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Broker Babe! Straight out of Switzerland, by a company called Birdview, comes BrokerBabe. This is an affiliate network, plain and simple. You sign up with them and they provide you ads within several verticals. They claim… a lot of things. They claim they’re profitable and they also claim that their wide vertical spread is a guarantee of quality and potential. Sure, they offer a lot of different verticals. Some of them are really impressive. On the surface, it seems like BrokerBabe is a no-brainer. You can and should indeed sign up with them, unless…

How do I put this…? I like checking the actual terms and offers carefully when I cover affiliate networks. I like seeing the types of ads they run and checking their prices and margins. You get the point. I like digging into the details and getting all the information before I can make a judgment call. Many of these networks, especially ones in the porn industry, boast some unique features that make them stand out. They could prove to be pointless in the long run, but at least they make an effort. BrokerBabe gives you nothing to work with.

All they say about themselves is that they exist and they are an affiliate network. They also list the verticals. That’s it. That’s all the information you get and this does not inspire confidence. I even checked out their terms and conditions and found nothing particularly interesting. They don’t stand out. So, I guess I have to cover them blindly and pretend they don’t have any competition. Drawing a comparison is impossible.

The BrokerBabe Setup
You’ll have to reach out to BrokerBabe directly over Skype or e-mail. They don’t have a signup form or any listed offer tiers. It’s all direct B2B communication. This site was not made for engagements nearly as much as it was made as proof that they exist. It’s a shame, because I like their design. It’s neat and sexy. So, let’s say you drop them an e-mail. They’ll respond when they feel like it and soon, you’ll be running ads through them. They say that they offer banners, SMS banners and text links. In other words, they cover the bare minimum in terms of ad types.

Personally, I have nothing against running an entire ad campaign on banners alone, provided those banners actually sell. It would be nice if I could, at the very least, see a demo page so that I get a sense of the types of banners I’d be running. Their site doesn’t exactly keep it clear either. They use photographs of half-naked people for half of their decorations and stock image renders of babes for the other. So… do they mostly serve 3D art banners or nude chicks fingering their assholes? How can I find out? I can’t. I have to literally sign up and test it out. Even then, I don’t get a guarantee that I’ll see the actual ads.

Remember, the advertiser is in control of the placements, not the delivery. The delivery is handled by the network. While you can technically control the flow of ad delivery, you can’t control the content. You do not touch the creatives. The creatives come in from the affiliate network’s end-clients – the advertisers. So, if you’re trying to figure out which of your sites would be most appropriate for BrokerBabe’s particular brand of ad smut, you’re shit out of luck.

The Verticals
This part’s kind of interesting. Most of BrokerBabe’s website is devoted to showing you their verticals, or at the very least, boasting about the fact that they exist. You don’t get to see the actual ads and what they’d look like, but you know the industries they’re in. You know what actually ends up getting advertised on your site. In order, these verticals are: dating, cams, nutra, VR and mobile. I have no idea what they mean by mobile, as an advertising vertical, but that nutra bit had my curiosity peaking.

Nutra is an umbrella term for dick pills. Unofficially, of course. But, that’s what they’re getting at. I doubt that when they say men’s health, they’re talking about prostate cancer. Nah, fam, they’re selling dick pills. Men will pay any amount of money for a quality boner and you know that’s true. As long as they have somewhere to stick it, they’ll want to pay the big bucks to make it hard. It’s just the natural order of things.

Now, BrokerBabe boasts about nutra as being some sort of high quality vertical and I can kind of see the appeal. But, at the same time, I have to think about demographics. The average person who’s on a porn tube isn’t also having sex at the same time. Hell, most people that use porn tubes jack off alone, because they don’t have a woman. So, I’m kind of lukewarm on the idea of selling dick pills to incels. But, if BrokerBabe says that dick pills sell, who am I to judge? It’s their job to handle ad delivery. It’s my, or rather, your, job to figure out where the ads go.

Not Inspiring Confidence
I know I’m just ragging on BrokerBabe at this point, but I can’t help it. 99% of their site is devoted to listing verticals and encouraging you to sign up without telling you anything distinct about their service. So, what’s the other 1%? Well, there’s a tiny testimonial section titled: “What they say about us”. Under this section, you can see three people named Ashley, Macca and Matt, along with their testimonials. All three of them had good things to say about BrokerBabe.

Hell, they just straight up said that this is a legitimate website, three times over. Maybe I’m going too far out on a limb here, but I’d wager to bet that these are not real testimonials. I’ve seen real testimonials. I can tell the difference. You’re still free to judge for yourself. Check them out. I mean, one dude’s named Ashley, for fuck’s sake. He doesn’t look like an Ashley. He looks like a Brian.

They Are Indeed Legitimate
Trash talk over, let’s look at the terms and conditions. They look legitimate, I’ll say that much. They cover their asses in legalese several times over. That tells me they’re a real company that, at the very least, turns a profit. They note that they send out payments at a minimum of 200 EUR, which is kind of steep. I’ve seen some companies require at least a C-note, but this is a ways north of that.

Still, they offer PayPal, Paxum and bank transfers. I’d recommend that you roll with PayPal unless it’s absolutely off the table for you. Paxum has a worse track record than PayPal and bank transfers come with fees and delays. PayPal is the king of the industry. It helps that they’re a monopoly, but hey, you can complain or you can make use of them.

BrokerBabe also has a referral program that lets you bring in other webmasters and keep 5% of all their sales, for life. There is a limit of 2000 euros per affiliate, though and a total of 10,000 euros per month. I found it kind of annoying that the large print about the payout is under the FAQ, but the fine print about the maximum is under the terms and conditions. It’s like they went way out of their way to put the good shit under one page and the bad shit under the one they know people go out of their way to avoid. Just read the terms and conditions before you contact them, all right?

Worth a Shot
BrokerBabe’s website and the lack of demonstration pissed me the fuck off. That being said, they’re still a legitimate affiliate network that offers some really interesting verticals. I’m very curious about the performance of the nutra ads. Also, they list VR and we know that that industry is growing steadily, daily. That’s a market that’s just going to get bigger as time goes by. Who knows what the numbers are going to be like down the line?

I say, fuck it, give them a shot. They got interesting verticals and they’re based in Switzerland. You’ll either turn a profit or you won’t, but it’s not like you’re going to lose money. Quality affiliate offers are hard to come by and you have to cover your spread in order to learn about what’s best for your websites. BrokerBabe might not market themselves that well, but it doesn’t matter. You’re not signing up with them for marketing services; you just want in on the action.

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