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Edge Interactive is a retro DVD site that offers you commercial licenses on top of tons of purchases of high quality pornographic movies ...


Not all porn supply websites are made equal. Some just happen to look like they were straight up mangled into existence by a madman running through construction paper with gardening shears. Edge Interactive is… a serious company, believe it or not. This is not what their website tells me. Their website tells me that they are a seven-year old’s attempt at making their first website using nothing but a telegraph machine and a copy of “Morse Code for Dummies”. I’m not going to stop ragging on this website. It looks like ass.

That being said, it is actually a real website that lets you purchase pornographic content of all kinds. There’s new porn, old porn, good porn, sad porn. They have all the porn you can consume and then some. You’ll also notice that when you make any kind of purchase, you can tick a little box that says “Commercial license”. Meaning, you’re free to purchase as many of these videos as you like for the express purpose of reselling them. I’m also pretty sure that this commercial license allows you to stream them for profit, like on your own personal porn tube.

What boggles my mind is why and how this site managed to look like someone’s bad attempt at a joke. It literally hurts my brain, trying to browse this site while keeping in mind that this is, in fact, a legitimate company that sells real porn. But, they’re real, as far as I can tell. I didn’t buy any porn to test out the delivery times, but their library is extensive. They’ve got tens of thousands of videos. In my mind, that makes them legit. Maybe you could drop them an e-mail begging them to hire a web developer, any web developer, to make them an actual website. Hell, a WordPress template could solve 99% of their problems. This place is like a dumpster fire.

Definitely Not a Joke
I’m seeing a ton of high-quality smut on here that’s defined as being above DVD quality. I’ll just pretend that means 720p. The original DVD standard was 480p and the next bracket up is 720. So, let’s just hope this is what they had in mind. That’s still technically HD, if you’re ambiguous enough. For porn, 720p isn’t a gigantic compromise. You can still make out the nipples without squinting.

I jumped into a random category to get a general sense of the level of quality I can expect to see. I clicked alt-girls. I was curious. I got a bunch of weird-ass results that were indeed full movies, except they were all BDSM. That’s not quite what I had in mind when I clicked alt-girls, but all right, let’s see what’s up. First of all, the majority of the videos on the first results page were all by the same girl. There were almost a dozen of them.

I scrolled down and got to another girl, but I was still stuck within the same series. This was some dodgy ass B-level porn that looked like it was made by an aspiring filmmaker out of the back of his van… in the 70s. I’m just trying to be critical, honestly. It looks like it was filmed in the 90s. Most of this shit looks like it was filmed in the 90s.

Retro B-Shit
Every single video I could find on this site was at the very least older than 2010. The newest shit I could find, sorting by pornstars, were some Capri Anderson movies from back in the day. I think she might still be active, but most of her famous shit was made over a decade ago. I remember jerking off to her videos when I was a teenager. What does that tell you?

There are also 19 Alexis Texas movies, so there is indeed some A-list stuff here, but it’s old as hell. As for all the unrecognizable names and faces, I think it would be a stretch to even give them a B. They’re all ugly ass chicks that look like they fucked on camera for their next meal.

The Edge Raw Series
I don’t know if this is some sort of pornographic inside joke or if I’m just woefully out of the loop. I thought I knew most things about all things porn. It turns out; something slipped my radar. There’s this gigantic list of videos on Edge Interactive called the Edge Raw Series. They all have the same cover of a purple bitch spreading her pussy wide for the camera, I think. It’s blurry. Anyways, there are tons of videos with this cover under this series, including the aforementioned Capri Anderson. I don’t think she ever did work for Edge Interactive directly, so I’m confused.

Are these repackaged, refurbished porn videos from back in the day? Were they stolen? I don’t think so. Maybe Edge Interactive bought the commercial rights and they’re repackaging them for marketing purposes, but I can’t be sure. I tried looking for the Edge Raw series online and found nothing except a couple of Edge Interactive’s own pages. I genuinely have no idea what these videos are. I’d buy one to check. They’re only $5 a pop without the commercial license, except… Oh boy. If you thought this site was disappointing, I have a giant bomb to drop on you.

Mail-In DVDs
This is their main and only delivery method. They straight up send these movies as packages through the post office. Don’t worry; they promise not to mark the packages “Explicit disgusting porn”. They’re covert and look like casual packages. Except… who the fuck orders porn over the mail these days? Was this site made in the 90s and just sort of forgotten? It doesn’t look like it. I wanted to order one just to see what kind of payment method the cart would ask for. If it wanted PayPal, I could at least confirm that the payment method is secure and trustworthy. They do, in fact, list a refund policy on their site. Except… that wasn’t in the cards.

I tried adding three separate random videos that I picked out of a hat and every single one of them was out of stock. But, they were listed on the site with no indication of being out of stock. So, is this a porn museum? Is it someone’s idea of a bad joke? I have no idea. The main reason I’m covering this site is because it is indeed a legitimate porn supply website. They have the right to sell you commercial licenses to these DVDs. Sorry, not DVDs. Higher than DVD quality videos that ship on DVDs. There we go.

They even have this weird stipulation in their terms of service that reminds you that if you’re a US soldier living abroad on a military base, you’re still technically considered to be living on US soil, so you should abide by very specific delivery instructions. They want you to keep things above board and legitimate. They also really want you to get your hands on your smut. But, what godforsaken soldier would want to order an ancient porn DVD of Capri Anderson in 720p, delivered to a military base of all places? Where would they even watch it? The briefing room projector? I’m pretty sure soldiers have new iPhones these days. They could just stream all the 1080p videos of Capri Anderson they want, including the ones where she’s ranting on national television about that time that Charlie Sheen tried to kill her in a hotel bathroom. She moved back in with him three years after that, by the way. I’m not kidding.

I’m Still Confused
Anyways, back to Edge Interactive. This site confuses me. They seem legitimate, they claim to be legitimate and they do indeed have an extensive library. You could probably keep them at the very end of your bookmarks bar for those days when you straight up can’t find content that’s obscure enough to spice up your porn tube. Just keep in mind that a commercial license for pretty much any of these movies will run you around $50, factoring in the $5 for the DVD itself. And, if you don’t like the post, you’ll have to pay extra for DHL delivery.

Edge Interactive seems like it was made to test my patience and stretch the definitions of what a porn supply site can look like. One last thing; their phone numbers is listed on the top of their website at all times. For the love of God, give them a call and ask them if this site is a joke or not. Try to purchase a DVD. I’m dying to know whether they’re real. Seriously. Get your hands on one of these Edge Raw Series videos and post it to your site with that in the title. I’d love to see it.

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