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Tags: is a private affiliate network. It offers different websites, such as FuckBook, Adult Dating,, and others. Of course, I am not here to mention their websites and all that; I am here to introduce you to their affiliate program that is easy to join. It allows Webmasters to easily earn money monthly by promoting Cummission’s websites.

Of course, every affiliate program is different, and if you would like to know more about Cummission in particular, just stick around. With that said, if you do not know much about that affiliate life, you might want to start by educating yourself. Their tour page is quite nice, so finding your way around should not be a problem. At least it was more than breezy for me.

Their affiliate program has great payment options. They state that they have one of the highest paying affiliate programs, which is not really false… but it is not all that easy. Unless you know how this shit functions, you might not end up earning as much as you expected. There are many things to consider, and I always like to tell my fellow affiliates to fucking educate themselves beforehand.

There are different ways you can earn money by using Cummission’s affiliate program. It all depends on what you are comfortable with in the first place and how much you know. If you would like to know what to expect from, just continue reading. As for the rest of you who already know how to earn money through the affiliate network, you can simply visit the site, register, and do what comes naturally.

How to get started
To be fair, this is the first and probably the only thing the majority of you fuckers would be interested in, right? Well, first of all, you need to register. If you plan to earn money with Cummission, it is more than obvious that you need to register. The registration is free, so that is always a good thing. Basically, becoming an affiliate on Cummission will not cost anything. Plus, their tour page is so fucking nice; you will find your way around without a problem.

As long as you have a website that is not promoting illegal activity or content, you will be able to easily promote with There is no minimum traffic required either, and international websites are allowed as well. Even if your site is not in English, as long as it does not violate the terms and conditions, and all that basic crap, you are good to go. If your country is not listed in the drop menu when registering, that means that you are not able to join their affiliate program.

How can I earn money?
It all depends on your payment plan and what you are comfortable with. So, let’s talk about their affiliate programs first. They have the PPS option, which is one of the easiest ways to earn money. PPS stands for Pay Per Sale, and I think that already speaks for itself. This is a process where the owner or a publisher of a website will be paid considering the number of sales that were generated from their ads on the website.

With Cummission, you have the opportunity to earn $150 per subscription. You can earn up to 55% on recurring sales and up to 75% of initial sales, mostly depending on the amount of traffic you can send. So, the amount you end up earning all depends on you. The more traffic you are able to send, the more you will be able to make. Of course, do not expect to make boatloads of money right off the bat… unless you know exactly how all of this functions.

I do want to mention that they have a great page just for you to learn how you can earn money on So, if you visit their page labeled as “Offers”, you will have a list of possible ways to make money and how much you can earn. All of their websites will also be listed; you get to see the site's description, languages and CPA options.

For example, with, which is a niche of dating dedicated to lonely wives, you get to earn $50 PPS. You can promote this website with your account, which is not difficult when there are so many horny and lonely housewives out there. Then there is the HousewifeWanted PPT trial option. Here you get paid up to $20 for each trial subscription. The rest basically works the same; all you have to do is actually promote the website.

There are PPT trial payments for all the websites that have a trial signup option, which is pretty nice. All of this shit is written right in the “Offers” section, so you know exactly what the fuck to expect. There are different rates and programs for each one of their websites. These details will also be listed on the websites, but let me just give you the overall.

There are the Click-thru, Per Order, Percentage, and Per Member affiliate programs. So, what exactly is the difference between these? Well, the Click-thru program will pay you according to the unique click-thru, which also depends on which site you are promoting… as well as the quality of traffic that you will be sending from your website.

The per-order affiliate program will pay you a fixed amount for the orders that were placed on their websites, and the type of order or length of the membership does not matter. The percentage program will pay you a percentage of the initial premium membership, as well as the bonus for each free signup. The member affiliate program will pay you a fixed amount for every user who will sign up for a free membership. That’s about that.

Now, there is also the RevShare program, which stands for Revenue Share. This is revenue shared with an affiliate for a driving sale. I mean, there is more to it, but that is the gist of it. Now, the RevShare is a bit more complicated to explain to a newbie, so you should use your expert Googling skills to learn about this crap… Because I am not here to babysit you. Usually, you can earn up to 50% with revenue share, both with initial and recurring sales… but that also depends on the website.

Anyway, the main point of Cummission’s affiliate programs is that you can earn a lot, but that also depends on the amount of traffic you send. So, there are five different things to be mentioned. The first one is for those who make anywhere from 0-19 sales/week. Both the initial and recurring payments will be 35% in this situation. If you are able to make anywhere from 20-59 sales/week, the initial payment will be 45%, and the recurring will be 35%.

If you can earn from 60-99 sales/week, the initial will be 55%, and the recurring 35%. Then if you can earn from 100-199/week, the initial payment will be 65% and the recurring 55%. And the last is for those who can earn 200+ sales/week, the initial payment will be 75%, and the recurring will be 55%. All of this is also written on their FAQ page, so check that shit out.

The payment options
Before I get down to the payments, I do want to mention the broker program as well. So, if you refer a webmaster, the percentage they earn will be given to you. However, they have not mentioned much else about this, so you should definitely contact them if you are interested in the webmaster referral program.

Anyway, all affiliates on Cummission have to earn at least $500 to be eligible to receive a payment. If you do not get that amount before the payment period, do not worry. The money just keeps being transferred to the next period until you finally have enough to receive a payment. The payments are sent every month.

You can get paid through wire transfer and Payoneer. This is all the info that you will be asked during your registration. Once you register, their team will check your registration of faults, and that will take up to ten days. After the account is reviewed, you will be paid through one of the mentioned payment options after the end of every calendar month.

Simple website and great affiliate programs
What I really enjoyed while browsing through is that everything was so darn simple. You will find your way around the website without any issue, and their FAQ page was more than informative. Not only do you get to learn how much you can earn, but they also tell you how to navigate through your account once you register. I think I mentioned all the important crap… so whether you want to be a part of Cummission all depends on your personal preferences.

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