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There are several ways you can make money online. In fact, there are so many that it can be a difficult decision choosing which route you want to take. But that is why I am here – to give you reviews of all kinds of programs that can help you decide without wasting your time. Today, I am reviewing and the program that allows you to send them traffic and earn money.

This is one of the simplest ways to get a nice income, but it can also be rather confusing if you do not know much about selling your traffic. Anyway, I will explain the gist of how the partnership program on works. I will provide all the important details about the program, and if it is not enough, you are welcome to do some research on your own. Let’s not forget this is just a program review, not a freaking tutorial. Now, let’s get down to business.

Earn money by selling traffic
For starters, you should know that is one of many websites that allow you to sell traffic for a profit. Whether you choose to sell your traffic here or elsewhere is all up to you. It is also worth noting that webmaster programs all use different techniques. Therefore, it all comes down to the kind of program you are searching for in the first place.

If you are not that familiar with all this shit, I have written a detailed explanation on my website. Basically, all you need to know, I have covered. And that is mighty nice of me, don’t you think? In the simplest words, I would describe the program on as a simple way of earning money by selling your traffic.

In case you have ways of steering traffic onto a particular website, I am sure that you will get a lot of use out of If you follow the link I provided, it will take you to the Webmaster section of the site. I mean, is just a simple porn website focusing on Indian pornos, so don’t be confused when you land on the homepage. At the bottom of the page, there is a link that will take you to their partnership program.

How does the partnership program work?
When talking about, it employs a straightforward approach. All you have to do is convert traffic to their website, and you will be compensated for it. Of course, the type of traffic you send matters. They will not pay for low-quality traffic. The quality of traffic is primarily dependent on where the heck it comes from.’s pay rates are also pretty high, which is a good thing.

But how does this all work? Well, you have that offers high rates, a long list of HQ countries, great videos, and fixed rates for traffic. The first thing you need to do is register. The registration is free and straightforward. Once you become a member, you can take advantage of everything has to offer.

You should check out which countries are considered to be HQ. Fortunately, took their time to list down the HQ countries. If a country is not listed, then it is automatically considered to be LQ. For the HQ traffic on, you are paid $1.20 per 1k unique visits. On the other hand, the LQ traffic will be paid $0.25 per 1k unique visits. This is pretty standard, and of course, they will not count repeated traffic. But you already knew that, didn’t you? will provide you with a couple of methods to advertise their website, to bring them traffic. The traffic you send will automatically be counted, and you will get to see your stats on your profile. It is important to try and get traffic from the higher quality countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, the UK, the US, Australia, and others. I am not going to list out all the HQ countries, but you get the gist.

If you have ways of sending them traffic, you should definitely give it a shot. offers a nice and easy way to start earning, so take your time and explore your options. This is one way to do it, but of course, there are other sites that offer similar or different opportunities to make money online. I have reviewed a bunch of other websites that also buy traffic, so check them out if is not up to your league.

Contact for more info
In case you have any questions regarding this program, you should send a message. It would be a lot easier if they provided us with a proper FAQ page, or you know, enough information overall. But in this case, you only have a simple page where they list out the eye-catching information and not much else. It is, therefore, easy to get lost while trying to figure out this program. In that case, reach out to the support team, and they will help.

The contact is listed at the bottom of the page. You can send them an email directly, and from my experience, they will respond quickly. It is just annoying that you have to contact them to access most of the basic information such as the rules of advertising and that crap.

If you plan to send them a message, you should include all your questions in that email. It will make it a lot simpler, and you will not have to write multiple times to get all your concerns answered. They also do not mention anything you should include in your email, so I guess you can write about anything you are interested in.

More or less, I have covered all the information they provided and what I have learned by checking out on my own. I do not believe you will need more than that, but if you do, it is nice to know that it’s easy to contact All the same, it would have been so much easier if they could provide us with an FAQ.

Enjoy the free pornos
In case you have some time to spare, I advise that you check out This is a great free porn website filled with all kinds of pornos. They love to focus on the lovely Indian girls. Right off the bat, you will find a ton of beautiful Indian girls in all sorts of nasty action. I love watching these kinds of videos because most of them are amateur, and we all know that you can never know what to expect.

Another great reason why you should check out the videos on is to know whether you have the right traffic for If you do not understand what the site offers, you will not know if your traffic will be interested in the content provided on this site. There are tons of different kinds of videos and some categories you can check out.

The categories and other forms of searches are simple and straightforward. They include all the usual categories, which is pretty nice. Users can choose to register and upload their own porn. They can also like, comment, and favorite the clips. has solid options for the users, which explains why their videos often have a lot of views.

Whether you are here to earn money or not, has some great fappable content. You are more than welcome to explore everything the website offers because I am pretty sure that you will love it. Plus, while you are waiting for the response from, you can always enjoy yourself with the free content they offer.

Most videos are plucked from other known websites, and you will know this because they have left the logos in the videos. There is also a section for the channels, so check that shit out if you are interested. It can be an excellent way to get more traffic on your money site. Meanwhile, send traffic to earn money.

If you are looking for ways to earn money online, is a good place to start. This is a free website with lots of pornography. It has a great design, proper search options, and a lot of free porn movies. This is what makes it easy to promote. has a partnership program that will pay you if you can get them more traffic.

The type of traffic you can provide matters because the higher the quality, the more you will get paid. Considering their content and overall options, I think that you will easily provide them with more traffic. You are also free to explore all the porn videos they have to offer. And in case does not suit your needs, I have reviewed a ton of other sites that are quite similar. You can check them out!

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