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It’s time to talk about guest posting. I’m dying to talk about guest posting. It’s such a controversial topic. For the longest time, guest posting was seen as blackhat. Today, it’s … probably not. It’s risky and comes with many caveats, but officially, it’s not shady practice. The bottom line that search engines care about is that they don’t index fluff content or straight-up garbage content. So, if you’re not spamming SEO terms and backlinks in desperation, you should be fine, hopefully.

Initially, the appeal of guest posting was that you could pay dirt low prices across a wide array of various sites, to get backlinks pointing to your site, in hopes of increasing your site’s rank. Google hated this, since it was a spam fest. They brought the hammer down on these kinds of practices. Well, we’ve come a long way since. Today, you can hire freelancers on Fiverr and pay pennies on the dollar to get a ton of articles across different websites, all posted in your name. There are some rules you’ll want to follow to ensure you don’t accidentally fuck up your site, but it’s a great method for boosting both your credibility and your traffic funnel.

You’ll also have to check out Fiverr’s terms and conditions as well, to make sure that the freelancers themselves aren’t infringing on any rules. You don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s bullshit. I’ll try to outline the process for you as simply as possible. I personally don’t do guest posting, unless someone specifically wants to write about me – which doesn’t actually count. But, I know enough to give you some pointers so that you can stay straight edge during this process.

Hiring Writers is Simple
I’ve talked about Fiverr before, under several different brackets. That site’s a great place to find freelancers, with a sort of implied lower pricing. Upwork and Freelancer are more expensive than Fiverr, on average. This is the site you go to when you need nothing but quantity. Besides, they do a great job of weeding out undesirables. From what I can see here, you can nab a sweet guest post on some high-quality sites for around $20. There are also quite a few offers around the $10 mark. Either way, you get a ton of quality guest posting at affordable prices.

As for the quality of the writing, well, that depends. You could write your own post and find a publishing offer or have the publisher provide the article themselves. I honestly think that writing your own article is smarter, though it is kind of implicitly shady.

The problem with writing your own article is that when it gets posted on another site, they might be implying that it is their original opinion, when it clearly isn’t. So, if you’re writing your own article for someone else, at the very least, make sure that you have them note that you wrote it and that you paid them for the publishing service. If they’re not down for that, then at the very least have them go over your article and ensure that they agree with every view you share. Having honest reviews of your site is always better than spamming fake shit. Don’t be that guy.

Types of Content
As a porn webmaster, you might be wondering about the types of content you actually want to cross-post and link back to your site. The obvious go-to would be reviews of your site talking about how hot your content is. The articles could be referencing how amazing your porn is and linking back to you. People will read this, get all horny and bothered and go to your site to fap. So far, so good.

You could get a bit more original, though, if your site has any kind of forum, blog or knowledge base. This works pretty well in the porn world, since I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You could straight up do porn reviews for other sites. You could write them on your own blog as well, but make sure the cross-posts are unique. It’s a great way to give out some of your own talent. It’s like you’re doing them a favor as well. It also comes with a nice quality vibe. You’re actually doing work – you’re not just scraping and scrapping for backlinks.

The Technical Terms
The freelancers over on Fiverr’s Guest Posting section have kind of figured out the tricks of the trade long in advance. It’s gotten to the point that they use technical terminology to inform you of the quality of their service in extreme detail. They use acronyms like DA and PA and TF and, well, you get the point. They use acronyms that you’ve probably never heard of and it all reads like some sort of car engine spec sheet. So, let’s go through some of these.

There’s Domain Authority or DA for short, which ranges from 0 to 100, higher being better. This metric determines the likelihood of a website being shown as a result on a search engine. It’s the most popular metric for gauging a site’s credibility. I see many posts on Fiverr that promise guest posting on sites with very high DA ratings, above 70 across the board. That’s pretty decent.

Beyond that, there’s page authority, trust flow, citation flow, ahrefs rank and a bunch of other metrics that guarantee quality. For the most part, you could just use DA as a main indicator of quality, but do try and get the most value out of your money. Pit the various offers against each other and find the best options for you. Then, hire the top few freelancers and cover your spread. Also, make sure to check out the actual sites they’re working with in case they offer their own writing services. You can gauge their writing skills that way without requesting a sample.

More Than SEO?
There are quite a few odd-ball offers here that I actually really liked. Most of them are basic referral offers, so they don’t do much for your actual site rating, but I think they’ve got potential. It’s a bit of a lateral sell, but it’s worth checking out. For example, I see at least one offer on here to have your site mentioned during a podcast. That’s a great ad opportunity. You can find similar offers by Twitch streamers and video producers, but that’s moving away from the Guest Posting format, somewhat.

Generally, you’ll be sticking to SEO when it comes to guest posting, because you’re looking to increase your site’s rating. Don’t be too optimistic, though. You should know by now that adult sites are kept gated away from safe-for-work internet, across the board, unless someone explicitly uses an adult search term in a search engine. Trying to break out of the adult side of the internet is only going to get you blacklisted.

Instead, you’re only supposed to try to float to the top of the adult internet. Unfortunately, most porn niches are already saturated by monopolies, so if you’re trying to rise to the top of the search results as a tube site or a porn sharing portal, you’re shit out of luck. Those keywords were sold to and by the devil a long time ago. But, if you’re targeting a very narrow niche, you might just get lucky. You’re better off aiming small.

How Can Fiverr Help
Fiverr’s platform is pretty damn streamlined. They’ve come a long way since the days when they used to market themselves as a $5 marketplace. They let you sort through a myriad of writers and publishers and you can custom search for specific delivery times and budgets. The prices vary wildly, but there’s some logic behind it. These freelancers tend to bundle multiple offers under one umbrella, so you can’t just sort for their time. You have to read the actual posting.

Some will offer hundreds of published posts for $50; others will offer to write you one quality post with publishing for $20. You can’t really sort that shit; you have to look through the offers manually. It’s a bit annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

It’s also worth noting that adult offers are a bit of a problem, because most of the sites that these freelancers have available don’t allow for adult cross-posting, so you have to find the ones with adult solutions in the back pocket. I saw some CBD related ads, though, and I didn’t have to filter for them, so it’s safe to say there are adult offers available; you just have to dig deep enough to find them.

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