When it comes to different places to purchase or solicit websites, there are loads of options out there. However, it can be a bit difficult to find web locales to trade domains and other online properties if they are of an adult nature. Good thing then that I’m giving you the hookup in the form of a review on GoFuckYourself.

I’ve already had plenty of things to say about this forum; however, in this review, we will be looking specifically at the specific section of the site dedicated to buying and selling websites and other internet properties.

This article will be short and sweet, so there is no need to skip to the end and read the footnotes. 😉

Navigating Around On This Forum Is Easy
As with the rest of the site, navigating around is a breeze and follows the standard design. The design is a little maximalist, but everything is pretty intuitive. I’ll get into this in more depth, but before you start posting away, read all of the rules before making any thread.

And moving on, there is a wide variety of transactions you can make.

I cannot guarantee an exact amount per day, but it’s not at all uncommon to see ten new threads (sometimes more) a day. The variety of posts is incredible as well. To give you an idea, there are posts describing direct, guaranteed web traffic sales; adult Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, backlinks, and even tube sites with huge amounts of traffic.

While you can probably get more vanilla stuff (and I would guess you can sell the same stuff), as the site’s name suggests, the vast majority of things being offered are of an adult nature. And as an avid viewer and promoter of porn, I have to say there are some juicy sites and social profiles available right now.

Word to the wise, before you make a purchase, the seller sure as hell needs to give you as much information – i.e., picture of the property, appropriate statistics, price information, of course, and other important info. If they don’t provide that, proceed with caution and, if in doubt, email the seller.

When it comes to payment, options are flexible but remember you’ll often have to pay a pretty penny for some of this stuff. To be specific, some packages cost thousands of dollars depending on the deal or the length of the purchase.

From What I Can See, The Users Seem To Be Friendly
Flamers and spammers are an unfortunate reality on any forum. Hell, that’s a common reality of being anywhere on the internet. Shit, haven’t you noticed that if you get into a comments section discussion where the topic is something like “let’s all get along,” some contentious asshole will ruin the digital party?

Obviously, I can’t tell you that you will not encounter a jerk here, but the community looks nice from everything I’ve seen.

Still, make sure you practice your due diligence when making purchases. GFY is not responsible for any lemons you buy. If you want your money, website, or whatever back, you’re going to have to talk to whoever you did business with. GFY is not going to media any disputes for you.

Make Sure That You Know The Rules First
Even though this website’s domain name is profane, it does not mean that you can talk to people however you want. Be sure to read the general website terms and conditions and rules of conduct. I’ve talked about them in other GFY reviews, and they are pretty much the same as other forums.

However, there is another set of rules that are specific to the buy and sell section. To give you some specifics, I’ll paraphrase you the most important guidelines to follow;

• In the event that you are selling several similar things (like web domains), place everything in the same thread. If you violate this rule, your stuff is going to be removed by the admins.

• Similarly, you can only post a max of two threads per week, though you can only post a single thread a week in specific cases.

• And to directly quote the last most important rule, “Abuse will bring out the ban hammer.”

So, while it may take time to go through all the rest of this info, it is crucial that you do – otherwise, you’re going to have a bad time.

Getting Registered Is Easy – But Should You Do It
If you are making up your mind about this website and its offers, it’s a good thing that you are reading this review. I say this not only to be self-appreciating but also because a sign-up wall hides GFY.

Fortunately, getting an account set up does not take too much time at all.

All you have to do is click the join button and fill out the required fields. At first, I thought that some of the questions were a little invasive, but the requests made seemed sensible when I thought about it. For instance, GFY wants to know your address and timezone, which is actually handy considering the amount of trading and exchanging of goods and information.

Whether it is buying or selling a domain, a blog, or whatever, this forum is a resource that any net entrepreneur into NSFW content can take advantage of. Since there is very little to complain about and a lot of positive things to say, I am going to slap it with a four and a half hand rating.

This resource won’t be ideal for everyone, but if you’re looking to make money off your porn project or buy one that is already off the ground, GFY is the best place to go.

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