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Hooligapps! This is a really big name in the porn gaming industry. They haven’t been around for too long, but boy do they know what they’re doing. I consider them a very bread-and-butter approach to monetization, for when your site’s visitors seem to be into games. You don’t necessarily have to be involved in gaming to run these ads, mind you. You sniff out your viewers’ intent and serve them the ads that you know they want to see. It’s not too hard to find potential gamers. You can profile them over time and serve them these kinds of ads right when they’re most likely to click through. We’ll get into the profiling later though, let’s talk about Hooligapps.

There’s a great selection on their partners’ page, though you’ll notice it’s a bit sparse. There are only 4 games in total. You might be thinking, that’s kind of lame. How am I supposed to market a website with only four games on it? Well, that’s the wrong way to look at it. You are not marketing Hooligapps and they aren’t some sort of one-stop-shop for porn games. You don’t send users to their sites directly. Instead, you market the game as the main product.

Hooligapps have made it so painfully easy for you, it’s ridiculous. The games are built around the idea of being marketable, in advance. So, they come with their own marketing materials, their own landing pages, the works. Partnering with Hooligapps is as painless and straightforward as possible. I’m not being hyperbolic here; they’ve already done most of the work for you.

Hook, Line and Sinker
Every single porn related site with an affiliate or partner program tries to make its product easy to market; that’s a given. However, some do it better than others. Hooligapps are among the best, as far as I’m concerned, because they streamline the process with high-quality marketing materials. I’ve seen a few other game developers make high-quality marketing materials built into their actual games, but it’s still not that common. Nutaku does a pretty decent job with most of their titles, but you’ll notice a trend here. The publisher seems to be the main reason there’s high-quality marketing material associated with the game. The original game developer doesn’t have a lot of incentive to care about landing pages. They have coding to worry about.

That’s what makes working with Hooligapps such a breeze. Go onto their offers page and open up any of the sample landing pages to see what your visitors would see if they were to click one of your referral links. They get a full-screen blast of high-quality content that makes the game look oh so appealing. That’s how you keep people from bouncing away. If they were to see some sort of basic loading bar or literally anything other than the high-quality gaming the ad promised them, they’d fuck right off.

Playing These Games
These games usually dump you straight into a sex scene. This is super important. Why? Well, most of the tiers under which you get paid and make the big bucks involve the person visiting these games, at least create an account for the game they’re trying out. You could get on a revenue share, of course, but at the very least, you want the visitor to make a goddamn free account so that Hooligapps can remarket to them in the future. You want the problem to be off your hands, so to speak.

You can’t do that if there’s a high bounce rate between your site and the destination. Hooligapps know this. That’s why they slap sex scenes on the ad, the landing page and the first few minutes of the game. This might seem a bit dishonest, considering the actual gameplay is mostly comprised of puzzles or action, but it’s more of a preview than a fake-out. You get these same-sex scenes within the actual game, further down the line. You just have to earn them. That’s the general appeal of these games. You get addicted to the action, on the promise of the smut payoff. That’s also exactly what you are marketing to your visitors, so keep that in mind.

Content Delivery Optimization
You get a bunch of creatives with every single video game. The fun part is that you can see and download these in a zip file long before you’ve made up your mind. You can check them out right now, if you’d like. Just click on the game you want and go to the creatives tab. There’s around 100MB worth of files in the form of banners, animations and standard images. They come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. You’re free to put them wherever you want. They should lead back to the appropriate landing page for the game. Don’t fuck up the referral link.

Every game comes with a ton of different landing pages and it’s pretty smart to at least try to mix them up. The best approach that is standard PPC practice is to A/B test them. That means that you run more than one landing page at a time and see which one performs the worst. Then, swap that one out with a different one and keep optimizing. You can do this weekly. Don’t do it too often or the data you gather won’t be relevant.

As for who gets to see the ads and where you should put them, well, that all depends. Ideally, you should be profiling your users to find out what they’re interested in. Unless you’re straight-up running a gaming site, you won’t have reason to believe that all of your visitors are into games. If you’re only affiliated with Hooligapps, then you can roll with their ads and their ads only. You won’t have to segment shit. But, if you’re smart, you’ll have multiple affiliate deals going on at the same time. That’s when you have to break out the high-quality automated optimization and only serve your ads to people that have proven themselves to be likely to play games.

The Actual Offers
You’ve heard some of these terms before, I’m sure. DOI, Rev/Share and CPA. These are the types of offers they’ve got for most of their games. Rev/Share is available for all their games except Cunt Empire, which only has CPA and DOI. Let’s go over these offers really quickly. Rev/Share is the simplest and it appears to be hard-locked at 50%. That means that you make 50% of all transactions between the people you refer and the specific game.

Beyond that, there’s DOI, which stands for double opt-in. You get a specific amount of cash when people sign up and verify their account over e-mail. They have to verify; else, it doesn’t count. That’s why they call it double. It rarely pays a lot, but there are exceptions. Getting a Swiss person to sign up for Cunt Wars nets you $17. They don’t have to spend a single cent.

Finally, there’s the CPA offer, which pays the least, but is a great offer for webmasters with a ton of free content that their users as used to. If most of your audience seems to be allergic to spending money, you might as well funnel them to a CPA link for some Hooligapps games. They have to get through the unskippable tutorial. That’s all you need for the acquisition to count. Like I said, this doesn’t pay a lot. You get a few bucks for it at best. But, it’s the simplest way to make money without expecting your users to open up the old coin purse.

Final Thoughts
Hooligapps have the absolute worst affiliate site I’ve ever seen, because it’s so sparse and simple. That being said, they’re an amazing company with great affiliate offers. So, try to look past the simple-ass affiliate site they’ve got up and try their offers. I doubt you’d be disappointed. If your fish just aren’t biting, you have to consider whether you’re placing your ads right and whether you are catering to the type of audience that would give a shit about porn games in the first place.

These guys do a great job making and marketing porn games that are both fun and addicting. They also pay the big bucks for user referrals from first world countries. This could just be the monetization solution you’ve been looking for all this time. Check out their offers, have a look at the marketing materials and consider working with them.

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