you really should take the time to read it at least twice, so you don't accidentally make a mistake when working with this firm. When you, make sure you block out enough time since the service page runs over 6,500 words long.

Finally, I do like that they have multiple payout methods. However, it's unfortunate that you have to make at least $200 before you can cash out. It's better than what it used to be, being $500, but they've changed their payment process. Instead of getting paid when you hit that threshold on-demand, their payment cycles are strictly scheduled.

That’s not a problem if you have a knack for internet marketing, but beginners might get frustrated waiting to get compensated.

When It Comes to Making Bank, There's a Lot to Consider
“How much can I make" is a question which I know you're all dwelling on since I've never directly confronted it.

Like so many other affiliate programs, there are some out claiming that you can pull in as much as five figures a month, at least supposedly. And as with so many of these money-making ventures, that is possible but hardly guaranteed.

There are several factors influencing what your earnings may be the most important, the earning plan you pick, your existing online marketing channels, and your handle on sales.

However, fret not – if you are willing to put the effort in, you could realistically make between $100-200 a day. There are some people who do report making substantially more in the same span of time.

To maximize the chances of this happening, it would be best to place links on sex cam pages. Furthermore, this same program can be applied to other porno platforms.

To sum this section up, I'll add that you can get paid through several different services, including Paxum, Webmoney, several cryptocurrency transfers services, among others.

Now for My Official Recommendation and Rating
If you check other sources, you'll find several praise-filled reviews of this affiliate program; that way, you know I'm not making this up. However, I know you all are interested in my sharp insight and highly opinionated positions, so let's get into it.

To sum up the fundamentals of BongaCash, there are some wonky aspects to the way the program works. Before you signup, it might be a good idea to go over my review again, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the huge amount of tools you get access to.

On the other hand, the fact that you have so many options, plus the support from the webmasters, is an awesome feature. Moreover, if you get a good handle on the tools and put in the working hours, you shouldn't have a problem building up a steady revenue stream.

All of this and the fact that nearly everyone the world over can participate and get paid several ways means that I can't help but promote this web program. Try it out, and I think you'll agree that BongaCash deserves four and a half out of five hands.

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