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Since Host Gator is one of the most popular and largest hosting providers out there, I am pretty sure you have already heard about it, but do you know the overall pros and cons of this provider? From what I have seen, is still making improvements, which is probably why they are so popular in the first place. Now, whether would actually suit your taste or not, is another story, and also the reason I am here.

On Host Gator, the basic shared hosting plans will come with unlimited storage, free domain (for the first year at least), bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. Plus, they offer exceptional customer support service, so even if you are in a pickle, you can reach out through their live chat, and complain all you fucking want. Host Gator runs on Linux, MySQL, PHP, and Apache, so thousands of applications and software will be compatible.

Now, their average loading page time is nothing to be proud of, with about 1191ms on average. Not to mention that a lot of their extra services or however you want to call that, will be seen as additional fees. There are a couple of other shits I shall be discussing in this review, just to give you overall good and bad sides of I mean, no matter how popular a website is, there are often some cons to be mentioned as well.

Every business needs a website that will either be perfect for daily blog updates or a fully functioning e-commerce setup. I mean, whatever the case might be for you, what you need is a web-hosting service, which is where I step in. If you were ever interested in what has to offer, and why the fuck it is considered as one of the most popular, you are more than welcome to stay and read. On the other hand, they do have a jolly-good tour page, so you can check that out as well.

Shared Web Hosting
Are you at all familiar with shared web hosting? Well, this is a type of web hosting, where you will have more than just one website residing on a web server online. Economically speaking, this is the best option for hosting, since the cost of the server maintenance will be spread over lots of customers. So, if you are just looking for cheap hosting options, then you might want to check out Shared Hosting. As for those who would prefer a server that is solely dedicated to your website or whatnot, you should check out VPS or dedicated hosting instead.

So, you will be given three plan options for shared hosting, which are $2.75/month, 3.95/month, and $5.95/month. Of course, these plans are all different when you consider what the fuck you will actually get. Do not worry, on Host Gator, their plans all have a nicely written list of what the fuck you will be given, so make sure to check that out.

I want to mention that these are first-time purchase prices, as they will be given with a discount the first time you purchase… After that, they will cost more. On Host Gator, you will be offered Windows or Linux based shared hosting packages, which are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. You will be given a Website Builder that allows the usual drag-and-drop building properties, as well as a nice selection of themes and the pre-built sections.

VPS Hosting
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is considered to be a stepping stone between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The VPS hosting server is for those who are looking for something a bit more personal, hence the “private” in VPS. You are given some resources that you do not have to actually share with anyone else, in comparison to a shared hosting plan. From what I have seen, it is available for Linux only.

Again, there will be three plans to choose from… I know, shocking. Anywho, there will be the $19.95/month, then the $29.95/month, and the $39.95/month. All of these plans will come with different perks, and it is very fucking important that you pay attention to that aspect, before you blindly start purchasing shit. The VPS hosting on HostGator is secure, and you will be able to manage your virtual resources on a cloud hosting platform. This is why VPS hosting is great for growing websites that often have traffic spikes.

Cloud Hosting
Although a shared account will be limited to a single server, more servers will be utilized with cloud hosting. So, this plan is also great for websites that often get traffic spikes. With cloud hosting, the resources that you will be using will be shared across a couple of servers. So, what the fuck are the benefits then? Well, you will be able to scale resources in real-time because your site will not be limited to physical server constraints. Cloud hosting is designed for enterprise-level businesses.

However, the cloud hosting services on HostGator will only be available for Linux… so if you are looking for Windows-friendly cloud hosting options, you can kindly look elsewhere. With that said, I think that the cloud hosting plans that HostGator actually offers are pretty neat. Again, to nobody’s fucking surprise, there will be three plans to check out; the $4.95/month, then $6.57/month and the $9.95/month plan. Of course, all the plans give different crap… so check that shit out on their website.

WordPress Hosting
Did you know that Host Gator allows its users to install the WordPress content management system on their servers? Well, now you do, and again there will be three different plans to check out, the $5.95/month, the $7.95/month and the $9.95/month. From my personal experience, setting up WordPress on Host Gator is a piece of cake. You will even have an option that allows you to open a dedicated interface to install 3rd-party applications, and it is called Quick Links. Plus, HostGator will automatically install a WordPress plug-in called the WP-Super-Cache to improve overall performance.

Reseller Hosting
Now, if you are maybe searching for a way to get into the web hosting business instead, but you are not really in the mood to deal with the infrastructure matters, you might be interested in reseller hosting options. Again, there are three plans to choose from (I hope you see a pattern here), the $19.95/month, the $24.95/month, and the $24.95 a month… Yep, the last two have the same price because of the discount you will be getting.

Dedicated Hosting
I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but let me make it clearer. Basically, the dedicated hosting is a hosting environment where the user, aka you, will be provided with the highest level of resource allocation, control, and privacy. Dedicated serves are fully isolated from one another, which means that you will get to fully access and configure your server in any way you want, without affecting any other user. This also means that you will not be affected by the actions of other users. You get the gist, right?

Host Gator’s dedicated server plans are available for both Linux and Windows, which is not seen that often. Usually, Linux dominates this field; thus, finding an option for Windows dedicated servers is not that easy. But lucky for you, HostGator has that option, and again there will be three different plans to choose from. There is the $89.98/month, the $119.98/month, and the $139.99/month… all plans come with different privileges.

Other hosting options
Application hosting is one of the HostGator options, as well. So, whether you would like to start a forum, create a blog, use wiki, CMS, upload your own photo gallery, or just sell shit online with an eCommerce store, you can do all of that with the application hosting on HostGator. Application hosting is a ‘Software as a Service’ hosting solution that will allow applications to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure. They will be accessed by online users on a global scale. On HostGator, you have three plan options, the $2.75/month, the $3.95/month, and the $5.95/month.

Then there is also the Windows Hosting option. Windows hosting is website hosting that will use the Windows operating system, which is a big deal since most operating systems use Linux. So, if a web company does not specify a plan, then you can assume that they are using Linux. This time you have two options to choose from, the $4.76/month and the $14.36/month.

Website Builder makes things easier
I must say that it is a good thing that you will receive a “getting-started” email with links that will help you create a website upon registering, because the interface itself on HostGator is not the simplest. On top of the site, there will be a Billing Login link that will lead you to the customer portal, where you can see all the payment information. You will also see the details of your chosen plan and the options to purchase add-ons. The hosting tab will show you the actual control panel and the site-building tools, website statistics, applications, etc.

Of course, there is the Website Tool I already mentioned, with the drag-and-drop functionality. I mean, that is the easiest way to actually build a good page or whatever the fuck you want to build. You will also be able to install WordPress, and other CMS platforms, like Joomla, Mambo, b2evolutions, Drupal, and Tiki.

Overall, I think HostGator is a very dedicated web host that has a lot of flexibility in a variety of hosting categories. You will be given plenty of different hosting plans, which is neat. Plus, the website itself will describe each plan separately, and if you scroll down, you will get to see all the shit that each hosting category offers. There are over 2 million customers that use HostGator in one way or the other. But whether this shit will suit your personal needs all depends on what the fuck you are searching for.

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