GoldenGoose, also known as Golden Goose, is a global CPA network, that focuses on mobile traffic monetization, and it provides VAS services...

Tags:, also known as Golden Goose, is a global CPA platform that offers great mobile traffic monetization tools. Of course, that is not all that Golden Goose has to offer, which is why I assume you are here, enjoying my lovely review. GG started their journey in 2009, and as a webmaster or an affiliate marketer, I think that you will surely get some use out of them.

But, of course… before you actually join an affiliate network, you would prefer to know what the fuck it has to offer, right? Does it actually provide everything that it claims to? Well, that is where I step in; as I have so much experience in this field, I will be able to give you an overall look at their offers. You are very fucking welcome, mate.

In simple words, GG or Golden Goose is an affiliate network that mostly focuses on mobile traffic, and it globally provides VAS services. In 2016, Golden Goose decided to operate as a local affiliate network, providing the necessary crap for all affiliates, and thus becoming one of the biggest affiliate networks in Russia.

In 2018, Golden Goose began its international expansion, and decided to open an office in Portugal, Lisbon, as the first step of expanding on a global scale. They have lots of great options for both publishers and advertisers, which is pretty neat. A lot of this information and their backstory, you have listed on their website. So, check that shit out, if you are interested.

Let’s talk about the publishers!
In case you have no clue what a publisher, advertiser, or affiliate even is, you might want to take a step back and educate yourself. As I always say, we live in a time when Google has all the answers, and it is a free website. So, if you want, you can just Google any kind of information that you are interested in, and you will get your answers.

Anyways, has a nice tour page, with a separate section for publishers and advertisers. They give you the general idea of what they offer… but we all know that in most cases, that is not enough. So, let us talk about the offers for the publishers. On, you get to monetize your mobile traffic with a couple of different opportunities.

For those who have their websites, will help monetize your entire mobile traffic by offering the most modern and popular ad formats. Plus, they also claim to have great methods of evading ad-blockers, which is always a big plus. As for media buyers, they provide you with a personal manager who will help you by sharing up-to-date information about popular schemes and offers. Of course, if you are already experienced in this field, you might not need any help.

For ad networks, will monetize your mobile traffic on a global scale. They have amazing algorithms on their platforms that allow them to give you the best results. And for the application developers, says that they know how to work with mobile audiences and offer the best ad formats. They also know how to give you the best monetization solutions that will help integrate their offers into any kind of mobile application.

How about the advertisers?
In case you are here to promote your own mobile products using the performance-based marketing model with, here are some things you should know. First of all, they have over 6k active partners worldwide, and they have global traffic. Their fraud protection is pretty nice from what I have seen, with the smart anti-fraud algorithm that will guarantee high-quality traffic.

You will also get your own individual support. This means that their managers will help you optimize your campaigns to reach your goals. In addition, has a convenient API that lets you start working as soon as you want. You can also check out the extended statistics that will help you in the long run.

On, you have the PPA option of earning, which stands for Pay per Action. This is a type of advertising where you will pay to host a previously agreed-upon fee for all the specified types of action separately. So, for leads, this can mean a set amount, while for sales, it could mean a percentage of the sale. Sometimes, PPA can be referred to as CPA, which stands for Cost Per Action.

About the payments.
The payments from can be sent to you on a daily basis. It all really depends on what you are the most comfortable with, or however you want to put it. The minimum required for a payout is $10, but you can change this depending on what the fuck you prefer. The payments will be sent through PayPal, WebMoney or wire transfer.

Of course, the first thing you need to do before you can actually start earning is register. During your registration, you will be asked a series of questions, to better understand why the fuck you are here for in the first place. The registration on is free. This shit is very straight forward, and if you have any issues, you are more than welcome to contact their customer support.

Their support works through email, telegram, and Facebook, so just contact them, and you will get a response rather quickly… or so it was the case for me. However, I think that with my review, and their jibber-jabber on the website, you will get all the necessary information that you need. As simple as that, really.

I almost forget, you also have the referral option… but you only get 3% if you refer somebody who actually registers to the network. Now that I think about it, even if I actually forgot to share this info, it wouldn’t matter because offering 3% for a referral is rather laughable if you ask me.

Free tracking platform
On, you will be given a free and very powerful tracking platform. Why is this important? Well, the tracking platform offers deep analytical compatibilities that allow the affiliates to optimize their campaigns and thus gain maximum profit while saving tons of money on renting 3rd party tracking platforms.

In addition, is regularly trying to improve its platform, from affiliate analytics, to solutions for ad blockers, advertising campaign evaluations, anti-fraud algorithms and so on. So when it comes to monetizing your mobile traffic, is definitely one of the better websites to visit, and I have already explained why.

You can become a part of the GG team…
As you will be able to see on the website, they have a section labeled as “careers”. This is where you get the opportunity to work for them, if you want. So, offers a global mobile traffic monetization affiliate program, as I have said. But they also give you an opportunity to start working for them and earn a regular salary.

So, you can choose to become a Media buyer/Traffic Manager for teasers/pop/push/skim traffic, an affiliate manager, a senior analyst, a full stack-developer or an IT project manager. Keep in mind that all of these positions are in Moscow. But if you would like to find out more about the positions, what skills you need or what your job will be, you can check out the “careers” part of the website, where they pretty much cover it all. You even get to see the salary.

If you are searching for a good affiliate network that focuses on mobile traffic, and has been in the business for a while, I think that pretty much fits the bill. Their tour page is quite nifty, and they will tell you what to expect from, so make sure to check that crap out. One thing that could have made their website even better, is if they included a simple FAQ page, too… but oh well.

There are great offers for the publishers, and for advertisers. There are also separate sections for both advertisers and publishers, and a section for those who want to get a job at But that is a whole different story, and if you are interested, check that section on their website. In case you run into any kind of issues or problems, feel free to contact them.

That’s as much as I have to tell you about Golden Goose is a fairly simple affiliate network, with good offers for both publishers and advertisers. Whether will actually suit your taste or not, is not really any of my fucking business.

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