We’re going back to some basic shit here, but I’m pretty sure it’s some of the most important info that you need if you want to start a porn site. You see, if you want a business online, you’re going to need some kind of domain and hosting. I’ll be honest with you, there are many sites to choose from when it comes to selecting a good domain name for you, but Domain.com might be one of the best ones. If you’re looking for a good domain name, want to check if it’s taken and then you want to buy it, might as well do it all in one place through a service such as Domain. It’s pretty simple and easy to do.

Look up domain names for the perfect one
So, the first thing that Domain.com is good for is, you fucking guessed it, getting a domain name. Basically, a domain name is what the people will see in the URL bar. You can call your site whatever you want, but it’s a good idea to have your domain name match your website—this way, people will know how to find you online. You see, domain names are like a visual representation of the IP address of your website. So instead of the users having to remember, they just need to remember the domain name. This is why it’s important to have something that is super easy and convenient for them.

In this process, on Domain.com, you will be able to select not only the domain name, but also look up if it's available in the first place as well as choose a suitable extension. You can even go wild with these website extensions like .space or .design or even .blog. But you can always opt for the more usual extensions such as .com and .net, which can run you around $10 and $13 bucks a year, respectively. The other more wild extensions are cheaper and you can find some of them that are only a couple of dollars, which is realistically speaking a non-cost if you want to be earning millions from your porn site like me.

Transfer a domain name if you want to
I mean, my site is a different one from what you will be making, but at the same time, I think that this applies to anyone who wants to get into the porn industry. Everyone gets into it to make money; let’s not kid ourselves for a moment here. I mean, everyone loves sex, so nobody is really coming here for the sole reason that they love sex. Anyway, another thing that you can find on Domain.com is the possibility of transferring your domain over. Why would you want to do that? Well, there are a couple of reasons and most of them revolve around the additional features that you will get if you do all these things through Domain. URL forwarding, email forwarding, DNS management, transfer lock are some of them.

In order to successfully transfer a domain to Domain.com, you will need to do a couple of things. You need to make sure that the domains are valid and ready to be registered with another registrar. Then you need to make sure the domain has been registered for at least 60 days previously. Other than that, the domain you want to transfer needs to be within an unlocked status in the current registrar that it’s in. Also, the admin’s contact info needs to be up to date and finally, you need to obtain an authorization code in order to initiate the transfer. After you’ve done all that, you’re ready to transfer your domains!

Hosting options are also available to you
But you don’t have to actually do any of that. Making a new domain is the best thing to do since it’s the most straight-forward thing to do. And after you register a domain through Domain.com, you’re also going to need to host your website somewhere. Now, there are so many hosting options online, and Domain.com has its own option for hosting too. You can probably find cheaper hosting somewhere, but as far as the most popular options on Domain.com are concerned, you have Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra hosting. Domain isn’t known for hosting as much as they are for their domain services, so this is an extra thing that they have on their site and it’s not necessarily something that many people get involved with.

But if you do want to get a hosting with Domain.com, which is completely on you, you can pay the basic plan for just $3.75 a month. While it says that this is the cost per month, you will actually be paying it in yearly intervals at 45 bucks, or every two years for $90, or even every three years for $135. You don’t get a discount for choosing a longer timeframe, but you don’t have to worry about the payments for a longer period of time. Still, I don’t think that these numbers are that good since there are other hosting options that are much cheaper. For me, this is average to just under average when it comes to the price.

Collaboration systems can also be found here
WordPress hosting is also an option and this is billed similarly for the Basic package at $3.75 a month, or there’s the WP Essential package for $6.95 a month or $83.4 annually. The Deluxe and Ultra hosting options will run you $6.75 and $13.75 bucks a month, coming up to a grand total of $81 and $165, respectively on a yearly basis. Annual prices for these hosting options are more expensive, but you get much more for your money. For example, Basic allows you to have only one website on the hosting plan, while the other two will enable you to have an unlimited number of websites. The more expensive plans also offer more databases, with the Ultra one offering you an unlimited number of them, which is really good.

You can also set up Microsoft 365 or G Suite with Domain.com. These collaboration services are not something that Domain.com really specializes and they seem to be just selling these with a promotional price. Both G Suite and Microsoft 365 are around the same price on Domain.com with every user coming up to around $36 a year in the most basic package. You can spend more if you want more services, but if not, then you will be able to spend a lot less money to build a good collaboration system with your team to work with. This is especially good if you expect to have a pretty big team for your website and all that.

Great website builder and simple process to follow
At the end of the day, Domain.com is a pretty good option for getting your domain all ready and set-up so that you can start selling all that porn that you have been collecting. Just make sure that it’s all legal so that you don’t get copyright striked, but that’s a story for another day. One more good thing about the domains on Domain.com is that they have the options for SSL Certificates, Domain Privacy and Protection, as well as SiteLock Security. All of these things are quite important if you want to keep the safety of your porn site at a pretty high level, which you definitely want to do to protect the content.

Also, the design of Domain.com makes it really easy to follow and understand everything that is needed from you, and this might be one of the most important reasons why I recommend Domain.com to anyone who is new to the whole thing of making websites and so on. They even have their own Website builder that you can try out if you want to make a site which is quick and easy. This site can be launched really quickly and for a cheap price too. This is great for building a landing page for your site where you’ll direct sales from. It’s also quite effective at getting people to buy your product, so think about that as you are wondering why you aren’t getting any conversions with your cool new website.

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