Click Dealer is a Marketing Agency Built around Lowering Your CPA. It’s one thing to bring horny fappers to your site. That shit is easy in the great scheme of things. You can toss out backlinks, ads, guest posts, and all of that good shit to bring in some decent traffic. Especially if you’ve got a lewd site that provides quality material for free. But what if you’re trying to run a business that isn’t solely based on ad revenue?

Well, then you have to go through the headache of getting impatient, uncaring, horny bastards to whip out their credit card and buy your porn, product, or whatever it is you’re selling. That’s a whole nother beast entirely. But if you can figure out how to sell yourself well, then you’ll be rolling in dosh as the sales come rolling in.

Partner with a Company that’s been in the Business for Over 15 Years
Figuring out all of the nuances involved in selling shit can be harder than figuring out where some slut wants to go for dinner. Fuck, I hate dealing with that indecisive bullshit. Anyway, what I’m saying is that you need to be with a site that will help you lower those CPAs (cost per acquisition) so that you’re not spending an arm and a leg just to get someone to buy your premium thigh-job site membership. is a site built around placing high-performance ads that drive spending customers to your site. They do all of your usual ads, but they specialize in lowering your CPA cost. But I’ll get into all of that good shit shortly. What you fucks need to know is that this site has been around since way back in 2005. Damn. That’s a solid 15 or so years of providing marketing services for horny bastards just like you.

A Sleek Site Focused on Driving in Paying Traffic to Your Site
This site offers two main services: CPA network and Smartlink. For this review, I’ll be focusing mostly on the CPA side of things. First off, the site looks dope. It’s got sleek graphics, a cool blue design, and lightly animated sections all throughout the site. Sure, none of that means shit in terms of what they offer, but it is usually a good sign. It’s like seeing some emo bitch with snake bites. You know she sucks some mad dick.

But enough talking about the flashy bullshit this site has going on. Let’s get into the meat of things and see what they can do to make you money. This site lays it all on the table for you. They strip down, spread their cheeks, and let you get a look at the goods without any foreplay or fucking around. If you pop over to the advertiser section, you can get a decent idea of what they can do with your site or product.

Contact them to Get a Custom-Tailored Marketing Plan
They let you see what sort of numbers you’ll be dealing with. They’ve got over 10 thousand active publishers that they’ll spread your content to, as well as a 24/7/365 support line that you can count on. Now, how the hell do they bring people to your fetish site? Well, it’s like a typical ad network but with a more tailored focus on what your brand needs. This isn’t a site where you pay for a base package and go from there. You have to get in direct contact with someone so that they can custom make a plan that suits your needs.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they don’t tell you what they’ll do. Clickdealer will work with you to get your kinky cum sharking site out into the world through various approaches like native ads, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email advertising, display ads, and in-app links. They take your budget, ideal campaign length, and goals to craft you a perfect marketing solution that will bring in paying traffic. It’s not some site where you get stuffed into a plan that won’t fit your site’s needs.

Stay Protected with Manual Monitoring & Built-in Anti-Fraud Software
They make sure your identity and campaign are protected with anti-fraud software, an affiliate screening process, and periodic manual monitoring by their staff. That way, you’ll never be left helpless to try and figure out why something was compromised on your own. These guys have your back. Now, before I move to publishers, one thing I wish they had were sample rates for some of their approaches. The one thing this site really lacks is practical figures that you can digest and look at. I know that’s tough since the website is so custom-tailored to each campaign, but I’d like to see some sort of samples or comparisons to other similar marketing platforms.

Publishers have Thousands of Adult Niche Advertisers to Choose From
Publishers have it good with Clickdealer. You sex-starved bloggers and hentai torrent site owners will have a fuck ton of niche-specific advertisers that will be more than happy to run their ads on your page. After all, one of the top verticals for this site is download. So, you fucks offering premium downloads will have advertisers begging for your quality ad space. You can take the standard approach and let this site run ads for you, or you can take success into your own grubby hands and field direct offers.

If your site pulls in a ton of traffic to those advertisers, then you can enjoy some sweet bonuses like cash rewards, contests, bonus incentives, and even private parties. Yeah, you read that last one right. High-performers might get invited to a worldwide meetup where you can mingle and network with other people in your field. Fuck yeah. I want to hit one of these events up and fuck some nerdy bitch and her sister at the same time. That’s how I network. It makes for an interesting LinkedIn experience, that’s for damn sure.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I liked that this site took a premium approach to marketing. You’re not getting hamfisted into any poorly made packages or plans that simply won’t work for your site. You get an individual treatment where you talk to actual human beings instead of leaving your success up to some mysterious algorithm that a nerdy probably made in his basement in an hour. You can ask questions, tell them your specific goals, and they will make the perfect plan for you. Yeah, it takes more time than a plug-and-play ad network. But it is so worth it.

One great thing about this site that I didn’t get to mention is that they are located in Amsterdam. That’s how they can get away with marketing for adult sites, gambling pages, and download sites. Not every ad network will take on sites like that. These guys won’t hesitate to work with you. In fact, adult sites and all of that good shit are their best money makers. So, yeah, you’ll be set up nicely.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I would have liked to see sample advertisers, publishers, and rates. I’m inclined to take their word for it since they’ve been doing this shit for so long. Still, I want to know a general ballpark of how much dosh I can make every month. I don’t want to go through the hassle of spending hours on the phone or chatting through email just to find out that the prices aren’t competitive or are severely out of my price range. That’d be like not knowing how much a whore was going to charge you until she came into your room and took all of her clothes off. It’d be a goddamn scam. And knowing some of the big-name publishers or advertisers would do a lot to draw in hesitant fucks.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a premium marketing agency that promises to lower your CPAs across the board. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish. They don’t shove you into pre-packaged plans or leave you to the whims of their algorithm. You get to talk with real nerds that will help you craft a marketing strategy that will actually work. Stop wasting your hard-earned dosh with other sites or networks that don’t give a shit about you—partner up with these knowledgeable experts who have over 15 years of experience in the industry. I highly recommend them to bother advertisers and publishers who are looking to make more money!

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