Cam4 is a free webcam site offering male, female, and tranny cam models. It also has a great affiliate partnership program that allow...


Cam4 is among the most popular webcam websites. It is definitely among those that everybody has heard about. is a simple cam website filled with lots of gorgeous women who love to get naked and naughty during their live cam sessions. Of course, Cam4 offers males, females, trannies, and couples. Therefore, regardless of what you are into, you are surely going to enjoy this website.

However, this review is not about in general; I am here to discuss their affiliate program, one that allows you to earn money. If that is something you are or would be interested in, keep browsing. I will go over all the important bits, and then I will leave you to decide whether this affiliate program is the right one for you.

But then, I know there is that lot that doesn’t know much about affiliate programs. My advice would be to conduct some research and learn the basics before reading this article to the end. To be fair, there is an apt description of these affiliate programs on my website, so make sure to check that shit out. Now, without further ado, let’s get down to learning more about

Promote cam models and get paid
Promoting models is primarily what allows you to do. We all know that webcam sites are filled with a variety of gorgeous models: women, men, and trannies. This is why webcam affiliate programs are on top of the list if you are looking for ways to make money online. If you have means of promoting the chicks and the website in general, you should check out their website.

My biggest issue with is that they do not provide any information about their affiliate program. If I did not randomly stumble upon this affiliate program, I wouldn’t know that they even offered that. Basically, all you get is the login/registration page, and that’s about it. I mean, they could have provided more information in general, but oh well.

I guess you get what you get. But I’m here to lay down all the details for you. Basically, if you are interested to know their affiliate program offers and how it works, you have come to the right page. Note that Cam4 also has a partnership program, and webmasters often confuse it with the affiliate program. I’m here to remind you that they are not the same. I mean, both programs are great; they just work differently.

In the past, all that offered webmasters to promote their website through Crack Revenue. However, now they also have a separate affiliate program. If you follow the link I provided, it will take you to the registration page since finding this section on can be a hassle.

How to get started?
If you are interested in this affiliate program, the first step should be to register. The registration to the partner program on is free. You will be given a form where you can specify all the important details about yourself and your business. Obviously, this is necessary if you want to start with the affiliate program.

I think the registration is very straightforward. And when you register and your account is verified, you will be able to enjoy all the privileges that come along with You will also choose your affiliate level. If you choose the beginner level, they will provide you with tips and tricks along the way, which is pretty nice. However, if you do not know much about this shit, maybe you should not register immediately. Rather, you should educate your dumb ass first.

You can also select the program that interests you and then share your website. It is important that they know your website and how you will be promoting their website; otherwise, they will not approve of your registration. You can also share if you are promoting anything else currently, but that is optional.

Cam4 will also ask you to share your income of the current monthly sales across all the programs, but again, this is optional. Nevertheless, you will have to share the medium through which you will promote their models and website. There are different options there, such as SEO, social media, email, and others. Again, the approach you choose to promote them is obviously very fucking important.

There will be a section where you will have to provide at least one business reference, which is mandatory. This can be a bit more complicated for those without experience, but it all makes sense once you get down to it.

Cam4 programs and all that
Affiliates can choose between the RevShare and CPL programs. The RevShare is straightforward and usually the more popular one. It stands for Revenue Share, and it is a term to describe how revenue is shared with an affiliate for driving a sale. If you do not know much about it, Google is your friend, so fucking use it.

CPL stands for Cost Per Lead, and it is a digital marketing model for pricing, where the advertiser will pay a chosen price for every lead generated. In this case, you are paid by promoting their webcam models. It is that simple. As I said, this shit is relatively straightforward; you just have to have at least some common sense.

When you register, you will be given different kinds of tools and shit through which you can promote their models. How you choose to utilize them all depends on you. However, you will have to follow some rules, and they are all listed in their TOS. And if you are lazy to check that out, you can always contact them for that info.

From my experience, Cam4 responds reasonably quickly, so whatever the fuck you do not understand, just send them a message for clarifications. Ensure that you are direct and pay attention to what they have already written on the website. I advise you to check out their FAQ page as well, although they mainly just cover webcam stuff over there.

The minimum required for payment is $250, and you are paid monthly. If you do not have the minimum required, the money is transferred to the next payment period and so on until you have enough for payment. Of course, if you start doing shit that is not allowed, you will not get paid; it is that obvious.

At the end of the day, I still feel that it would be easier if Cam4 provided an FAQ for their affiliate program. This whole process can be hella confusing, especially to beginners. All the same, feel free to reach to them and ask about the rules and all that jazz. Some information is written on the TOS page, but that shit is all very messy. Come on, Cam4, you can do better!

Lots of cams to watch!
Cam4 is filled with a ton of goodies. Remember that this is still just a webcam website. It is jam-packed with some of the most beautiful models out there. There are babes of all shapes and sizes doing all kinds of shit during their live performances. You can choose if you want to watch chicks, dudes, trannies, or couples on top of the site.

There will also be a bunch of tags that you can choose from. The webcam shows on are free until the girl decides to go into a private cam session. If you want to interact with the beauties, send them gifts, or ask them for special favors, you will have to pay. You can register for free and enjoy the privileges, but you have to pay for the webcam currency if you want something extra.

Overall, has a ton of gorgeous models, and many of them enjoy using toys. You can find babes getting naked alone or getting fucked hardcore. There are plenty of fetish performances as well. Therefore, regardless of what you are searching for, you will find it here.

Conclusion is a free webcam website filled with tons of gorgeous women, handsome hunks, slutty trannies, and horny couples in action. The webcam shows here are incredibly addictive, and you are bound to enjoy watching every single one of them. On top of the site, you have some search options that you can utilize.

However, also offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn. If you know what the fuck you are doing, you can easily earn a steady income with this affiliate program. There is also the partnership program that has via CrakRevenue. The details of that program are available on this site in a separate review; check it out.

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