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Crak Revenue was founded in 2010, and it is a CPA-based advertising platform that is connecting advertisers and publishers. It is seen as one of the best CPA marketing platforms, but why? I mean, are you just supposed to believe whatever the fuck I say? Well, of course not. That is why I shall tell you what the fuck you can even expect from CrakRevenue. But whether you choose to check it out or not really does not concern me.

The online world is rather interesting, as it offers basically anything. Today, you can even earn money online without doing much work, and that is also where websites such as CrakRevenue come into play. This is a webcam affiliate program, and it has been in the business for a decade already. There are over 35k professional web marketers within the network, over 1k products, 50G impressions/month, etc. No wonder, Crak Revenue has won over 20 awards when it comes to marketing and is generating up to $40 million a year.

Let’s also not forget that Crak Revenue is the longest-running CPA network in the industry. But, that does not mean that this website is just what your ass is looking for. This all really depends. CrakRevenue also acts as a platform that presents a lot of potential converting offers to its users. Because of the way their network work, you will be stumbling across great offers in no time.

Then again, because of their secure payment terms, users can easily make money online, which is what it was all about.

CrakRevenue’s affiliate programs are definitely worth checking out… if you know how any of this works. I am assuming that you do, since why else would you actually waste your time with CrakRevenue? I mean, if you have no fucking clue what I am talking about, you should start by educating yourself first.

MyFreeCams Affiliate Program
There is actually a special section dedicated to MFC on CrakRevenue, and you can join their affiliate program. The webmasters who are promoting the MFX affiliate program, so far, have been paid over $30 million in commissions. From what I have seen, CrakRevenue has everything you need to successfully promote your crap. They offer a great Live Cam Widget I will talk about later (that is the MVP of the whole operation), optimized landing pages, direct to model linking, and so on.

Creating an affiliate account for is free, so don’t even fret about that. MFC has the highest CTR rate of any cam website. If you choose to promote MFC through, you should know that you are working with people who know what the fuck they are doing. Their tools and customizable options are actually designed to make you money; they are not just for show. Plus, you also have the PopUnders and BackOffers, two added ways of maximizing your earnings.

In simple terms, Crak Revenue has been running the MFC affiliate program for like a decade now, and it has become one of the top 3 converting offers. You get to enjoy all the perks of promoting worldwide, as you watch your traffic grow. I think that making money with is pretty fucking easy, but then again, you will have to learn more about how all of this shit works. This is where I’d tell you to use Google.

Making money with CrakRevenue and MyFreeCams
At the very beginning, you can see that all you really need to know about Crak Revenue, is listed on their tour page. As for browsing and all that crap, everything is listed on top of the site, and I am pretty sure you’ll get the gist of it pretty quick. The first thing you should choose is whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser and then register.

Okay, but how do you actually start making money with MyFreeCams? Well, are you aware that you can make a buck simply by sending people to some webcam chicks site, where people will be able to watch those sluts? If you are able to do that, you could make quite a profit if the visitors' signup there. I am pretty sure that if you are in this business already, there is no reason for me to tell you just how huge actually is, right?

I mean, why the fuck else would you be here if you did not know that? MyFreeCams is filled with loads of beautiful babes who enjoy streaming themselves while masturbating. The website has incredible search options and overall good user-features. From my personal experience, it is more than obvious why people love the site. But I am not here to talk about that crap.

In October 2018, MyFreeCams announced their partnership with Crak Revenue, and now they have their very first Live Cam Widget. It is one of the best free webmaster tools out there, for affiliate, porn sites, and also for cam girls who want to promote the lucrative affiliate program on MyFreeCams.

The payouts are pretty generous.
I am pretty sure the majority of you are here to learn about the payouts, right? Well, before I start talking about other important crap, let me just tell you that the payouts are pretty dope on CrakRevenue in general. The PPL option, which is Pay Per Lead, you get up to $2.50, or you could choose the RevShare option and get up to 20%. For the PPL method, it works like this: when you send a person to the website, and he decides to watch cam girls, you will basically get $2.50 just for him signing up to

As for the RevShare program, you get 20% of all the money that person will spend on MyFreeCams, and that lasts for life. However, I think the real show-stealer is the MFC Live Cam Widget. In fact, has already explained that that widget works with an exclusive algorithm that continuously updates the performers who are featured based on the popularity of the model, number of viewers, overall conversion rate, and trending top cams.

The widget definitely works like that, so it is a perfect option for those who want to make money from cam advertisements on their website. Compared to many other affiliate sites and programs, when you combine the great offers from CrakRevenue and website, you get some of the best payouts.

Now, at, in general, the minimum payout is $100, and for those who prefer wire transfers, the minimum payout is $500. There will be five payment methods for you to choose from. You can be paid via Check, Paxum, Wire and ACH. You could also choose PayPal, but that only applies to the USA and Canadian sources, for now. Just choose the method that best suits your preference, and that’s about it. There will be two payment periods for every month. The first one goes from 1st to 15th, while the second one is from 16th to the last day of the month.

How to use MFC Widget?
Obviously, the first thing you need to do is create a affiliate account. On the sidebar, you will have a link to MFC. You will see that in the template setting, choose a MyFreeCams widget template, which all really depends on each individual’s needs, I guess. You can customize that widget in a variety of ways, from changing the design to color schemes or a number of models. If you choose to use the widget, you can expect to earn up to $160 per sale, up to $7 per lead, and up to 35% with RevShare.

You will have both the RevShare and DOI options. For those who are confused, DOI stands for Double-Opt-In, and it just requires the person who registers to verify their email after signing up. Once you start customizing the ads and all that, you’ll realize just how many different options CrakRevenue actually offers. Which again brings me back to the fact that this is one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there.

After the template, you can choose the content setting, where you can again customize a lot. There will be a special section for the layout setting too. The Info bar setting allows you to change your models' info text, which you can also hide if you want. In the end, you just have to generate your widget ad code and paste it on your website. I could go more in detail about what you should do, but CrakRevenue’s overall system is pretty straightforward at the end of the day.

If you do not have time to spend ages with your affiliate marketing business, you might be interested in the MyFreeCams affiliate program. To get started, all you have to do is sign up for that program on, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. I went over all the basics, so you’ll get the gist of what to expect. You are welcome.

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