Fast Comet! According to Almighty Google, there are an epic 330,000 web hosting service providers. Not only that, but new ones are being added on an annual basis. It’s hard to say how many crop up and stay around overtime, but it is certainly true that the competition only gets fiercer.

I’ve done a write-up on several of them for this website, but Fast comet immediately caught my eye when I gave it a quick look-see. It has an impressive number of services that I rarely see from any net-based company, no matter what their industry is. Of the 330k web hosting companies, this one deserves your attention, but don’t just believe me – read the whole article.

Buckle up, boys and gals, this is going to be a lengthy one.

Is This The Ultimate When It Comes To Web Services
While that header may sound hyperbolic, it really is not. This website is on a level that I rarely see ever. The sheer amount of services provided is enormous; I can’t get too deep into all of them, so I’ll just do a brief sum up.

Web Hosting

This is the primary service that this website provides, and as we shall see, they are damn good at it, too. The services provided include all of the basics like domain transfers, daily and weekly data backups.

By the way, like all big old school companies, this one is a multinational corporation. But like the new wave of enterprising groups, they also think and operate locally. Specifically, they have server locations throughout North America, Western Europe, and Asia, along with one locale in Australia.

Cloud Hosting & Dedicated CPU Servers

I’ll get into this in detail in the pricing section, but with Fast Comet, they have an enormous number of servers located all over the world, and that’s no lie. Their pricing plans are cost-effective, and you are provided with multiple options for selecting the type of hosting you get.

WordPress Hosting

Everyone likes using WordPress, don’t they? Even Wix users do, I have found. It is one of the most popular web building and maintenance services to date for a reason. So, if you have a WP website but have difficulty managing it, the good folks at Fast Comet can help you out.

WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magneto Hosting

If you’re not in the e-commerce game, you should seriously consider it – the dropshipping variety in particular. It’s a superb means to make plenty of cash, and you don’t have to handle any product. All you need to do is be a conduit to direct prospects to your site, convince them to buy the products you represent, and handle the shipment information. Then it’s just an issue of waiting on collecting cash.

If you are not familiar, the question is which type of e-commerce platform you should use and who you should consult for advice.

Clearly, Fast Comet favors WooCommerce, and for a good reason. It’s an established brand that offers a sweet series of features that make selling online so much less complicated than it has to be. Everything is intuitive but customizable; there are a wealth of sales-generating features, SEO tools built-in, and security services.

While not entirely as well known, OpenCart is another incredible platform as well. It has spectacular management options, a variety of shipping options, and develop an international business presence. And do I have to say much about Magneto? If you haven’t heard of it, just Google it, and you’ll see a plethora of positive reviews and explanations.

If you’re not using Shopify, consider partnering with Fast Comet and using the sales platforms provided to start making a bank.

Domains for Sale

Setting up a website is all good and dandy, but if you don’t have a unique name to assign it to that belongs to you, it doesn’t mean all that much. Fortunately, this website has a treasure trove of domain names that you can take advantage of.

Site Construction

Lastly, this firm can help you when it comes to the building and setting up of your website.

They Provide Loads Of Additional Info
They say that the best things in life are free – and in general, I could not agree more. While the services described above are not free, this website does provide plenty of cost-free advice.

For instance, they have an excellent blog covering a series of topics typically related to WordPress development, tech news, interviews, optimization strategies, and others. A few are added every month, and I think they are worth looking at.

If you do invest in this firm’s services, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the onsite tutorials. From what I can tell, the services Fast Comet provides are relatively intuitive, but if you are technically challenged, they have tutorials you can take advantage of.

Get Access To Great, Generalist Site Building Service
We’ve gone over a series of services. Now let’s get into the next most crucial point, the cost of various packages.

Shared Hosting Packages

Since this article is getting a little long, rather than pump out a bunch of redundant information, I’ll simply sum up these packages in a series of brief points.

I’ll also point out that the price points offered are reduced thanks to sales. I can’t promise the cost will be the same, but they do have sales all the time, so this should give you an idea of what you are in for.

Fast Cloud (standard)

Price: $2.95 per month

• Basic features and a web starter kit

• One single website support

• Free site & domain transfer

• cPanel & softaculous support

• 15 GB SSD space

Fast Cloud Plus

Price: $4.45 per month

• Basic features and a web starter kit

• Advanced features including unlimited add on domains & private DNS

• Multiple websites are supported

• x3 free site & domain transfer

• cPanel & softaculous support

• 25 GB SSD space

Fast Cloud Extra

Price: $5.95 per month

• Basic features and a web starter kit

• Advanced features including unlimited add on domains & private DNS

• RocketBooster feature that includes daily backup & LiteSpeed LSAPI

• Multiple websites are supported

• x3 free site & domain transfer

• cPanel & softaculous support

• 35 GB SSD space

Just so you have something to compare to, the basic package provided by other primary web hosting services is far more expensive. To give you some specific numbers, blue host would charge $7.99 a month, GoDaddy will cost you $6.99, and HostGator is cheaper, but not as low as Fast Comet pricing their basic web hosting at $5.95 a month.

