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Exo Click! Placing a random ad on a website is a piece of cake, but putting an advertisement that actually caters to the audience who will visit that specific website is a whole new story. As you can already guess from the title of my review, I shall be discussing ExoClick, one of the most popular adult ad networks around. Although, I am pretty sure that all my beginners in Affiliate Marketing have already heard about, and if you have not, strap yourself in, boys, because I’m about to take you on a ride. This is mostly for the men out there, as I highly doubt the ladies know anything about making money any other way than with the oldest profession.

As for those wondering what the fuck an ad network even is… or why would you care, let me explain in simpler ways. Do you know how you would not expect to see a children’s toy being advertised on a porn website? The same as you would not see a dildo ad on a kid-friendly website, right? Knowing what, how, and where to advertise your shit is crucial for you to make any sort of income from that ad. However, it is a bit more complicated than that. does have a small share of the usual mainstream crap; you have your entertainment, streaming, lifestyle, and file sharing. However, we both know that you are not here for any of that bullshit; you are looking for a place that allows you to explore the adult options, in which case this is definitely the place for you. It has been around since 2006, and it offers innovative mechanisms of targeting and retargeting that allows you, aka the advertiser/publisher, to find the best premium website to place your ad.

The account manager privileges
In most scenarios, an Account Manager will not be necessary, since their support team will give you constant assistance if necessary. However, some might want to consider an Account Manager if they are looking for ways to make their earnings higher... as the account manager can help you optimize your profits; you could even end up generating over $5.000 revenue/month. Now, if you are thinking of using the Account Manager, it will only be available if you earn/spend a certain amount.

Global online advertising services
The whole point of this website, or more like their company, is to offer advertising services on a global scale, through tablets, mobiles, web, and smart TV. The way they advertise themselves seems like they are trying to attract any entrepreneur who wants to create a campaign in their dashboard by following their guidelines. But, I mean, you can just ignore that aspect and use the platform however the fuck you want.

They are mainly an adult-oriented platform, and from what I have seen, they are quite user-friendly. Now, I know that that is a rather broad-subject, but hear me out. Almost any self-serving platform, where the user can find their way around without twisting a nipple in the process, means that that platform has good user-features. It also has a straightforward interface and offers detailed reports, which is just the cherry on top for all the publishers.

I think that ExoClick is an excellent platform for beginners where you also learn the business. I’d definitely recommend it, as you will get the right idea about the business and how everything is supposed to work. Let’s not forget that you need to know more about how to properly apply the logical patterns and the post data analysis process if you want your advertisements to generate any sort of revenue. Otherwise, what the fuck is the point?

Automatic tracking and optimization
With an integrated platform, you have an automatic tracking and optimization system. Your information on the ads or whatever the fuck you are working on or using this platform for, will all be synchronized. You will have full control over your ad interface, which also means that you will always know whether your data is accurate, and the setup process is very simple.

To get started, all you really need to do is create your campaign. This is where you will also see that has a couple of different categories for you to choose from and over 20 ad formats. It is crucial that you select the right category and format when placing your ads, because of the reasons I’ve already mentioned. I hate repeating myself, so if you do not know what the fuck I am talking about, just read the second paragraph.

Honestly, the very process of creating my own ad on this platform was so fucking easy and fun. There isn’t much to think about; everything is laid out for you in the simplest way possible, so all you really have to do is follow their step-by-step and not mess up the categories. Plus, the creation process was fast... (faster than watching a virgin simp beat his meat to the sound of his Tier 3 sub to a Twitch thot... if you know what I mean).

You will be given different kinds of information as you go along, which can help you with the ad placements. Another important aspect of launching your campaign is knowing the amount of traffic that is available on the segment you selected, or the overall traffic instead… and that is something that this platform offers. Why is this necessary, you ask? Well, it is there to help you know how many impressions you will be able to get if you have to face other advertisers of the same kind.

I know what you are wondering, what if I choose the blacklist or whitelist campaign? (If you do not see what I mean by that, I am not really sure why the fuck you are still here). Anyway, the numbers will not change for those kinds of campaigns, which just means that they will not be relevant. So keep that in mind.

How much can you earn?
To calculate how much you can earn on ExoClick, you need to learn about the three basic models: the CPC, CPM, and Smart CPM. With the CPC model – which is Cost Per Click – you will get paid for all the clicks on your ad… duh! That should have been fucking obvious. Then you have the CPM model – which is Cost per 1k Impressions – you will get paid by considering the total number of impressions. And last but not least, you have the Smart CPM model, where the system will choose the maximum CPM bid model. As a registered publisher, you can check the minimum price listing.

Usually, the recommended model would be the CPM model, because when you look at it from a logical standpoint, the CPM rate is around $2 in the tier 1 countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Compared to that, the CPC model rates are low, as they range from 10 cents/click. With the Smart CPM, the system will determine the lowest price you should pay to get the best position for the maximum payout.

For example, if you have a top bid that is 0.4 cents, and you set up your Smart CPM of 0.7 cents; this means that you will be seen as the top bidder, and thus get more traffic. You will only need to pay the amount that is required to keep you in the leading position. So, you will stay in the top position until another bidder pays more than 0.7 cents.

This is just my suggestion, opinion, and logical standpoint, which, opposite of an opinionated female, is always right. To actually be able to receive the payments, you need to keep your ad zones active… and for those who have no idea what the fuck I just said, Google is your friend. The overall minimum payout will be around $20 if paid through Paxum, Paypal, and Payoneer. Those who get paid with WebMoney will have a minimum payout of $200, and if you get paid through wire transfer or cryptocurrency, the minimum payout then will be around $500.

Impressions and eCPM
What is eCPM? Well, the acronym stands for ‘effective cost per mille’. It is the result of the ad revenue calculation that is generated by campaign or a banner, which is then divided by the number of ad impressions of that campaign or banner, and then expressed in units of 1.000. If the campaign’s rate is expressed in CPM, not much else needs to be done; by definition, the CPM rate is actually identical to the eCPM value of that campaign. Let me give you an example…

Just because you are sending a large traffic volume does not mean that your earnings will necessarily be high. So, if you have 2 million or more impressions, but your advertising was not converted so well; then, the eCPM value will be pushed down (5,000,000/1000 x $0.104 = $520). However, if your ads have a good position and make sense when considering the website’s content, you might have less traffic, but that will be converted better for the advertisers, thus raise their eCPM value (3,000,000/1000 x $0.189 = $567).

Receiving your payments
To receive your payment, as a publisher, you will have to generate revenue of at least $20, which also depends on the payment options… as I already mentioned a few paragraphs ago. There will be payments for Paxum, Paypal, and Payoneer that are done on net 7, which is weekly, while the payments made through a wire transfer would be made on net 20, which is a 20-day basis. If your payment day falls on a public holiday, your payment will be sent the next first available working day, and the payments will normally be sent during standard business hours (CET).

Placing ads where they should be placed. Simple! is a platform designed for publishers looking for the best premium websites to post their ads. You will be given an account manager, which means that compared to some other similar platforms, you will be given a lot more information about everything; call it an in-depth analysis, if you will.

Their support team is also top-notch, which I almost forgot to mention. So, if you have any technical difficulties, or however the fuck you want to call your errors while using ExoClick, you can contact their support team, and somebody will respond quickly. At least they did in my case. Now, if you’ve given this platform a chance, and it just does not tickle your balls the right way, don’t worry, my dudes. I have reviewed many other ad networks, so check those out instead. Cheers!

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