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We’ve got a lot of products to go through. In the world of porn webmasters, GSA is a very famous name. You must have heard of these guys at least once if you’ve done any kind of research into SEO tools. At this point, they’re basically a marketplace for all types of tools for getting around roadblocks set up by search engines and the natural obstacles that come up when you’re trying to build a web empire. You don’t even have to be in the porn industry to make use of these tools. They cover everything you might possibly need and most of them are sort of explicitly made to get around commonly annoying restrictions.

What really makes GSA stand out above the rest is that they charge lifetime license fees for all of their products and they don’t bundle them. You buy exactly what you need and you don’t have to pay a penny more. The products are all fairly priced, especially when you calculate how much value you could get out of them if you were to use them for a very long time. That being said, I don’t see a single product here that’s worth purchasing if you’re running a single tube site with barely any throughput. These are empire building and management tools.

If you’re running a single site with a few ads here and there, give GSA a pass. But, if you’ve got an actual porn empire with tons of different types of content and offers, then most of these tools are actually must-haves. No jokes. A lot of what they offer can be found in simpler tools, for free. But, these are enterprise-level tools we’re dealing with here. This isn’t someone’s indie idea of a duct-tape solution for small cracks. These are the kinds of expensive tools that get the job done right. I’ll try to introduce them all, but no promises. There’s just so much to go through.

Content and SEO
The very first tool that caught my eye was the keyword research tool, which is available for a one-time payment of only $97. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You could just use Google AdWords’ built-in keyword research tool. You don’t need a dedicated software solution for this crap. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said that small-time users could give GSA a pass. If you’re running a porn empire of different kinds of websites, Google Ads isn’t going to do the work for you.

Oh, sure, the tool will throw some keyword ideas at you, but the real data that’s going to help propel you to the top is not going to be given to you for free. One way or another, you’ll end up spending money on a proper keyword research tool. That’s where GSA comes in. Their proprietary software is absolutely perfect for large scale keyword analysis as well as finding new keywords worth investing time in.

As for what you should do with those keywords once you have them, well, that’s up to you. The tool will arrange them in a usable format that you’re free to export and use in damn near any way you want. These formats are compatible with other GSA tools, so they’re great for starting up large scale campaigns.

Auto-Generated Content
The most impressive tool under the GSA umbrella is possibly the GSA Content Creator tool, which seems kind of innocent at first, but after you see the video of it in action, I guarantee you’ll be blown away. I’ve seen other content spinners before. Most of the really good ones are impressive. But, GSA’s software really goes above and beyond. It’s not that their content spinning mechanics are unique or anything. It’s all just classic algorithms that everyone else uses. It’s that their platform is kind of holistic. It does all the work for you.

Take an average content spinning tool for example. Just imagine a generic one. You have to paste content into it and insert images; then, the tool will generate articles for you around a keyword. Now, take a look at GSA’s software. You give it a keyword and … that’s it. It scrapes the entire fucking internet for other people’s articles, then spins them for you, adding images and even videos from relevant sources. It generates a near-infinite number of articles for you at the single click of a button. All you supply it with is one fucking keyword. How is that even possible? It sounds like black magic to be honest. I’m blown away.

Now, I’ve personally never used content spinning tools, no matter how amazing they might be. I write all my shit manually. You might think this carpal tunnel is from all the chronic masturbation, but I swear, it’s from the typing. It’s serious shit. The video that GSA themselves have on their site actually states towards the end that the spun articles should probably be kept away from your main money-making websites as they might get blacklisted. But, they also say that they’re a great way to create second and third-degree backlink sites so you can grow your network. Speaking of growing your network…

Automated Network Generation
GSA’s got quite a few tools on here that serve to automate the entire website management process across a wide network of sites. They even cover websites that don’t even belong to you. How? Well, with auto-posting, of course. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to distribute the tons of automated articles you just generated or you’re pushing video content out there for exposure. GSA’s got all the software solutions that will handle that shit for you. They all depend on automatically scraped data from the internet, so the tools actually know where to send the shit long in advance. You don’t have to do much configuration.

One such tool is the GSA Auto Website Submitter. This $97 tool will automatically distribute backlinks to all kinds of site destinations to raise your ranking across search engines. It’s kind of convoluted and it comes with a lot of custom, optional posting methods, but that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to run it on complete autopilot if you don’t want to. All of these tools come with optional tick boxes for all kinds of experimental features.

Breaking Barriers
The cheekiest tool on GSA Online must be the CAPTCHA breaker. Again, I’ve never needed one of these bad boys in my line of work, but I think there’s something sexy to the idea of fooling software that was made to resist bots. GSA guarantee that this software will get you through most CAPTCHA forms and they even let you install your own custom formats; in case you’re dealing with something ultra-specific.

The only superior approach to CAPTCHA that I’ve seen is a subscription-based model where you get actual human beings to click the CAPTCHA for you, but that costs money per click. This right here is a single payment solution. For only $147, you get a software package that integrates natively with external APIs of all kinds. So, you can combine this bad boy with your other GSA software packages or even inject it into your website, if you need your actual site to break through CAPTCHA protection for some reason. Look, I’m not here to question why you need to get through bot and spam checks. I’m just reviewing GSA. Don’t judge me.

So Many Goodies
On top of all of these essential tools, GSA also has a few scientific tools like an advanced pathway finder and a batch image analyzer. I can’t think of a use case scenario for a porn webmaster and these tools, but they’re there if you want them, I guess. This is probably why they offer all their tools separately, I think. You need to figure out which ones you actually need.

The content spinning tool should be a no brainer. If you want to run a network of second and third-degree backlink sites, get the damn thing and generate some articles. If not, fuck it. The keyword analysis tool is probably more of a must-have. But, none of these tools are really necessary for a small scale operation. These are more like endgame solutions for giant webmasters who are really ramping up operations to multiple sites with tons of different campaigns.

Combining these tools with external APIs and other software packages could really automate a huge portion of your operation and severely decrease the need for actual manpower. That’s the real appeal. Check out all these tools separately and carefully and consider grabbing a copy of the ones you can make use of. They’re real time savers.

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