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As one of the biggest CPA platforms that are providing online marketing solutions of adult markets and leading-edge web traffic monetization… there is a high chance you have already heard about Within the network, you can promote live cams, dating, E.D, and adult gaming. CrakRevenue has won over eight international awards, and they are in the top five CPA networks in the world.

Now, I am not here to discuss the general crap Crak Revenue has to offer. I shall mostly focus on the gaming affiliate aspect and how you can take advantage of that. So, if that sounds like something your ass might be interested in, you are more than welcome to continue reading. Making money from online gaming is not as difficult as you might think.

With CrakRevenue, you have a wide range of gaming offers that you could promote super-fast. allows you to add their optimized codes to your pages and thus treat gaming as your job. Of course, whether all of this crap is for you or not is a different topic. It all comes down to what the fuck you are looking for in an affiliate program.

Gaming affiliate programs
How much do you know about using the affiliate programs to your advantage when it comes to gaming? This allows you to make money from your home without having to pay much—affiliate marketing on its own means that you do not have to make your own products. Instead, you have an opportunity to earn a commission from a trusted and established retailer instead. Sounds simple enough, right?

Affiliate programs are available for a bunch of different aspects, but the gaming affiliate programs are definitely one of the most lucrative. In the USA, in 2017, digital game sales made up 74% of all the game sales. There are huge platforms like the App Store and Steam that make it so easy for people to purchase games… and taking advantage of that is a piece of cake.

Of course, you need to know how the world of affiliates functions if you are interested in making money this way. I think that was already implied. There are many useful articles that will help you get on the right track when it comes to affiliate gaming programs and how to use them. I am just here to tell you more about this particular program, aka Crak Revenue’s gaming affiliate program.

So, let’s talk about the programs. The CPA program is a affiliate marketing style that will offer a commission to the affiliate once a certain action is completed. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, and basically, you get a commission for every action you are able to generate. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think?

There is the CPC model, which stands for Cost Per Click. With this business model, an advertiser will pay a publisher every time an ad was clicked within that publisher’s inventory. The advertiser will only pay when a customer actually clicks on the ad, and that is why it is seen as a cost-effective form of advertising.

Then you have the CPI model, which stands for Cost Per Install. Again, I really think most of these are self-explanatory when you know what the fuck they stand for. Basically, you will be given a fixed amount when a user decides to install a certain game through your link or whatever. Whichever model best suits your taste all depends on your personal preference.

What about the payments?
Well, you can expect the payments to be sent monthly or the Net-30. They also have bi-monthly payments, which all depends on what you prefer. The minimum payout is $100, which is pretty standard. Now, if you are not able to get $100 before the payment period, do not worry because the money will just be transferred to the next pay period and so on… until you eventually have the minimum required.

The payment can be sent through wire transfer, Paxum, check, and Payoneer. If you have any questions about the payments and all that, you can always contact them directly. They have a great customer support team, and you will have an answer as soon as possible. I mean, when I tried to contact them, they responded rather quickly for such a huge and busy website.

First, you need to register!
Obviously, the first thing you need to do is register. The registration on is free and simple. During the registration process, you will be asked a bunch of shits to easily tailor the offers to what you will need. So affiliates and advertisers are going to register separately because they take advantage of different aspects.

They have many different offers, and one of them is designed for online adult gaming. It was actually a popular demand to bring adult gaming affiliate offers to their website, and so they did. We all know how addictive games can be, right? Well, on CrakRevenue, you have a vast selection of online games and they like to leave your imagination to the rest.

Two exclusive offers!
Have you heard about NarcosXXX? This is one of the games CrakRevenue offers, and it is rather interesting. You could choose to promote NarcosXXX as an affiliate and earn lots. The game is all about playing as an infamous drug lord. Basically, you get a rather interesting a slightly confusing story with a lot of adult action on top of everything.

This is one of Crak Revenue’s most exciting offers, but obviously not the only one worth the mention. They still add new content and gameplay features that will definitely make the users happier. We cannot deny that video games and adult content go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? Well, with NarcosXXX, you get a combination of a highly exciting and erotic game and one with a good story.

With NarcosXXX, you will have two kinds of payouts; you have the $50 PPS and $30 PPS (on free registration). For the affiliates who are working with adult gaming traffic, these payouts signify a considerable revenue boost. CrakRevenue themselves state that some of the best results were seen through direct traffic/banner and pre-roll ads. What makes this game so irresistible is that they use a famous drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, as their leader. With the popular series on Netflix called Narcos, no wonder everyone has already heard about this game.

The second game worth the mention is called SexEmulator. This game starts by allowing you to create a woman of your dreams, and then you can train her to have certain skills, which will eventually unlock more games. SexEmulator has a unique concept and billing practices… and most importantly, the actual game and its adult action is impeccably addictive.

Just like with the previous game, there are many reasons you might want to promote SexEmulator with This is an exclusive offer, and it has a high payout of $50 PPS. It is still being updated, and it offers great gameplay. There is the pre-auth billing, exceptional pre-rolls, and many other ad tools. I think that is more than enough to get you fucking pumped to start promoting.

Start promoting whenever you want
That’s about it, if you ask me. The tour page on Crak Revenue is very nice, so you will find your way around with ease, and they pretty much explain all the necessary details. Whether your traffic is nice or naughty, the gaming offers and affiliate programs on CrakRevenue, are incredible. They incorporate the hottest and most popular games, which gives you an opportunity to make boatloads of money. Of course, you need to understand how the world of affiliates even works.

The good thing with Crak Revenue is that it is suitable for both novices and pros, as here you will have some of the top converting game offers for your chosen targeted traffic. There is a huge selection of online adult games, catering to all kinds of niches. Because of this, CrakRevenue can help you have a wonderful affiliate experience.

But, let us not forget that has all kinds of other offers as well. The gaming affiliate programs are fucking awesome because they have two exclusive offers with high payouts, and then you have vast coverage of a lot of other games. However, CrakRevenue allows you to use their affiliate and advertising advantages not only with games but also with dating, cam, and other adult-drive websites. That, on itself, is very fucking dope.

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