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DDFCash! Are you a fan of glamour erotica? But I am not really talking about that boring shit; I am talking more about glamorous erotica ...


DDFCash! Are you a fan of glamour erotica? But I am not really talking about that boring shit; I am talking more about glamorous erotica with an edge, as they like to describe themselves. If so, you are probably interested in DDFcash. With about 20 years of experience in the affiliate business and still being active, they must know what the fuck they are doing.

Now, the question is… how much do you know about affiliates, how they work, and all that crap? is a fetish porn affiliate program… so, expect to see loads of those kinds of websites. As for those who do not know much about affiliates, I am here to give you all the basic information about DDFcash.

If you are just interested in affiliates and how that world functions, you should educate yourself elsewhere, not sure what the fuck else to tell you. offers exclusive in-house produced content, so you know that there will always be something new for you to enjoy. On DDFcash, there are 13 porno websites you can represent, and you can also receive a commission on all the users that you refer. But I shall mention that a bit later.

What kinds of websites does DDFcash have?
Will DDFcash actually suit your taste or not? Well, that also depends on what kinds of sites they have to offer. So, we know that there are 13 different fetish related websites, right? But what kind of crap do they actually have to offer? I mean, saying that they are fetish-related is a rather broad subject, don’t you think? That can literally include almost anything… from the gnarly shit nobody watches to some hardcore lovemaking… you never know.

Let’s start from my all-time favorite website of theirs, the DDF Busty. The name basically speaks for itself, as the website is made for all the big tits lovers. The site will feature both hardcore and softcore scenes, and most of the sluts will have naturally big tatas. Actually, from what I have seen, most of the websites on DDFcash will have babes with huge tits… they just somehow always get to cast the most mesmerizing yet busty sluts. Interesting, don’t you think!

Then you have other websites, which all have very straight forward names as well. I can always appreciate that... For example, House of Taboo with taboo kind of step-sibling lovemaking. Only Blowjob, where you obviously have only dick sucking pornos… Hot Legs & Feet, Euro Girls on Girls, Hands on Hardcore, Euro Teen Erotica, Hairy Twatter… and so on.

You get the gist. All the names will basically tell you what the fuck you can expect from the websites. Basically, offers countless niches, most are mainstream, and they are all offered in amazing quality. The scenes are exclusive, and there are over 12k scenes for you to check out… with over 2.500 models!

Great promo tools and all that
They actually offer flexible payouts, monthly payments, and great overall offers for their affiliates. But what does that actually mean? Something that I might find incredibly helpful, you might think is complete bullshit, and vice-versa. That is why I shall explain all the crap that you need to know about their affiliate program. After which you can decide whatever the fuck you want to do next.

DDFcash offers a wide range of promo tools for you to explore. Their range of assets is not limited to the online world. Basically, they offer a set of offline tools, like flyer templates, printable custom vouchers, and even membership scratch cards, which you can sell in retail stores. Now, this is something that you do not get to see every day.

The affiliate program
Let’s talk about what you really came here to find about their affiliate programs, right? Well, you will be happy to know that their tour page will show you all the important crap that you need to know about how their affiliate program functions. You could also register for free and check that shit out on a personal level. During the registration, you can select whether you are flying solo or as a company. It all makes sense if you understand how the life of an affiliate flows.

The first program I want to mention is the Revenue Share. This is meant for those who know what the fuck they are doing. You get up to 70% RevShare, which allows you to earn a steady income. You also get a cut of their income for life. Revenue Share is a type of a commission structure, or more like an agreement of payment that is offered to affiliates to promote 3rd party services and products. This can give you a lot of advantages over other types of affiliate commission models. Although, whether RevShare suits your taste depends on what the fuck you prefer in the first place. And this is not the only program DDFcash has to offer.

There is the PPS program if you prefer that method. PPS stands for Pay Per Signup, and you will basically get a reward with every referral. This is the easiest way to earn money, and with DDFcash, you get to earn up to $35 pay per signup. You can earn a higher base amount on referrals, and the retention of members does not affect it. Fucking neat!

Maybe you prefer the pay per trial signup. Usually, affiliate programs do not have this option, but DDFcash does. Basically, you can get up to $5 per trial signup, which is also a good option. You get to benefit from the fact that their network has a free trial option… which just means a lot of cheap fucks are bound to check it out.

The 5% webmaster referral basically speaks for itself. You can set your business to autopilot with this one, as likes to say. If you refer more affiliates to them, you can get 5% of their earnings for life. On the other hand, you can also sell your AD space instead. DDFcash Is buying website ad spaces, and the fee depends on the quality of the traffic you offer.

What about the payments?
So, you know how much you can expect to be paid and what programs they offer. But, what about their payments. Well, you can expect to be paid through check, Paxum, and Wire transfer. If you are interested in any other kind of payment, you should probably start by contacting their customer support services.

Their payments are sent on a monthly basis, and you need to get a minimum of $100 to actually get paid. Do not worry; if you do not manage to get that much before the payment period, the sum will just be transferred to the next month. This pattern will basically continue until you have enough for them to send you your payment.

Register and start your affiliate life!
All I have to say now is that you should register if you are interested. The registration on DDFcash is free, so why the fuck not, right? You can expect their websites to offer a lot of galleries and videos, both of HD. All the content is exclusive, and their updates are pretty regular. This just means that there will always be something new for you to check out.

Although is not really a massive adult affiliate program, they do have 13 amazing fetish-related websites that are worth checking out. And that will surely attract the right traffic! With so much Cotentin and frequent updates, DDFcash is able to retain its members and generate bills. They have some of the better affiliate program offers, which is yet another splendid shit about DDFcash. I am sure many affiliates will be satisfied with what has to offer.

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