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Have you ever heard about Of course, you have! It's a top-rated free porn tube site, offering lots and lots of hot pornos. They cover a wide range of niches, and I am pretty sure that everyone can find something that will make their dick hard. Not to mention their incredible design, which is dark and perfect for nightly browsing.

Now, I think we all know that I am not here to talk about in general. I am here to talk about how you can earn money with eporner’s partner program… But, with that said, I am not here to give you a tutorial; I am here to just explain what the site offers.

As for those who are here to watch porn and learn more about, they can just check out the site itself. This review is mostly for the big dreamers in my audience, the ones who want to earn money through affiliate programs. Thus, welcome to my incredibly useful review that will help you learn more about their money-earning extravaganza.

How to get started?
Well, I think the first step in 90% of these situations is to simply register. Now the registration to is free and very simple. Once you register, you will have to confirm your email, and then it is all about waiting. Eventually, your account will be approved… or declined. If it is approved, you will get to see their shit and how you can start earning.

I think this is why the biggest issue with This website is all fun and games, but you can literally see shit before you register. I am not even joking. All they have is a registration page, and well… no other information. This means that they are expecting only the fellows who already know what the fuck they offer to check them out… I am not trying to point out the irony, but I see why they are buying traffic if this is their way of advertising.

I mean, essentially, that is what they are offering here. There are other ways you can earn as well, but that will require a good camera and lots of bodily fluids… if you know what I mean. So, for those who are here to learn more about the cleaner way to earn a buck or two, you should check out their partner program where they buy traffic.

What did we learn so far? is a great website filled with all kinds of porno videos… and it will help you earn money in more than one way… They are also not the brightest bunch of guys, considering that their registration for is fucking empty… Meaning that you will not know what the fuck it is all about until you register. Lucky for you, I am here.

Ready to earn?
They will pay you for the traffic that you sent to them… and that means that there will be a bunch of rules you need to follow as well. It is not like they will accept any sort of traffic, no questions asked. That shit doesn’t work like that with any of the webmaster offers. So, what are the rules, and how can you actually start earning?

Well… most of this shit will be explained once you register and are approved. However, if you don't have time to waste until your email is confirmed, let me give you the overall. So, will only count real user visits. This means that you should not expect to be paid if you send bots or fake traffic. I mean, this should have been obvious, but I also know that many of y’all are just trying to find one of those “get rich fast schemes”. Right?

If you keep sending fake shit towards their site and expect to be paid, you are stupid… and you can also get your account banned. Also, the cookies need to be enabled in the user-browser, as well as Javascript. The users need to be driven to any of the Eporner pages, which is not that difficult. I mean, the website has so many great porn videos.

Plus, just sending the traffic to their homepage will undoubtedly make the users want to stay and enjoy the view. There are so many hot categories covered, so whoever opens the homepage will surely browse for a while. You have no fucking clue how long it took me to actually review all this crap… I made a couple of breaks to refresh my libido. In addition, the users need to watch at least 10 seconds of the video, which again is not that difficult to achieve.

Keep in mind that the traffic you send needs to be unique. You cannot get paid if just 10 of the same users keep visiting and revisiting the website. With that said, you should know that they allow only one hit from the same IP address within 24h. Other hits will be returned to your chosen “Return URL”. Again, for those who are familiar with how this kind of crap functions, there is not much I can add.

All of this applies to mobile traffic as well. You’ll be happy to know that eporner works pretty well on phones too. Once you send the traffic, if the user is on his/her phone, they will be redirected to the site's mobile version. So don’t even fret about that crap.

Once all these conditions are met, you will actually be paid. Ain’t that neat? I mean, if you really think about it, earning money through is not difficult. It would be a lot more complicated if the website itself was shit… After you see what eporner has to offer, you will understand what I mean when I say that the users you send are bound to stay and browse.

Let’s talk about money!
Now that you know how you can earn… how much can you make? Well, as it was explained, you will be paid per view that you send. This means that you are paid per 1k views… but the rates vary depending on the country where the visitors are sent. So, if you send users from the USA, Canada or the UK, you will be paid $4.5 per 1k views.

However, if the views come from AU, AT, DE, NL, FI, NO, SE, CH, FR, DK, you are paid almost half, aka $2.7 per 1k views. The rates are not that bad for the listed countries… but if the views come from any of the other countries, you will only be paid $1 per 1k views… You will have all this shit listed on the website as well, don’t worry.

In order to actually start making money, you will first have to add your domain; then, you have to verify it. Once your domain has been verified, you will be allowed to send them traffic. Do not worry; all of this is neatly explained on the site as well.

The payments…
I would not be surprised if the majority of you fuckers just skipped to this part of the review. And if that is the case, the previous few paragraphs also talk about money, so check that crap out. The minimum required amount to actually get paid is $50. Do not worry if you do not manage to get that amount before the payment period because the money will just stay on your account until you have enough to get paid. Simple.

Payments are sent on a weekly basis, every Wednesday. You will get paid through PayPal… and if you do not have a PayPal account, what the fuck are you doing with your life? I mean, PayPal is like the easiest way to receive money, so you should create an account. If that is an issue, you can always contact their excellent customer support, as they are bound to help you out. Personally, I had a good experience with their customer support.

In case you are not getting paid, and you have enough money on the account, you should check out your account info. You will need to give them your name, surname, and PayPal address… otherwise, how the fuck will they be able to send you money? If there are still more issues, just contact customer support… Simple!

Do you need their video feed? Eporner has prepared an API for accessing its database with all their videos, thumbnails, and URLs. Since they use the XML language, it is very easy to implement that crap, and they also have some PHP examples to make your life easier. If you want more info on this, just check out their Webmaster API at

I think that should pretty much cover all the basics. You can earn lots on, but if you do not know how the fuck all of this crap functions… then I am not sure why you are here. As I have mentioned literally at the beginning of my review, this isn’t a tutorial…. You have Google for that.

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