FTV Cash is an adult affiliate program. It offers 7 paysites for promotion, all filled with solo girls in HD galleries and videos that...


FTVCash! Are you looking for the best adult affiliate programs for solo masturbation? Well, I think that FTV Cash could fit that bill. Of course, not everything is as simple as that, but that is why I am here. FTVCash caters to the audience who loves looking at gorgeous naked women of all shapes and sizes, doing all kinds of shit. Simple as that. Now, for their affiliate program, that is a different story.

FTV Cash is an adult affiliate program that offers seven sites for promotion. All the websites are basically the same, but not really. What the fuck do I mean by that? Well, they will all offer solo women getting naked or masturbating, but the niche is always different. Don’t worry; I’ll give you a simple overview of each website a bit later. First, let’s get the general shit out of the way.

Confusing and dated design
Usually, the better the affiliate website looks, the more chance there is that it is actually fucking legit. However, it is obvious that that is not always the case. I mean, just look at this piece of work. The people behind really did not care for the quality or aesthetics of their website. I mean, it legit looks like I pulled the most mainstream site out of my ass in the 2000s, and here we are.

To be fair, whether a site looks good or not should not really affect your earnings as an affiliate. At least not in this case. The websites you promote are not really here; they all have their own individual website that does not look as bad as FTVCash. So that’s good. I would just prefer if whoever the fuck made FTVCash, but at least some thought into making the affiliate website because it frankly looks like shit. But, at least it gets the job done. I guess you really can’t have it all.

Anyway, all the options or whatever will be listed on the side. One thing that the FTVCash website has done right is giving you all the necessary information right off the bat. However, they did not really provide all the affiliate information that I would have appreciated, but that is why I am here. To make your life easier. And if you want, you can just visit the website on your own. It is very simple, even if it looks like crap.

How do I make money?
Let’s be honest; y’all just skipped right to this part of the review, right? Well, I shall give you the gist of what you need to know. But keep in mind that if you really want to make money off of this website, you need to learn how the life of an affiliate functions. In this case, FTVCash offers a 50% RevShare program, which is pretty neat if you ask me.

Well, RevShare stands for Revenue Sharing, and it can take on many different forms. However, in this case, RevShare is an affiliate commission type. So, in simple words, this is revenue that you will be sharing with an affiliate for a driving sale. Revenue Share is just used to describe a way an advertiser will reward an affiliate. I could go on and on about this shit, but at the end of the day, you are the one who needs to educate yourself if this is how you’d want to earn money on FTV Cash.

Everything will be explained on their FAQ page… although I must mention that they have a typo. I mean, if you already have a website where people can make money, and they need to trust you, maybe check if all the information you provided is correctly written? Sure, it is not a big typo, but at the same time, if I did not know better, I would not be impressed with FTVCash. Not to mention that they have the same fucking question answered twice. How does one miss that?

Anyway, the affiliates will get paid weekly. So, every week they sent the payments, and currently, they only have the RevShare program. The good thing about is that the minimum required for payment is $25, which is really not a lot. Usually, other affiliate programs will ask 4x more than that. All the tracking is done on CCBill.

Their websites…
As I have briefly mentioned, they have seven websites for you to check out. So let me give you the gist of them all. The first one is just called FTV Girls, and I think that already speaks for itself. Here you can find the most beautiful, usually teen girls, in solo images and videos, doing whatever comes naturally. These cuties are all exceptionally beautiful, which is what gets everyone hooked.

The next website is called FTV MILFs, and you already know where this is going. This website is filled with all the mature sluts, who also enjoy getting down and dirty while alone. You have all kinds of lovely MILFs doing all kinds of shit. There will be both images and videos. Then there is the Danielle FTV, Alison Angel, Lia19, and Fiona Luv, which are all websites dedicated to that certain babe. You’ll get what the fuck I mean when you actually visit the websites.

All you really need to know is that they offer all kinds of shit. But all their content will mostly feature solo girls. Even their pornographic videos will feature solo masturbation, and maybe sometimes you can see two girls instead of one. But you get what the fuck I am trying to say. All the content on these seven videos is of HD quality, from images to videos. They have photos, mp4, and WMV galleries, and you can promote whatever the fuck you want.

How to promote the sites?
First of all, what method to use to get traffic to FTVCash websites? This is also nicely listed on their FAQ page, but just so you do not have to leave my review, I’ll tell you what they said. Basically, you can use TGPS, pic posts, free sites, link lists, AVS sites, search engine listings and text/banner ads on other paysites. These are all available for you to start generating traffic to FTV Cash websites.

They also mention the crap that is not allowed. So, spamming through blackhat SEO, newsgroups or email is not permitted. If you are a moron, and you still use this way of promoting and you get caught, you will be dropped from their affiliate program without warning. Plus, all the money you earned that was not paid out until then will be forfeited. Try not to be a fucking moron.

As for promoting the website, this info is again listed on their FAQ. Basically, they state that there are many different ways for you to promote their shit. They offer many different banners, and once you register, you can get those banners and promote their website. You could also just link straight to one of their websites with a descriptive text link that you choose.

On the other hand, they say that they have hosted galleries that you can just link to, and that’s about it. states that that is their biggest money-maker since you just link them and watch the money roll in. FTV Cash has a password-protected area, so you will also be able to download their content and make your own galleries, to promote that way.

From time to time, they will offer discounts as well. Usually, they will be available for holidays or other special occasions. I think that you should pay attention to when those discounts take place, and if you want to market those, you should contact them first. They are very firm with this, so before you choose to promote with their discounts or whatever the fuck, you need to contact them first, or your account can be suspended/banned.

To be fair, whether suits your taste or not depends on the affiliate method you prefer, as well as the content you would like to promote. If you are not really here to promote the solo girl galleries and videos, then I am not really fucking sure why the heck you are still here…. When I already mentioned that all the FTVCash websites are basically within the solo girl niche. offers seven websites with exclusive and HD content that can be downloaded. Now, although the majority of their content will feature solo sluts, they have recently started to add some fucking scenes as well. But one really has to search to find those kinds of scenes. If you have any sort of questions, or you are just confused about how to promote, what is allowed or what is not allowed, you can just contact their support team.

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