Gaming Adult! We’ve all seen the ads all over social media pages and spam links about how you can make a fortune with some affiliate program. Sure they sound like a surefire thing, though most people get bummed out when they can’t rake in a red cent.

There is a ton of crappy programs that pay almost nothing. There are others that have promise but hard to put into practice. Then there are all of the scams floating around the net, which will suck you dry.

Then there is Gaming Adult – an online company that claims to specialize in helping folks promote adult online video games.

But is this one worth it, you ask? Well, there is only one way to find out, so keep on reading to get my answer and all of the reasons why.

Here Is What Gaming Adult Promises
Popping up on the net in 2017, this website appears to have been put together by a group of success-oriented and sex-centric marketers and gamers. In fact, they report that the team they have twelve years of experience and have a skill set, which means they know how to maximize conversions.

While I cannot verify all of that, there is evidence from the people they've networked with, the promotional software programmed, and the graphic pieces they have designed this seems to be accurate.

The Number of Tools They Have Is Impressive
The key selling feature that this website boasts is the ways you can promote games. The designers have prepared a series of landing pages, iFrames, and fully animated banner adverts, among other prearranged strategies.

This is great news for those who may have a strength for SEO or blogging or web design, but not the full range of marketing skills. Even if you're a wiz at online sales, this will save you a considerable amount of time getting started.

When it comes to getting going, you only need to have submitted a little bit of information and to fit easy requirements.

Obviously, you've got to come up with a username and password, plus submit an email address. If you're an individual, you should have a means of connecting via Skype, and if you're part of a company, your business should be verifiable. In either case, it's required that you have a live website, not one under construction.

It's not all that vital, seeing as they are pretty standard, but you might want to give the TOS a read as well. Oh, and they aren't taking any minors, so only those eighteen and up are eligible.

After you've signed up with a free account, you should be good to go making conversions. When they start happening, you should be able to see them with the tracking tools provided.

The payment options are quite good, as well. For each signup, you get a sweet $50 (€42) plus 50% revenue sharing on top of that. Plus, for each referral you send toward this website, you get a decent 5% commission.

While you will have to bank up $600 (€500) to get paid, and you can collect only once a month. However, their FAQ does say that they offer custom payouts and special deals. Furthermore, they use all of the standard payment options: wire transfers, of course, and the three Ps: Paxum, PayPal, and Payoneer.

The Game Selection Is Good But Could Be Better
Given how old this website is and the people they have worked with, I find it odd that they have a pathetically small number of games to promote. To be fair, as I've pointed out on some of my hentai game reviews, these are all worth playing and certainly would make an easy sell. If you aren't familiar with these titles, I'll sum them up quickly.

Hentai Clicker – Combining Western and hentai genres, this kinky adventure puts you in the place of a nameless hero who has to build a harem of magically gifted and well-endowed girls to battle evil. Oh, and between recruiting members and the click-based strategy-action segments, you get treated to many a sultry sequence.

While that may sound simple, it's surprisingly in-depth and, unlike some other games in the genre, comes with entirely uncensored nudity.

Hentai Heroes – At first, this looks like a simple click-through, barely interactive story with copious amounts of nudity. But if you give it a few minutes, you'll find that you're in for some surprises.

As the story advances, you'll find that there is an increasing number of mechanics that involve character interactions, fetch quests, and PvC battles. With almost ever encounter – especially at the beginning – there is a sex packed event which is illustrated remarkably well.

Anime fans will also appreciate that nearly all of the characters are slutty parodies of famous manga characters.

Gay Harem – This is essentially the same game as Hentai Heroes, even down to some of the male characters and most of the backgrounds featured. The only difference is there is even more dick and jizz to be seen. Other than that, the mechanics, quirky humor, and quality of production is the same.

Obviously, this game is intended for guys who are into guys and the ladies who appreciate fellas like that. But I have to say that it has solid mechanics, has a well-crafted semi-linear story, and certainly caters to those with a cum fetish.

There Are Several Reasons to Be Optimistic About Earnings
So far, it may seem like I have a love-hate relationship with this platform, and to be honest, I kind of do. But when I looked at this website over and checked some external sources, I found many reasons you could make decent money.

First, offsite review pages verify that the revenue sharing scheme, payment methods, and tracking programs are legitimate. Further, the website itself claims that the Gaming Adult's affiliates have so far generated ten million players and paid them roughly seven million dollars.

While the games are limited, those they have available worldwide and are based on a freemium model. They're also pretty badass, if I do say so myself, and optimized for mobile. And as Gaming Adult proudly points out, two of these games have won two YNOT awards, and Hentai Heroes is the 2020 GFY Gaming Adult winner. So those are six solid reasons it’ll be even easier to sell these games.

Also, the webmasters have direct connections to some great partners, including NewGrounds, MindGeek, Nutaku, and the best of all of them, yours truly ThePornDude!

I’ve Got a List of Things I’d Like to See Improved
Despite the positives, the connections the webmasters have, and the potential, I need to mention some things which will improve the user experience and guarantee more signups.

I was able to verify the truth about payment, but I don’t think that many potential affiliates would. And since there aren’t that many details describing the way this program works. So, the FAQ section could be beefed up some more and add some promotional graphics with bite-sized in on the homepage.

I'm not sure the staff size that Gaming Adult has, but I wish their customer service had more contact options.

In Conclusion, Here’s What I’ve Gotta Say
To be honest, I’ve got mixed feelings about this site, but my overall feeling is positive.

The biggest thing holding me back from being more enthusiastic is the fact that they have only optimized the site for a mere three games. Yeah, they say they will add more, but seeing as they've networked with Nutaku and have been around for three years, it's about time they stepped up the pace.

Still, I couldn’t help but think that the sale numbers they’ve reported on are pretty impressive. And it is worth bringing up again that they provide tools to track your sales and promote their product. With all of the sort of opportunity being offered for free, it's worth considering joining up.

Everything considered, I give it four and a half hands, but my thinking about whether or not to recommend it comes with a nuanced message.

I don't think that this is the sort of web service that an average online marketer would be that interested in unless they are looking to take the risk of maybe wasting some time. However, I do believe that a guy who likes sex games – particularly of the hentai variety – then you'll get a nice rush from potentially making a lot of money while promoting adult video games.

On a final note, let me know how it goes for those of you who do try it. Based on your responses, I might update this review.

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