Have you ever noticed that the big-name, long-running ad networks out there aren’t always, well, growing? They sit at the same figures and claims for years. Don’t get me wrong; they tend to boast some impressive numbers. But shouldn’t they be getting better? I get diminishing returns and all of that, but there have to be some ad networks you can pair with that are still getting bigger. Just look at some fresh 18-year-old pornstar. She may not bring in the same numbers as the busty, famous MILF. But I bet your ass she brings some new style to the game.

So, don’t walk out on me when I tell you that Evadav.com is an ad network that’s only been kicking it since 2018. That’s only two years. But, listen to this, they bring in over 1 billion impressions every day. Those are numbers that some of the longest-running ad networks I’ve seen struggle to meet. And they got there in just 2 short years instead of two decades. Those are numbers worth fucking bragging about right there.

Get with this Growing Ad Network that Boats over 1 Billion Daily Impressions
And these guys are right there pumping out the best, most modern solutions for you enterprising cucks. You won’t get stuck with dated formats, shitty support, or know-it-alls who will run your ad campaign into the fucking ground. These guys don’t have a legacy behind them, so they need to go the extra mile and shine ahead of all of their competitors. The new blood almost always has the freshest ideas.

They certainly have a fresh-looking site. It’s got a green and white color scheme that makes me think of fat stacks sliding off a hot babes body. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But you get the idea. Their site design speaks to a premium feel. They’ve got a professional site with animated graphics, easy-to-digest information, and clear policies.

Earn Easy Passive Income with High Traffic Ad Slots on over 28 Thousand Sites
Let’s cover publishers first. You’ve got a cum-fetish GIF site, HD porntube site, or kinky sex shop that needs safe ads. You want to get in on that sweet, sweet passive income. There’s nothing better than sitting back and making dosh without having to do a damn thing. If only you could do that in real-life. Oh, wait, I guess you could be a pimp. Or a landlord. Same thing, really. Both are trying to get you fucked in the ass.

Evadav gives you access to a full admin panel that tells you everything you need to know about how well certain ads and locations are performing. You can monitor your site in real-time, and you can make changes on the fly. Maybe you’ll notice that your popunders are doing the best out of anything, so you can start pushing to get bigger names on there to boost your impressions—shit like that. And, of course, you can call a team of smart cucks anytime you want with their 24/7 support line if you don’t know what something means or how to implement a change.

Target Any GEO Across the Globe!
Of course, they make sure you’re not getting any shitty ads or malware. You don’t want to shit where you eat and lose your audience over dumb mistakes like that. They make sure that only the most trusted advertisers are shown on your kinky site. And they payout quickly. You can get that dosh delivered to your bank account on a weekly basis. No more waiting weeks or months for a stingy network to give you your hard-earned ad dollars. You get paid out every seven days like clockwork regardless of how much money you pull in. There’s no arbitrary threshold for income that you need to meet.

They make it super easy to set aside ad space and get bids in an instant. You can have ads running on your site within the next couple of hours if you play your cards right. But publishers aren’t the only ones getting sweet deals from this site. They have a wide range of features and solutions for you savvy bastards who have a product or website you want to get out into the world.

Run Popunders, Push Notifications, Banners, and More!
First off, they’ve got over 28 thousand direct publishers that you wouldn’t be able to get ads on if you worked with another network. You can run popunders, push notifications, banners, and native ads with ease. Registration only takes a couple of minutes, and you can be spreading the word of your new fuck doll within the day. And they’ll hit all GEOs. Every single one of them. You can target females under 30 in South Korea if that’s what you want to do. You can really narrow your user targeting down to as precise a metric as you wish.

They have a claim here that they know how to keep Google happy. I don’t know what the fuck that means. Maybe they’re getting down and gobbling on Google’s cock, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. What they do to make you fucks happy is offer a wide range of private payment options, including BitPay. And they claim to have a high fulfillment rate, so your site’s ad space won’t sit vacant for hours or days at a time.

Target Users on any Device or Operating System
Publishers and advertisers won’t be limited by a users’ device or operating system. You can hand-craft ad spaces or ads that can run on any device you fucking want. Hell, you might be able to make one vibrate an ad in morse code through some bitch’s vibe. Okay, not really. But wouldn’t that be something? I can’t wait for shit like that in the future. Fuck flying cars. Give me ad spots on vibrators. That’s the cyberpunk world that I’m envisioning. Imagine it. Okay, okay, we can move on. I’ll daydream about cyber cunts later.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I like giving newcomers a chance. Hell, we’ve all been there. And I have to give credit to these neckbeards. They are fucking killing it. Again, they boast some crazy impressive figures for being only two years in. They have over 28 thousand publishers, 20 thousand advertisers, and they ran 2 million campaigns last month. Holy shit. I like how they whip that shit out and flaunt it. I wish more sites gave me as much insight into their performance as this one does. You know every detail needed to make a decision just by scrolling through their homepage.

One thing I really liked is that they showed you what their admin tools look like. You know exactly what you’ll be using and how the interface will look. I’ve loved everything about an ad network only to get a clunky, unusable interface before. It fucking sucked. I like being able to see every tool and feature that I’ll be using before I’m fully committed to a network.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I know I say this often, but I find it to be a huge sway when I’m looking at an ad network. Give me some names. Tell me who the fuck you’ve got on board as a publisher. I want some big-names sites that I can trust. You can have a million publishers that want my ads on their site, but if they don’t bring in the traffic I need, then it doesn’t fucking matter. I also want advertisers that will bring in impressions and actually make me some decent dosh. I’m not saying that these guys don’t have that, but I want them to flaunt it. I’m sure they’ve got some recognizable brands on their side.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Evadav.com is an ad network that you should consider partnering up with. They’re only getting bigger from here, and you’ll get to reap the benefits every step of the way. They can get the word out about your hot fetish site with ease and they’ll send it anywhere across the globe that you fucking want. And they offer competitive rates for publishers, as well as guarantee a high fill rate on all of your ad spaces. With over 1 billion daily impressions and various ad formats, they make it easy to get in on the action. I highly recommend you all give this site a look and see if they’ve got the right set of features and tools for your ad campaign.

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