Both at the time and when looking back at it, the early 2010s has got to be my favorite era. Not only was high-speed internet and wifi everywhere, but smartphones were also getting cheaper, and affordable webcams (finally!) were able to capture and stream high-resolution images.

With this orgy of tantalizing technology, entrepreneurs released all sorts of new web platforms almost overnight. Keeping with this trend – or hell, I should say driving it – a plethora of pornographers unleashed a salacious slew of new forms of explicit online experiences.

Maybe the most magnificent of all of these were the first of the great webcamming services. We no longer had to try and enjoy grainy and choppy footage, which occasionally had to buffer. Instead, we were spoiled with high definition streams of sexy models bearing it all for cash.

And to make more money, the best of these sites decided to allow marketing-minded fappers with the ambition to cash in on promoting these platforms.

But with this new possibility of making a profit, you have to ask the question: can you really make money doing this. To help all of you determine whether or not Chaturbate's affiliate is all it's cracked up to be, I've got a complete rundown on how the system works.

Before We Get Into, Here’s Where Chaturbate Came From
Being one of the first (modern) webcam modeling websites to ride the wave of high-speed streaming, Chaturbate caught a bunch of attention in 2011. Further, the platform’s views, model count, and participation went up like the stock of flooding insurance companies after a hurricane.

Combining the term ‘chat’ and a word that rhymes with ‘mask your bait,’ this site started with a humorous name, but an impressive response by web users.

Even in the early months, they had dozens of performers online at a time and hundreds of viewers. Not only that, but they offered great rates for performers, reasonable prices for users, and a selection of great promotional offers.

If you look at it, the same superb web design then and now was used, so I’m sure that helped.

This combo of killer selling features has made Chaturbate one of the best webcam platforms on the net, no question.

Don’t believe me? Since 2019, this website has consistently been in the top 75 websites on the web. If you still need more proof, look up my review on

That means that this website is no joke when it comes to web traffic or the number of performers you can promote. The point being, that is a good sign for generating revenue.

Now onto the meat of this whole shebang -- how to actually rake in the big bucks.

Here’s How the Affiliate Program Works and How It Can Help You
If you haven’t already checked the Chaturbate wikis and most other reviews, don’t bother. Just about all of them are crap about giving you any information about how to get started with this affiliate program – let alone get to the profit-making stage.

Fortunately, the basics of this program are relatively easy to understand.

The simplest way to make money is to get people to signup for an account through your link codes. The newbies don’t even need to get their account verified – you still get paid. But the fun only starts there.

You get a whopping 20% revenue share from all tokens purchased as well as a penny for 3 tier, a dime for 2 tier, and one USD for top-level signups. Beyond that, you can make far more money when a model you recruit starts making money. Further, you can take a cut from what the referred webmasters earn, too.

To get started, all you'll need is a Chaturbate account. It's free to signup and takes only a couple of minutes to get through. After that, all you need to do is go through the terms of service and the usual bullshit.

With all of that necessary information explained, let's get into some common questions and answer when going over an affiliate website like this one.

After you've got your payment information all set up, you're good to start chasing that paper. On the note of payment, you get paid twice a month with several collection options. You could opt for a check if you can bear the snail mail wait.

Better options include Paxum, traditional bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, Skrill, and a few other money transfer services. Direct deposit is available, but only for users in the United States.

I should mention that a few of these services have minimum payout thresholds ranging between $50 to $1,000, so choose carefully.

Now How Much Do You Have to Invest to Make Bank?
When using any affiliate-based enterprise, the general rule is to generate as much interest in whatever it is you're promoting through a few of the following channels.

The type that costs next to nothing, but takes time is through social media. It can be rewarding, but you’ll run into a few challenges.

First, many other marketers use this strategy, too, so you'll be swamped in a competitive space. Another issue is that not that many social media sites are exactly erotica friendly. Sure there’s Twitter, but between Facebook’s hardline stance against porn, the infamous Tumblr policy reversal of 2018, and trying to advertise on several other platforms can be tricky.

It'll cost you to make it worth it, but a proven method many online marketers use is to buy up click-through-ads. Just don't think that buying a couple of dozen will get you anywhere.

The average rate at which consumers interact is just 2% on average. Even fewer people will sign up for an account, so keep that in mind before investing in advertising.

Another thing to think about is where you are going to place these ads. If you've got a decent amount of traffic going to a blog or another site you own, that will certainly help you.

It's even better if your website is sex-centered or, in some other ways, pervy. That said, with so many people using ad-blocking software, it might not be worth the investment.

Email marketing is another alternative which will require a financial investment or some really good connections and time. But it has been proven to be effective, as many e-commerce marketers will attest to.

However, what many net-based marketers will swear by is search-engine optimization whatever written content you have. You could do this with any existing social media posts, but my advice would be to fire up your own landing page with a blog and start posting optimized content.

Finally, you could try mixing and matching all of these techniques for the best results.

Once You’re Established, Cash In On Selling Traffic
Not only can you buy ads, but make money by selling them as well.

If you decide to go this route and the number of hits gets high enough, you might be able to make a profit off it another way. By that, I mean that not only can you buy traffic but sell it as well.

When it comes to the CTR, the payoff doesn't sound big, being only $0.25 per click. But when you consider the amount of ideal traffic you can get and do the math, those quarters add up quickly. Besides, you'll also be helping someone else out in the position you were once in.

But before you do, keep in mind two things take advantage of the referral program. When a newbie joins up using the link you provide to them, you get a nice little bonus and 3% of all their earnings for life.

To make things even better, you can make even more by partnering with advertisers.

I Know You Want to Know the Answer: “How Much Money Can I Make?”
As they say, no matter who you are, nothing in life is guaranteed. Not only is that true, but that’s immediately obvious when we’re talking about making a living online, especially e-commerce.

And as with most things when it comes to online marketing, most people don’t make squat.

Sure, that may sound pessimistic and depressing, I know. But most people don't have the knack, patience, or know-how to hack it at this line of work. Then there is the complication of competing in a supersaturated market.

After all, it’s not 2012 anymore. Not only are there perhaps thousands of Chaturbate affiliates, at least, but there are also dozens of webcam sites, most of which have an affiliate scheme.

To be a bit more positive, there are plenty of examples of driven marketers who have made a decent, if not highly lucrative living by promoting sexy models strip, diddle, and fuck. While it may sound grandiose, there are reports out there that some people even make as much as a grand a week.

Now For the Big Question: Is There Room for Improvement?
As you all know, I love giving my opinion in hopes that people are listening – and giving the famous fucker that I am, lots of people do.

So, here is my answer: not really, no, but maybe a little.

Sound complicated?

Well, this program has a lot going for it, and there are plenty of tools to help you get on your way. Still, I can't help but feel that there could be a few more like PornHub has. Though there are some, I think that the tutorial on how to get going could be more instructive.

Do I Recommend Making Money On This Platform?
At this point – unless you skipped the meat of the article – it’s obvious that the affiliate program with Chaturbate is no scam. So you’ve got no worries there.

Furthermore, given how the system is geared, the tools that they give you, and the payout options, anyone certainly can earn gold. Once again, that’s not a promise you will pull in moola. Still, I think that the right person sure could, at least hypothetically.

But I know that you all want my personal opinion.

Do I think you should signup as a Chaturbate affiliate? If you've got the time and enough understanding of how to promote pages, I say, yes, absolutely.

And because it is such a stellar program, I give this business opportunity a grand five hands. Give it a try and tell me how it goes for you; I believe in all of you all!

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