DrTuber is a porn tube content partner program. It offers payments up to $1.75//1000 unique visitors, easy promo tools, and...


Dr Tuber is a simple free porn tube site, offering a shit ton of pornos. It is one of the biggest porn tubes out there, with a good design, great search options, and plenty of fappable content. As long as you are into free pornography, DrTuber is bound to make your cock solid. However, I am not really here to talk about this website in general; I am here to talk about its webmaster options.

DrTuber’s webmaster side is definitely worth the mention; otherwise, we would not be here. DrTuber is a content partner program, and it offers a quick start for the new webmasters, but it is also a suitable little place for all the professionals who know what the fuck they are doing. Although, I think that DrTuber focuses more on the beginners and those who would just like to earn money fast… because even if they have some good programs, compared to other webmaster offers, they are not the best.

Anyway, are you interested in whether a website filled with a shit ton of pornos also offers an amazing webmaster deal? Well, I would not really call it amazing, but it is worth my time… which just means that it is also worth your fucking time. So, if you are interested, either check out the website yourself, or continue reading. Whatever the fuck you choose, is fine with me.

Solid design… I guess.
Uh boy, I wish there was something better I could say about the design, other than it being ‘solid’. I mean, it is not a bad design, don’t get me wrong, but is this the best they can do? It is more than obvious that offering porn is their primary task, and the webmaster shit is just on the side… but oh well. At least you will find your way around with ease.

You can enjoy all that DrTuber has to offer for free, both on the webmaster and porn website. The homepage will shout all the important aspects of the site, and since there ain’t that much to be shouted out, it does not take more than one page. There is a section for the features and FAQ as well… but after you read my review, there is no reason to check that out. Thought, scrolling through FAQs is always recommended.

On top, you have all the shit that you will need, but for the most part, everything is explained on their homepage. While I do appreciate their simplicity and all that crap, they could have added some spunk here and there… Also, what the fuck is that in the background? Some colors with a splash of cum? Why the fuck? This shit would look much better if they just kept it as simple as the info they provided.

So, how to start earning?
I am pretty sure that y’all are just interested in how the fuck you can start earning, right? First of all, you have to register—the registration on Webmaster.DrTuber is free, which is all that really matters. Once you register, and your account gets confirmed, you will be able to take advantage of the program and start earning.

Basically, their webmaster program works like this, you register, and then you send the traffic, pay attention to your stats, and get your money. Simple, isn’t it? Well, while it might sound as simple as the ABCs, you should first learn more about the webmaster life and all that crap. Of course, I am saying this to the absolute beginners, since if you already know how to start earning, I am not sure why the fuck you are reading my review.

So, DrTuber offers different rates per 1k visitors. For 1 – 20k, you get $1.25/1k visitors. Then you get $1.50/1k visitors from 20k to 50k visitors. From 50k+ visitors, you will get $1.75… but keep in mind that for "bad countries", you can expect much lower payouts. If you are interested in which are the good or the bad countries, you can just visit their website.

There will also be the webmaster referral program, in case you want to earn some pocket money on the side. I mean, you get to earn 5% from the webmaster referral program, which is really not a lot… hence why I call it pocket money. Though if you are already going to visit this website and enjoy the privileges, you might as well try and refer good webmasters.

As for the traffic, they state that they only accept traffic from their thumbs to their content. They do not accept schemes, bots traffic, iframe, clickunder, and so on. You can, however, send the embedded traffic; they will pay you for that. They do not pay well for all countries, and the good ones are neatly listed on their FAQ page. So check that shit out, is all I have to say.

The payouts on DrTuber
Let’s talk about money, as that is what the majority of us are interested in, right? Obviously. Anyway, they will send payouts twice a month, which is pretty standard. You can expect payments on the 1st and 15th of every month. However, they do not work on the weekends, which means that if one of those two days falls on the weekend, you will be paid the next first working day, aka Monday.

As for those who choose to be paid through wire transfer, DrTuber will only send money once a month. For the minimum required amount to actually get paid… well, you need to earn at least $100. However, during your registration and even after, you can make the minimum amount required even more, if you want. It all depends on what the fuck suits your needs the most.

In case you are unable to reach the minimum payout until the payment period, do not worry. This happens to all the beginners. If it does happen, your money will just be transferred to the next payment period, and so on, until you finally have enough so DrTuber can pay you. I think this is very straightforward, as it works the same way with most affiliate/webmaster programs.

That’s all.
There is really not much else I can tell you. This is all has to offer. Whether you will be satisfied with this crap or not, all depends on how much you want to earn. Keep in mind that the options on this website are pretty limited. I think it is a great place for beginners, but if you are a pro, you can search for other websites.

Anyway, DrTuber has a great partner program, and it offers a shit ton of good pornography. So, technically, earning on this website is really not that difficult. Bringing people who will enjoy what the fuck DrTuber has to offer is a piece of cake, when this website basically offers a little bit of everything. Don’t believe me? You are free to visit DrTuber’s porn website whenever the fuck you want mates.

I think that pretty much covers all you need to know about; you are welcome. Then again, I am pretty sure that you will be able to get sufficient info, if you just visited the website yourself. The tour page is pretty simple, and they get straight down to business. Just make sure to visit and not… otherwise, you might get carried away with porn watching instead.

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