Date Profits! Something is in the air. No, we’re not talking about the goddamn pandemic for once. I mean love. Or, well, lust. Either way. I’m talking to you love-gurus out there who have or run a lewd dating site where adults can match up with each other. Maybe you have a kinky fetish-themed dating site or one themed around some naughty adultery action. Whatever it is, you are in the business of getting pathetic cucks laid. You revel in broken hearts and love the look of disappointment on a woman’s face when she sees that her date was massively overestimating the size of their micro-cock.

Let’s just hope that the site I have for you doesn’t disappoint that much. Hell, maybe it’ll be impressive. Who knows? That’s right, I do. So, sit the fuck down and let me give you all of the juicy details about Can you guess what this site is by the name? Come on, use your last remaining brain cell. I know you can do it. If you guessed that it was a dating affiliate network, then you’d be right on the money. If you didn’t get that answer, then I don’t know how the fuck you found this review.

Join a Network with Nearly 10 Years of Experience in the Industry
This site is coming up on a decade of being around. It launched back in the lovely year of 2011. That’s back when Lisa Ann was in her fucking prime. If you haven’t heard of her, then you need to look up some videos of that cum-hungry MILF. You won’t regret it. Oh, right, the site. Well, it looks pretty decent. It’s got a slogan or tagline that says “DateProfits Makes Dates. You make profits.” Sure, alright. That sounds like a sweet deal to me.

In case you’re somehow not aware, the way that affiliate sites like this one work are simple. You sign-up with your high-traffic porn or adult dating site, and then they give you custom ads to run that drive customers to them. Depending on the site, you’ll get paid for the traffic as a whole or each successful conversion of a paying customer. Some websites have plans for advertisers, but this isn’t one of them. They only care about spreading the word about their kinky adult dating sites. They don’t give a fuck about whatever shit you’re trying to do.

Earn an Unknown Amount of Cash per Lead, Sign-Up, and per Revenue Share
I bet you’re wondering which dating sites they’re in charge of. After all, you probably want to know who you’ll be advertising for before you go getting a script for landing pages and all of that shit. It’d be like agreeing to fuck some bitch before you even saw a picture of her. Well, I don’t have the best news. This site doesn’t tell you about any of their partners or who is in their network. Strange. Most affiliate sites love to boast about who they are and what they do. I want to see what I’m dealing with before I go through the hassle of signing up and talking to one of their neckbeards.

They do say that they have a few different methods when it comes to earning dosh. You get money every time you produce a lead, someone signs up, per revenue share, and you can also get some sweet referral bonuses for bringing other webmasters in on this shit. This is usually the point where I scroll through their site and tell you all of the nice, easy-to-digest details about how the payment structure is broken down for each of those categories.

No Figures for Payments Listed and No Customer Service Line
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you fucks a damn thing about how much they pay you. Yeah, they actually don’t list the most important information anywhere. I don’t fucking get it. Those figures are what are going to convince publishers to open up to you and start working. Without it, why should I or you even care about what they can do? When they shield their prices behind a sign-up form, it’s often because their prices aren’t that competitive. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case, but I can’t say for certain since you have to wait and get a quote from someone on their team first.

Hell, they don’t even mention what currently they’re paying you in. I assume it’s USD, but it could be fucking Dave & Buster’s fun bucks. Who knows? I sure as hell don’t. But, they do elaborate on a few of their other practices. They claim to hook you up with fast landing pages and ads. Okay, sure. That’s great. They make a decent point that a slow page might turn users away. But what else do they offer? What are their ad formats? Your guess is as good as mine.

Cross-Platform Publishing Support
Whatever it is they give you, they claim it will work across any and all platforms. You can publish ads on an app, tablet/mobile page, or desktop site with ease. Dateprofits only has badges for it down at the very bottom of their website, but they are compliant with privacy and networking filters. Oh, hey, this is where it shows that they’re from the UK or at least comply with the UK policy standards. Really, I’m just grasping at straws at this point. Maybe they’ll pay in Euros or perhaps not.

They don’t mention a customer service line anywhere. There isn’t even a fucking number to call. You have to fill out a contact form and then sit on your ass while you wait for one of their nerds to give you an email. This seems like a waste of time for both of us. I have to take a risk and waste time chatting back and forth to get information that should be available on their site. They have to waste time and money talking to someone who might not even be interested. This could all be fixed by having a website that actually told you, well, anything about the services that they offer and who they work with.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
Oh, man. This is really putting me on the spot. It’s tough to say what my favorite feature is of a site that barely lists any of its features. So, uh, it looked nice. That counts, right? It was a simple to navigate website. Partially because the menus were clean and the site was free of clutter. The other reason was that there’s not that much information to navigate in the first place. At least it’s not an ugly website! It’s got some neat graphics and a solid layout going for it.

Cross-platform publishing support is nice. Quick and speedy landing pages is definitely a plus. If the payouts are decent, then it’s cool that you can earn money through different types of traffic and users. And it seems like they pay attention to safe browsing and ad practices, so at least your site won’t get penalized or blasted to the back pages by working with them.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Context. I need context for any of these claims. You can tell me you’ll make me profits all fucking day, but I need to know how much money I can make. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your fucking breath. I also need to know exactly who I’m working with. Tell me what sort of sites will be displaying ads on my site. Are these guys displaying ads from their own network? Are they middle-men? I don’t care one way or the other, but I wish they’d tell me anything! Shit, not too many sites can piss me off like this. A single page of information is all they need to make this network worth contacting. As is, you’re taking a gamble with your time.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is probably a good dating affiliate network. It’s likely got some killer deals that can earn you a fuck ton of dosh. But my problem is that I have no way to tell you for certain. They don’t list anything in terms of network advertisers, payments, or customer service. You’re on your own. If you’re feeling brave (or don’t care about wasting time), then you can shoot them a message on their contact form to get a custom quote. But I get it if you’re turned off by this one. I wouldn’t blame you. Take a look for yourself and see if Dateprofits has the right publishing solutions for you!

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