Flaunt7.com is a Netherlands-based Off-Shore Host with Powerful Packages. Aren’t you cucks tired of having your site taken down? You probably have a stack of DMCA notices piling up outside of your crusty fap den as we speak. And your mom’s only going to slide so many under your door before she starts asking questions. Maybe you run a premium content reupload site. It’s your passion. It’s your hustle. I don’t fucking care what it is; really, you just want to make sure that you’re not fined or jailed for dumb shit like copyright law. Who cares about “ownership” and “intellectual property.” You’re here to make fat stacks in the easiest possible way,

And you need a hosting site that can back up your sketchy business ventures. I’m not talking about some dude who eggs you on or gives you dead drops. Nah, you want an apathetic site that just doesn’t care about DMCA notices. You want a site like Flaunt7.com that hosts all of their servers off-shore in the beautiful, copyright-ignoring land of the Netherlands. They’ll take those notices and tear them up in front of a company’s face if they’re not done following their country’s copyright laws. They simply don’t give a fuck about claims from anywhere else.

Take Advantage of a Completely Free Hosting Option for Personal Sites
Now, these guys aren’t the most tenured out there. They’ve been kicking around since 2016. Still, that’s not too bad. And a new company will often have new, interesting solutions to old problems. You won’t have some withered old sack on the other end of the line trying to tell you to insert a floppy disk or some dumb shit like that. You’ll have some fresh blood that actually knows what they’re doing. And this site has some interesting options that I haven’t seen before.

First off, you can host a site with them for free. Yeah, you read that right. Free. You can host a single personal site or starter project with them without having to hand over a single dollar. Now, this plan isn’t going to blow your mind. You only get 500MB of disc space, 50GB of bandwidth, and some basic features like a piddling anti-virus. And you can only get help from the forum. They give you this plan and toss you out into the street. If you’re not paying, then you’re not going to get access to their round-the-clock team of account experts. But, hey, you get what you pay for or what you’re not paying for in this case.

Off-Shored Shared Hosting Plans Starting at Only $0.99 a Month
Again, it’s not the best plan. But I’ve never seen any other site offer an off-shore hosting solution for fucking free. Imagine getting something like that in real life. You bring some lady of the night back to your pad and she offers you a lubeless handjob for free. Sure, that’s pretty fucking lame. But free is free. There are some offers that you should simply always take advantage of. And a site that’s hosted for free is definitely one of those.

But let’s assume you have more than, well, nothing to spend on a quality hosting package. Flaunt7 has got options. If you’ve got a more demanding personal site or an image-sharing site that needs a bit more horsepower, then you should consider a shared hosting plan. They have more shared hosting plans than the usual shitty two or three that other networks offer. They have over half a dozen options ranging from $0.99 to $67.99 a month. Fuck, that last one is beefy. If you don’t care about sharing some real estate, then that plan knocks some VPS options out of the park in terms of affordability for power.

Never Worry About Losing Traffic with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
In addition to offering a fuck ton of awesome plans, this site makes sure your site never goes down. It’s like they’re pumping Viagra into your site. It’ll fly high and never go flaccid on you with their 99.99% uptime guarantee. And most of their plans come with constant monitoring and malware scans to make sure that jealous rivals or angry betas don’t take down your site. Now, this may be a deal-breaker for some of you fucks with enemies, but I don’t see any sort of DDOS protection offered on any of these plans. They may have it, but they certainly don’t advertise it.

They have a solid number of VPS plans if you have a more demanding hentai reupload site or a network of file-sharing torrent sites. They have plans from $3.49 a month all of the way up to a staggering $539 a month. Fuck. And that plan comes with some damn good hardware. You can get up to 192GB of RAM, a 32 core CPU, and 4TB of SSD storage. And that’s all on a virtual, cloud-based machine that isn’t going to break down or be susceptible to physical data loss.

Some of the Most Powerful Off-Shore Server Options on the Market
But I know that might not even be enough for some of you big-dicked Chads out there with massive porn empires. You’re doing the world a favor by maintaining dozens of sites with free 4K content from big-name sites. You need a dedicated server. They have machines ranging from $99.99 to $999.99 a month. I know some of you poor betas may have just gotten dizzy at the thought of spending that much dosh. Hell, you could be buying hentai figures and fuck dolls instead, but hear me out.

These are easily some of the most impressive dedicated server options that I have ever fucking seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a server that could 3D print a pocket pussy for you to fuck at these prices. You’re paying nearly 1k a month, but you’re getting some of the best, most powerful servers in the industry. Those of you that have sites or networks that can use that kind of power will find some solid deals here.

Webmaster’s Favorite Features
I love off-shore solutions. I’m mired in the U.S., and they love to bring the hammer down on the slightest copyright violation. So, make use of these sorts of hosting sites all of the fucking time. They’re right around the same price bracket as other hosting sites, but they offer so much more protection. Peace of mind is important, and I’ll gladly pay a little bit extra for it. But in this case, you don’t even need to pay extra! Flaunt7 has incredibly competitive plans that give you a fuck ton of bang for your buck.

And that free hosting plan is rad. I’ve taken a look at some crazy big names in the hosting game, but not a single one of them has offered a free option. Sure, the free option won’t run much more than a personal blog or something. But, still, that’s a few bucks a month that you’ll save. You can’t get much in life for free. So, get on this shit. You literally have nothing to lose.

Webmaster’s Suggestions
They offer so many awesome options and packages, but I wish they focused more on privacy and site protection. They don’t have any real anonymous options for running or paying for your site. There’s no mention of allowing cryptocurrency or having any sort of proxy server to protect your identity. I’d have also liked to see some built-in DDOS protection. When you’re running sites on the grayer area of copyright law, you might run into some angry betas who want to see it taken down. Anyone can organize an attack, and I’d have liked that extra layer of protection.

Webmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Flaunt7.com is a reliable off-shore hosting solution for sites big and small. They’ll protect you from DMCA notices by, well, not giving a shit about them. As long as your site is legal in other ways, they’ll toss those notices in the trash. And they even offer free hosting options for those of you who may want to try their services out or just run a small blog or something. I do wish that their services focused more on privacy, anonymity, and site protection. But, hey, if you’re not too worried about that stuff, then you’ll find some incredibly affordable hosting options for your adult site. I highly recommend you check them out and at least take advantage of that free hosting option!

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