Cloud VPS Hosting

These are the cloud options that aren’t too shabby to me. I’ll also add that each package comes with cPanel/WHM/Softaculous network and can host an unlimited number of websites.

Cloud #1

Price: $47.95 per month

• Single 2.5 Gigahertz Core


• 50 GB SSD space

• 2 TB bandwidth

• 2,000 Mbps Network access

Cloud #2

Price: $55.95 per month

• Dual 2.5 Gigahertz Core


• 80 GB SSD space

• 4 TB bandwidth

• 4,000 Mbps Network access

Cloud #3

Price: $71.95 per month

• Four 2.5 Gigahertz Core


• 160 GB SSD space

• 5 TB bandwidth

• 5,000 Mbps Network access

Cloud #4

Price: $111.95 per month

• Six 2.5 Gigahertz Core


• 320 GB SSD space

• 8 TB bandwidth

• 6,000 Mbps Network access

Dedicated CPU Servers

The Cloud is great and all, but renting permanent storage on a physical device is a tried and true web hosting method. Like VPS hosting, these packages use the cPanel/WHM/Softaculous system.

DS 1 Package

Price: $119.19 per month

• x2 AMD EPYC cores

• 4 GB RAM

• 80 SSD space

• 4 TB bandwidth

• 4,000 Mbps network

DS 2 Package

Price: $135.19 per month

• x4 AMD EPYC cores

• 8 GB RAM

• 160 SSD space

• 5 TB bandwidth

• 5,000 Mbps network

DS3 Package

Price: $183.19 per month

• x8 AMD EPYC cores

• 16 GB RAM

• 320 SSD space

• 6 TB bandwidth

• 6,000 Mbps network

DS 4 Package

Price: $279.19 per month

• x16 AMD EPYC cores

• 32 GB RAM

• 640 SSD space

• 7 TB bandwidth

• 7,000 Mbps network

Overall, I have to say that these packages aren’t too pricey. Having said that, I think some people might have a hard time justifying spending so much when they could get a cheaper service. I believe that it is entirely worth it considering what services you are receiving.

Get Support At All Hours Of The Day
Now, I imagine that some of the more technical terms might have confused a few of you, even those who work online. To be honest, as much work that I do in this area, I’m not up on all of the exact terms myself, but I know where to get help.

If you have technical questions or any other queries, then take advantage of the resources provided by Fast Comet. For one, you can chat with the staff live on their website. Alternatively, you can get assistance in the Client Area or the Support Center.

There is a US and European-specific phone number and a general customer service line if you have a sales problem. Furthermore, you can email them at [email protected], too.

There are even more channels for specified help regarding technical support via the onsite tutorials, Knowledge base, and ticket submission process. Billing problems can be addressed by contacting [email protected], and there is even a separate email, [email protected], in case people are taking advantage of your product or in violation of the DMCA.

Are those enough channels of communication for you?

Take The Head-to-Head Challenge
This company is so confident in what they do they have a series of web pages dedicated to proving it by comparison. There are seven pages total that bring the receipts when it comes to the performance provided by Arvixe, Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine, InMotion, Site5, and HostGator.

Further, under the Perks section at the bottom of the page, you can see a series of client success stories. Check it out if you doubt how spectacular this business is. Along with that, they have received formal endorsement from City Bytes, Iny Cloud, and Atlas Analytics, among others.

And those are just the customers. This website has received endorsements from cPanel, Spam Experts, Cloudflare, and AMD EPYC. Even the everyday customers have (almost) nothing but good things to say about this service. For instance, Fast Comet has 4.7 out of 5 ratings out of a whopping 1,100+ reviews.

It should come as no surprise that I also endorse this company and their works and am going to award them five hands.

We Now Come To The End Of The Review
If it isn’t already clear, I don’t have too much to say about this site that is negative. To be specific, I don’t really have anything to say that I would like to change. This is clearly a standup business with a sufficient supply of services that you should take advantage of.

They have an enormous amount of services to render, and all transfers are guaranteed to be secure using proprietary software. As I pointed out, you can get technical support at any time, and if you have any qualms about the services you have received, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.

To get going with Fast Comet, all you need to do is click on the Start Now button, pick your package and go from there.

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