is a CPA focused network that specializes in adult dating sites. Some of you fucks are in the business of love. No, I’m not talking about you degenerates running anal fisting sites. That’s not love. And, well, I don’t know what the fuck it is. Lust? I don’t know. I’m also not talking about all of you weebs who can’t help, but nut all over your favorite hentai waifu figure every day. One day they’ll toss that behavior in that book full of disorders or whatever the fuck. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that some of you savvy webmasters run dating or hookup sites.

I always wonder about the sort of people running these sites. Are they big-dicked Chads who had to funnel all of their excess whores back into the population? Are they acne-ridden incels hammering away at their mechanical keyboard, trying to be some sort of white knight who gives others what they’ll never have? Maybe I’m being too poetic. It’s probably some average dude who went into debt for a web design or programming degree and had to figure out some sort of way to pay the bills.

A Sleek Site with Simple Menus and No Heavy Jargon
So, yeah, you average betas need a way to get people using your dating site. It’s not like you can make that shit and then sit back and wait for the desperate loners to come rolling in. You need to make it easier on yourself by pairing up with a network focused on lowering your CPA. And it helps if they have dating sites as one of their top verticals. Of course, I found just the website. is a dating centered CPA network that has been providing quality services since 2017.

They’ve got a sleek site design with a cityscape in the background and clean header menus up top. It’s not plain or boring, that’s for damn sure. Don’t you hate boring shit? I know I do. It’s like seeing some broad go out to the club in sweatpants and a janky t-shirt. If you’re going to put your site out there, you might as well look good. The same is true for websites like this. If it doesn’t look like basic effort was put in, then I’m not fucking interested.

A Network Paired with some of the Biggest Names in the Adult Ad Industry
If you scroll down the main page, you’ll find some vague details about their business and how they pay attention to details. All of your regular shit. They claim to have experts here that were building CPA campaigns before it was popular. Well, I wouldn’t call 2017 an unpopular time for CPA campaigns. It’s like when you fluff up your half-chub before you go fuck a bitch. It’s not lying, but it’s not the full truth either. But that’s alright; every site tends to have this kind of lingo.

They do list other ad networks that they partner with down at the bottom, which is dope. Some of these sites are fairly big names in the ad industry like ExoClick, Propeller Ads, and Adplexity. So, yeah, I see why they’re flexing those names for everyone to see. They have some big hitters on their side. But enough of the general details. Let’s talk about becoming an affiliate and what they can do to lower your CPA and make you money.

Run Individually Tailored Ads and Custom Campaigns with Ease
Like I said up top, their main vertical is dating. But they also do fairly well with gambling and sweepstakes sites if you’ve got a lewd slot site or something like that. They’ll help you tailor a plan for any goal you have. It doesn’t have to be CPA, even though that’s their main selling point. They’ll whip you up a campaign built around CPI, CPL, or CPS. It’s like finding some cumslut who knows how to get fucked in the ass turn around and deepthroat your cock. I love a bitch who can do it all. It’s a nice change to see a site that focuses on one marketing method while still offering other solid ad-campaign approaches and strategies.

Affiliates get paid weekly. You won’t have to wait around for your hard-earned dosh to come rolling in weeks or sometimes months down the line. As long as you reach their $50 minimum payment threshold, you’ll be fine. They have various payout options, though I don’t see any sort of cryptocurrency as an option. Sorry, nerds. You’ll have to use some actual money this time around instead of something that flip flops more than a bisexual slut at a rave. If you refer another webmaster who also becomes an affiliate, then you’ll rake in 2% of whatever they make. It’s not the best percentage, but it’s better than nothing.

Quick Payouts for Affiliates & CPA-Based Pricing for Campaigns
But maybe you already have a successful dating site that you want to be even more successful. You want a horde of broken hearts to rule over. Well, Cpamatica has you covered. Advertisers can make deals with them on a CPA basis. What the fuck does that mean? It means that you only pay them for the measurable traffic that you acquire from them. It’s less paying for ad space and more paying for each new user that actually clicks on that ad and engages with your material. Just be careful. The more successful your ad is, the more you’ll have to pay. And that shit can add up quickly.

That’s pretty much all of the information that they have listed as far as advertising and affiliate marketing goes. I wanted them to go more in-depth on sample rates, testimonials, or anything. There’s so little here for new users to work with. I can’t tell you if they have a 24/7 support team, control panel, live monitoring, easy integration, or any of the usual shit I tell you about because they simply don’t have it fucking listed. It wouldn’t take much to get that information listed somewhere.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
If you’re running or thinking about starting an adult dating site, then this is going to be one of the main contenders that you need to consider if you want your shit to get trafficked. Dating sites are everywhere, and sometimes the best content or brands get buried deep in the chaos. You need a website like this to reach down and help you spread the word and draw in lasting traffic. That’s what will give you a leg up on your competitors.

Plus, they’ll work to craft a campaign with whatever goals you have in mind. You’ll only have to pay for the users you actually bring in. And affiliates get some sweet deals as well. If you want to load up some ads on your high-traffic site, then you can make use of quick payments with a low minimum threshold. They have 800+ sites willing to send offers your way, and you can stack that with a decent 2% commission for every other webmaster you bring into the fold.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Like I mentioned earlier, Cpamatica doesn’t tell you shit compared to other networks. There’s so much missing! I need to know if I’ll have expert CPA fucks a phone call away or if I’ll have to submit a help ticket and wait for a bit. I want to know if there are GEO specific rates fro those CPA-focused campaigns. I want to know what sorts of ads I can run as an affiliate. None of that shit is even mentioned here. I just don’t get why they neglected to include all of that stuff. Lacking this information makes me wary, and I wouldn’t blame potential users for being turned away by it.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is worth checking out if you’ve got a dating site that is in dire need of more traffic. It may not be the clearest cut site out there in terms of policies, features, or, well, anything really. But they do offer CPA-focused ad campaigns, a variety of affiliate monetization options, and quick payments across the board. They’re one of the few CPA networks out there that will know exactly how to handle and market your adult dating site. I recommend taking a look and seeing if they have the features you’re looking for. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sign up and send them an email or a phone call to get all of the information you might need to make a decision.

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