HawkHost! It can be a struggle to find a reliable host for your porn site. I get it. Sometimes it feels like you’re dealing with a cloaked figure in a back alley who is trying to scam you and all of your users. And, fuck, there are hundreds of the skittery bastards trying to make a dime off of your hard work. It can be nearly impossible for someone new to the porn site market to be able to wade through and tell the piles of shit from the piles of gold. And privacy is important for a lot of you. You don’t want your real name to be public information, and some of you shifty fucks want to make sure your payments are anonymous.

Hawkhost.com is here to give you a hand or, well, a wing if you will. Like all of my favorite hosting sites, I’ve vetted them and made sure that they’ll take whatever degenerate website you want to put up there for the horny masses to jerk off to. As long as your site isn’t illegal, you’ll be able to get it up and running with any of the simple and easy hosting options that this site has to offer.

Easily Host Your Adult Site & Pay Anonymously with BITCOIN
They may not be branded with a slutty babe on their landing page or have adult web hosting mentioned in their plans, but you can trust me when I tell you that these guys will help you out with any kinky fetish blog or porntube site that you want to host with them. And they aren’t amateurs. They’ve been providing affordable hosting plans to you savvy site owners since back in 2004. They’ve got a decade of experience that you can access at any time with their 24/7/365 support team.

They’ll answer anything from newbie questions to complex root and server concerns. But let me rain on your parade a little bit before we get too deep. If you’re looking for a complete, fully-dedicated server with horsepower that could heat a room hotter than a sauna, then you’ll want to look for another host. Hawkhost offers quite a few plans, but you massive rulers of porn empires might need to find somewhere with a bit higher of a ceiling. If you have a small, medium, or even large site, you can still find a damn good plan. It’s just you horny fucks with 20+ domains and insane storage needs will need a more advanced set of tools.

Browse a Range of Affordable Cloud, VPS, and Semi-Dedicated Hosting Packages
So, that brings me to the plans that they do offer. I always love looking at this shit and breaking it down. It’s like going to one of the brothels where they bring the sluts down one by one and let you check them out before fucking their brains out upstairs. The focus here is on affordability and bang for your buck. You can come in and get your anonymous grool image-board started with plans that start as low as $2.24 a month. No, I didn’t misplace that decimal. It’s that fucking cheap.

Those ultra-cheap options tend to be for their cloud computing or shared hosting plans. Cloud computing plans range from just $5 a month up to $80 if you need some more storage. These plans are great for you cucks who don’t need a ton of space, are on a budget, and want lighting-fast response times. You don’t have to deal with any virtual or dedicated servers. You don’t share a space with other messy fucks who might crash your site like in a shared setup. You get your own space with a solid 1TB of bandwidth at their lowest plan.

Get Your Current Site Moved over for Free with Zero Hassle
Their VPS package has the same price brackets as cloud computing, but this service gives you some more control. You get access to root tools and a control panel that lets you customize your site from the bottom up. You can even pick the location of your virtual server if you want to. Their team of talented fucks will even migrate your previously existing voyeur fetish blog to their system for free.

If you’re sitting there itching for more bandwidth, storage, and power, then you’ll want one of Hawkhost.com’s semi-dedicated servers. Again, this doesn’t come with the full kit of features as a fully-dedicated server. But you can get some of the benefits for dirt fucking cheap. Their $15.99 and $39.99 plans kick ass. Both give you unlimited bandwidth, a free site builder, malware defense, and an SSD powered machine. You won’t have to suffer from shitty loading times or worry about having a site vulnerable to attacks.

Love their Services or Get a Full Refund with a 30-Day Guarantee
Now, I know all of this sounds a bit too good to be true. It’s like going home with some babe who claims to know how to deepthroat, ride cock, and fuck around with BDSM. Unlike that slut, this site lets you get all of your money back with their 30-day guarantee. Fuck. That’s a damn good deal. Most websites will just tell you it’s your own loss and call it a day. In addition to their white-label encryption for site owners, they accept BITCOIN. Yeah, you coin-mining nerds will be able to securely and safely pay with your BITCOIN wallet with no issues.

Hawkhost doesn’t quit the quality packages there. If you’re a reseller looking to make some bank, then you’ll want to check out their affordable reseller packages that range from $12.99 to $45.99 a month. Each plan varies in storage, but every single one gets you access to tools like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal. Hell, you even get unlimited email accounts, spam blockers, and a robust control panel that helps you tweak even the smallest features.

Buy or Transfer a Domain On-Site at a Reasonable Cost
Last but certainly not least is this site’s simplest tool—it’s domain service. You can purchase a domain for just $10.95 a year on the same website that you get it hosted with. No more dealing with juggling five different subscription costs or having to call some shitty domain site’s customer service line when you’re getting fucked over by some hidden clause. They’ve got you covered with a simple and easy way to buy or transfer an existing domain over to them.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
It’s nice to see a hosting site with a clear set of pricing packages that are affordable for entry-users. Some of these sites have weird breakups where you have to lock in payments for multiple years at a time to get any sort of deal. Imagine if you took some bitch on a date and she said that you had to pay for a year of dates in advance before she’d let you fuck her. It’d be weird, right? That’s how I feel when some sites try to rope me into some 36-month package. Fuck, I don’t even know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, let alone three years from now.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I do wish that there were more options for those of you who might need more power. All of the plans here are fantastic and affordable, but the ceiling is rather low. You’re not getting a fuck ton of power, storage, or any shit like that. Most of their services are virtual, so those of you looking for dedicated servers are shit out of luck. They also aren’t super clear about that $2.24 deal on the landing page. You have to jump through a few sign-up hoops before they even tell you what you’re getting, which happens to be a low-storage shared hosting plan. But, hey, that’s still not too fucking bad for that much dosh.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Hawkhost.com is a solid entry-level to mid-tier hosting site. It’s got a range of quality plans that will suit the needs of most users. It’s got more than enough power for you horny bloggers, porntubers, and image-sharers out there. And they bring you the tools you need at a very competitive price. You’re getting some of the lowest costs that I’ve seen from a reputable hosting site before. Hell, you can get started for under 3 bucks a month. That’s less than a cup of coffee from the place with the mermaid slut spreading her legs. I highly recommend new site owners and seasoned porn savants to check this site out and see if they have a plan that fits your needs.

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