CamSoda is a popular webcam website, with loads of naughty niches covered. They also have a good affiliate program with good options and ...


This is not really a new webcam program, but it is still one many new affiliates are interested in. For the most part, I think that is pretty standard, so even without my jibber-jabber, there is a high chance that you will know what the fuck to expect. But, some things might be surprising or new, so if you are interested, you are more than welcome to stay.

CamSoda is a popular webcam website known for being revolutionizing when it comes to VR camming. They also have many big names on their website, and they cover a variety of hot categories. So, it is more than obvious that the website has a lot of good traffic. This is why many of you might be interested in their affiliate program as well.

An affiliate or associate program is a relationship where the merchant will pay you, the affiliate, for the links from your site to his. Of course, there is more to this than just a simple payment process, as there are different types of affiliate programs overall. As for Cam Soda, it works similarly, and if you are interested in knowing how this shit functions, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, if you do not know much about affiliate programs, how they work, and all that crap, you should first educate yourself on that topic. I mean, how the fuck do you think you’ll earn if you do not know even how this works? Anyway, many useful articles could teach you that. As for those who already know a bit here and there, let me tell you more about the CamSoda affiliate program.

Start by registering
Before you can even see what the fuck affiliate program has to offer, you have to register. Now, that is quite bullshit if you ask me. There is no tour page or anything like that to help you learn more about the program. Instead, they get straight down to business and ask you to first register. The registration process is rather simple and also free. So that is a good thing, I guess. I still think it is annoying that you have to register to see their crap.

When you do register, you will get all the tools that you need to convert traffic. There will be different programs offers, plus you will be able to monetize model traffic with the performer referral program. I think that once you register, everything is self-explanatory, but that also depends on your overall knowledge about all this crap. Because a newbie would probably be confused as fuck.

Make money with Cam Soda
To be fair, you are all here to learn more about how to make money with, right? Once you register, all you have to do is wait for the approval process, which takes longer than with most other affiliate programs. Do not worry, here we are talking about days and not weeks. After that, you have three different offers, a RevShare, PPS, and PPL.

Now, let’s talk about the RevShare first. This is Revenue Share, and do you know how this shit functions? Well, RevShare is a somewhat flexible concept, so keep that in mind. It will involve sharing operating profits and losses among the associate financial actors. If that was too complicated for your small brain to comprehend, just look at it this way. RevShare is a distribution of revenue. That revenue is the total amount of income that will be generated by the sales of services and goods among the contributors and stakeholders.

In this case, aka on Cam Soda, you have the Lifetime Revenue Sharing program, which applies to all the purchased tokens from new customers who are referred to the network. This means that you will get a share on the tokens that are purchased for the lifetime of that particular membership. You can earn 20% lifetime RevShare, which is pretty dope. I mean, this will all make a lot more sense once you start getting into affiliate money-making.

Then there is the PPS program. In this case, PPS stands for Pay Per Signup, which means that you will be paid after the signup has been completed and the first token was purchased. The payout for PPS, in this case, will be $100, which is pretty nice. But that only works the first time, obviously… otherwise, it would not be called Pay per Signup.

The last one I want to mention is PPL, which stands for Pay Per Lead. In this case, you will be paid a small commission after every signup process has been verified. Of course, the signup only works if they use your referral link, and as soon as they verify their account, you will get a small commission. In this case, you do not have to wait for them to purchase tokens. You can expect $1.50 per PPL.

There are some referrals, as well!
There is the Model Referral Bonus, which is hard to miss. I mean, their whole signup page is filed with those four shits they offer, so you are bound to see it. How does this work? Well, I think saying that it is a model referral bonus should be enough. Basically, you can get $70 for each model that you refer, who is qualified, and actually starts working.

How about the Webmaster Referral Bonus? Well, obviously, there is one. Their signup page says so, and I tested it out. So, in addition to customer and model referral programs, you can make money by referring webmasters. CamSoda will pay $200 for each webmaster referral who is qualified. However, no criteria is stated for either model or webmaster conversions, so what makes them qualified somewhat varies.

The minimum payout is $50 for the Cam Soda affiliate program. These payouts can be made via check, Paxum, and bank wire, which applies to both the USA and international and direct deposits. From what I have seen, their customer support is also quite pleasant, so if you run into any issues, just contact their customer support, and that is about that.

Promotional tools and such
When talking about promotional tools, and crap that will help you with advertisements, they are basically on par with most other cam programs. On CamSoda, you will obviously have banners… which is where I should also state that they reflect the site's explicit nature (aka they are meant for adult advertising). The RSS feeds will not be available as the promo tool. However, you have the JSON feeds, which is an API alternative for those who know what the fuck I am talking about.

Plus, there is a blog complete with the RSS feed, where the affiliates might avail themselves. And last but not least, there is the IM popup for the affiliates who would want to go the old-school way. One thing I forgot to mention is that the website has quite a bunch of ads that lead to third-party websites… But then, seeing how CamSoda is free to register and explore the website, is that really unexpected? I think not.

That’s about all you need to know about Cam Soda affiliate programs and referral crap. If you are interested in becoming a part of all that, you are more than welcome to give it a go. But I want to mention again that you should learn more about how this world functions before you actually get down to becoming an affiliate. As for those who already know what the fuck they are doing, there are lots of nice offers for you to check out on

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